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Concrete Slab Crack Repair in Auberry, CA

The concrete slab of this home had many large cracks in it, a sign that the foundation was settling. Our solution for this was to install push piers on the exterior foundation and install slab stitches on the interior slab. Here is a before and after of the slab stitch repair. The slab stitches act just like if a doctor gave you stitches for a wound that needed to heal. 

Falling in Fresno, CA

Mr. Stewart loves his pool and he loves his kids, but, more importantly, he loves when his kids are smiling and having fun. That is why it became such a concern that a portion of his pool deck had broken off the main slab and had begun to sink down and create a tripping hazard. Because summer was coming within the next two months, he became increasingly distraught at the thought of his children and their friends playing in the pool, only to trip, fall, and scrape their knee--or worse, break a bone.


Thankfully for Mr. Stewart, Jim Palamides was able to evaluate the issue and find the best solution for him. When Jim arrived at Stewart's home, he took his time to properly document and assess the problem area, and used the opportunity to carefully explain to Mr. Stewart of how the solution will work.


When David "DJ" Serpa arrived to the home two weeks later, he agreed with Jim's assessment that the PolyLevel system would be the perfect solution. DJ expertly injected the polyurethane foam underneath the slab and watched as the slab rose up to match the surrounding areas, and thus eliminate the tripping hazard.


Mr. Stewart appreciated the work done by Foundation Repair of CA. Jim was timely and thorough and DJ was a careful craftsman, and thanks to the two of them, Stewart's children can play in the pool with no worries of scraped knees.

Redirect Waterflow in Fresno, CA

Miss Smith took great pride in her house. From masterfully cutting and maintaining her perfectly measured lawn, to always touching up the trim of her house, she was the absolute queen of her home. 


That is, she did until this last summer when her area was literally rocked with a series of aftershocks from the Ridgecrest Earthquake. Thankfully, no one was physically injured. Miss Smith, however had a heavy hit to her pride when the aftershock actually cracked her driveway in multiple ways. Luckily the cracks were only cosmetic, and Jim Palamidas had the best solution. 

David "DJ" Serpa was able to come out to Smith's house and install the NexusPro crack sealant. This silicone based caulking seals concrete cracks to prevent any water from causing anymore damage to the slab and, thanks to it's heavy duty strength, is able to hold and maintain its shape for years to come. Best of all though, the coloring matched the driveway and the gradient texture hid any signs of former damage. 

Miss Smith was able to repair her driveway, as well as, hide any signs of damage, making her driveway look great and, with the unsightly blemish gone, she's able to go back to taking pride in her home again.

Cracking in Clovis, CA

Mrs. McElroy has always wanted to buy a brand new car. After years of driving an old and dilapidated two door car, she was finally ready to upgrade to a nice SUV with plenty of room for her grandchildren. The only problem was that her driveway had been falling apart for the past five years, and had actually been the cause of some tire issues on her old car. Therefore, she found it prudent to fix her driveway before making the investment for a new car, and that is why she called Foundation Repair of CA.


Thanks to our reputation of quality work, Jim Palamides was called out to assess the situation and find the best solution. Upon arriving to the McElroy household, Jim knew the best answer was to use PolyLevel to lift the slab to its original position, and then seal all of the cracks with NexusPro sealant to protect the slab from sinking again.


Foreman David "DJ" Serpa and his crew arrived and immediately went to work. DJ injected the polyurethane to lift the section up by half of an inch. Now that the slab was leveled out, the team then installed the NexusPro crack sealant to not only prevent future water damage, but also make the driveway look a lot better.


Now that Mrs. McElroy has a functional and good looking driveway, she can now finally get her dream car!

NexusPro Joint Sealant To Repair A Cracked Concrete Driveway in Loomis, CA

This customer, located in Loomis, came to us with concerns about part of his driveway cracking in certain areas.

Our Concrete Repair Team came to the solution by adding our NexusPro Joint Sealant, which is more pliable than urethane-based products, so the natural expansion and contraction of concrete during weather changes doesn't break its bond. Our NexusPro also holds up to UV rays better than other sealants. .

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