A Home Project That Will Pay For Itself In The Long Run

Crawl Space Encapsulation Highlight - "CleanSpace Liner" (Vapor/Moisture Barrier)

A Home Project That Will Pay For Itself In The Long Run - Image 1

Before and After of a "CleanSpace" Vapor Barrier Installation

What Does "Crawl Space Encapsulation" Mean? 

The definition of encapsulation is: "the action of enclosing something in or as if in a capsule." The problem with most crawl spaces is that they have vents that allow outside air to get into it. Why is this a problem? Because of the vents allowing outside air to enter the crawl space, it opens the door for many variables including rising energy costs, pests, mold, allergens and rot. Wouldn't it be a great idea to stop those variables in their tracks? This is what we mean by Crawl Space Encapsulation; the goal is to isolate the crawl space from the elements and to make every home energy efficient and clean. 


We will talk about several aspects of what goes into a Crawl Space Encapsulation project in a series of blog posts. In this particular blog, we will talk about the CleanSpace Liner, which is essentially the rain coat of your crawl space. 


CleanSpace Liner (Moisture Barrier/Vapor Barrier)


"The CleanSpace Liner is used to isolate the home from the earth completely and permanently. This dramatically reduces the humidity levels in the air, which combined with sealing outside air and dehumidification, will eliminate mold growth, and rot from the crawl space" (taken from the manufacturers specifications). It also is used in applications where the home experiences water intrusion during a rainy day; it acts like a rain coat for your foundation and the concrete footings that support your floor. It has a 0.0023 Perm rate which means that there is very little likelihood that vapor/moisture will find it's way through the CleanSpace Liner. If the crawl space is an area of your home that you don't often check, wouldn't it be a great idea to ensure that it stays in good shape?




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