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Polylevel Lift in Fresno, CA

Foundation Repair of CA can repair your sunken concrete, by injecting our high- density polyurethane formula. Are you experiencing sinking concrete and tripping hazards on your property? We Have Your Solution!

Careful Repair in Clovis, CA

An apartment complex in Clovis, was noticing that over the years, a portion of their pool deck was beginning to sink into the ground. Wanting to take care of their tenants, the management decided on fixing the problem, but did not know the best route to take. They received a proposal from a concrete company wanting to completely tear out the portion and repour an entirely new slab. Not only was this going to take weeks to finish, but also, the cost of it would have been way over budget. Thankfully, they also received a proposal from Jim Palamides.

Jim saw that the concrete slab had only sunk about an inch, but it had not begun to crack or break up. The slab itself was intact, and thus with the help of the Poly Level foam, the slab could be at its original position again. Jim also added on several feet of Nexus Pro crack repair sealant, to fill in the gap between the pool and the slab, and thus prevent any more water from sinking the slab in the future.

Foreman David "DJ" Serpa came out with his crew to finally install the product. David drilled small holes into the concrete slab to inject the polyurethane underneath it, and once the polyurethane began to foam, the slab then lifted into place and closed all the gaps of any tripping hazard. The crew then installed the Nexus Sealant and thus sealed the gap entirely. Overall, the process took about two hours, it cost a fraction of the price to replace the slab, and most importantly, the pool deck looks perfect as ever.

Uneven Backyard Patio

The concrete slabs of this backyard patio had sunken and lifted from eachother resulting in an uneven. Our crew was able to lift the sunken portions making for a smoother backyard space.

Doing the Cha-cha in Chowchilla, CA

Mr and Mrs Underwood love to throw summer pool parties. They both grew up around water and absolutely adore swimming, and being as popular as they are, they know how to throw the best parties. One of their parties went a little too far though when Mr. Underwood's cousin tripped and fell into the pool due to a tripping hazard made from a slab of concrete sinking into the earth. The slab had sunk by two inches due to pool water seeping through the joints between the slabs. 

Thankfully, when Jim Palamides saw this, he knew exactly how to fix the problem. Having seen this issue many times before, Jim used his experience to suggest the Poly Leveling installation. This process works by drilling holes into the concrete, injecting a polyurethane fluid in through the hole, and the polyurethane will begin to foam underneath the slab and thus raise the slab to its original position.

When Foreman David "DJ" Syrup arrived to the Underwood residence, he was both cautious and confident. Seeing that the slab was not cracking and had simply fallen straight down, he knew that this slab can come up beautifully, however, due to the amount that it has fallen, he knew that he needed to be consciencous about how fast he injects. 

And just like the turtle versus the hare, DJ was able to slowly and surely lift this slab perfectly to match the surrounding areas. Now the Underwood parties can continue, and anyone in the pool is jumping in by choice.

Polylevel Lifting On A Curve

A curved slab needed lifting in Meadow Vista, CA. Our crew was able to lift it to meet the slabs next to it eliminating the tripping hazard. 

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