Structural Real Estate Evaluations

Foundation & Crawl Space Real Estate Evaluations in California

Expert real estate evaluators for foundations & crawl spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area

Foundation & crawl space real estate evaluations in the San Francisco Bay Area

Before buying or selling a home, assure its foundation and crawl space is structurally sound and secure.

In order to make sound purchasing or selling decisions, you need to know whether a home is structurally sound, the condition of its crawl space, and its resistance to seismic activity. With Foundation Repair of CA, we can help you access this vital selling or purchasing information quickly with expert crawl space and foundation real estate evaluations.

Call 1-888-503-2416 or click below to schedule a real estate evaluation for your foundation and crawl space, getting you the vital purchasing or selling information you need in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, including San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, and nearby.

Why schedule a crawl space & foundation evaluation

Are you considering purchasing or selling a home but have yet to schedule a home inspection? Without a reliable real estate evaluation on your crawl space or foundation, it is hard to tell whether the home has structural or crawl space issues. That is where we can help!

A home’s foundation plays a crucial role in ensuring the structure is safe, stabilized, level, and comfortable to live in. When purchasing or selling your home, you need to watch out for foundation issues.

Signs of a foundation or crawl space issue:

  • Cracks & bulging in a concrete foundation
  • Cracks in exterior siding or interior walls
  • Sloping or sagging floors
  • Misaligned doors & windows
  • Cracked or tilting chimneys
  • A wet & muddy crawl space
  • Misaligned or shimmed pier posts in a crawl space
  • Poor or no earthquake resistance within the foundation

Underlying foundation & crawl space issues

What to consider when choosing an evaluator:

  • Is there a deadline?
  • What is their availability?
  • Do they give detailed reports?
  • What is the report turn around time?
  • Can they perform repairs?
  • Do you have to find a contractor?
  • Can they give a detailed cost estimate & a design solution?

If you received a home inspection report recommending you seek further evaluation by a licensed contractor who specializes in residential foundations, then this warrants further action. As a potential home buyer or seller, it is critical for you to make educated decisions, doing so by knowing the home issues, understanding the solutions, and considering the true cost of repairs.

A foundation or crawl space evaluation helps you quickly and clearly understand the full cost of potential repairs before making a buying or selling decision. There are also many questions to consider when choosing a trained professional to evaluate the home within your time restraints.

With Foundation Repair of CA, we want to ensure you fully understand the condition of the home's foundation and crawl space, recommending viable solutions if needed.

Our crawl space & foundation evaluation

Our Real Estate Evaluation Package includes:

  • Onsite home evaluation with a structural consultant
  • Detailed evaluation report with pictures & digital drawings
  • Consultation on current conditions & repair options
  • A custom designed repair solution
  • Proposal with a clear scope of work & cost estimates
  • Up to a 50-year transferable warranty for permanent foundation solutions

At Foundation Repair of CA, we offer a dedicated Foundation & Crawl Space Real Estate Evaluation team, which includes our Appointment Center and Structural Consultants who specialize in Foundation & Crawl Space Real Estate Evaluations.

We also have a full support staff that allows us to book your appointment promptly and provides you with the information needed within your potentially limited timeframe.

Our evaluation services include an onsite property assessment, a written evaluation report with a consultation outlining the issues found, and a repair solution with a cost estimate.

Also, with up to a 50-year transferable warranty, you can have confidence that our foundation underpinning solutions will permanently stabilize your home, restoring its image, security, and overall value.

The Foundation & Crawl Space Real Estate Evaluation Package

The cost for a single-family residence is a minimum of $675, depending on the square footage of the home. An additional fee will be added for multi-family units, commercial properties, and long-distance appointments. We usually schedule evaluations within a week as we understand how fast the turnaround needs to be for these appointments.

Our full reports include the state of the foundation with pictures, measurements, and floor level surveys. A proposal for the cost of repairs can be added for no additional charge, and if you decide to go with us for work, a portion of the fee can go towards the repairs.

  • 1. On-site Evaluation

    One of our Structural Consultants will conduct a visual evaluation of the property's visible foundation, crawl space, interior floor elevations, and concrete slabs in order to identify areas of damage or concern, including:

    Exterior Assessment:

    • Exterior photographs indicating structural movement
    • Perimeter measurements
    • Visible cracks in the foundation, slabs, walls, brick/stone siding, etc.
    • Bowing in foundation walls, chimney movement & separation
    • Property's concrete perimeter slabs/ walkway tripping hazards
    • Grading issues, drainage concerns, downspout placement

    Interior Assessment:

    • Interior photographs indicating structural movement
    • Visible cracks in foundation, floors, walls, ceilings, drywall, etc.
    • Identify bowing sloping floors, misaligned doors & windows
    • Floor elevation measurements with high precision altimeter

    Crawl Space Assessment:

    • Interior photographs indicating structural movement
    • Foundation walls with visible cracking, crumbling, exposed rebar, etc.
    • Condition/movement of pier post assemblies and girder system
    • Obvious visual damaged or rotting wood members
    • Signs of moisture, standing water, exterior water intrusion
    • Relative humidity level (hygrometer reading)
    • Earthquake resistance level (at the foundation and sub-floor level)
  • 2. Structural Foundation & Crawl Space Evaluation Report

    Foundation & crawl space real estate evaluations in the San Francisco Bay Area

    After your foundation and crawl space evaluation, you will receive an official report that outlines the information collected during that appointment.

    The report includes a thorough assessment of the current state of your home, appraising different areas of the property, complete with descriptive photos, and possible service recommendations.

    To scroll through a sample Structural Foundation & Crawl Space Evaluation Report, please click here [PDF], or click the photo to enlarge.

  • 3. In-depth Consultation with your Structural Consultant

    Foundation & crawl space real estate evaluations in the San Francisco Bay Area

    After you receive the Structural Foundation & Crawl Space Evaluation Report, our Structural Consultant will speak with you for an in-depth consultation in order to review the findings, discuss any potential repair recommendations, and to answer any questions you may have.

    This is done to make sure you are aware of any issues that were discovered, how these issues may have been caused, how these issues could be permanently fixed, and how to protect the home in the future.

  • 4. Custom Designed Repair Solution with Digital Drawings

    Foundation & crawl space real estate evaluations in the San Francisco Bay Area

    While the Structural Foundation & Crawl Space Evaluation Report will show the findings from our on-site evaluation and give service recommendations, our custom designed repair solution clarifies the scope of work.

    Our custom designed repair solution includes digital drawings, which gives you a visual of where our repairs will be implemented and the products that will be used.

    Pictured is a sample of a custom designed repair solution. Click the photo to enlarge.

  • 5. Accurate Cost Estimate

    Foundation & crawl space real estate evaluations in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Now that you understand what is going on with the home's foundation, how to fix it, and permanently protect it, you will also want to know the costs associated with the repairs.

    As a California licensed contractor who has performed thousands of foundation repairs employing our exclusive products and methods, we are able to give you an accurate pricing for our proposed repair solutions. This will be valuable when listing your home for sale or when releasing contingencies during the purchase of a home.

    Fix it to list it: As a homeowner who plans to put their home on the market, it often makes sense to complete any needed foundation work before price negotiations begin, in order to eliminate potential buyers from taking un-proportionate cost deductions from their offers.

    Know it to buy it: As a potential homebuyer, being educated on the current condition of the home and the potential repair costs will put you in a stronger position for negotiations and give you a clear path on how to fix and protect your investment.

    Call to schedule a foundation & crawl space evaluation today

    The foundation and crawl space specialists at Foundation Repair of CA have the know-how, the equipment, and the commitment to provide reliable evaluations and repairs. Before selling or purchasing a home, consider evaluating your investment.

    Foundation and crawl space issues can be detrimental to the overall image, security, and value of your home. Allow us to provide an accurate evaluation of your property, recommend viable solutions, and provide a service estimate on any possible solutions that are needed.

    Call 1-888-503-2416 or click below to schedule an estimate on any of our foundation repair or crawl space repair services in California, including San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Stockton, Oakland, Salinas, Modesto, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Fremont, and more!

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