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Before and After Pictures from Walnut Creek
Crawl Space Repair with Vapor Barrier in Walnut Creek, CA

Crawl Space Repair with Vapor Barrier in Walnut Creek, CA

Before After
Crawl Space Repair with Vapor Barrier in Walnut Creek, CA Crawl Space Repair with Vapor Barrier in Walnut Creek, CA

Our CleanSpace Liner is an effective Moisture Barrier that can protect your crawl space from the damage that can be caused during the Rainy Season or even a plumbing leak. 

Concrete Repair: Stairway Polylevel Lift in Walnut Creek, CA

Concrete Repair: Stairway Polylevel Lift in Walnut Creek, CA

Before After
Concrete Repair: Stairway Polylevel Lift in Walnut Creek, CA Concrete Repair: Stairway Polylevel Lift in Walnut Creek, CA

Are you experiencing your stairway pulling away from your house, similar to one of our customers located in Walnut Creek CA? Have no fear, We Have Your Solutions! By injecting our PolyLevel Polyurethane Foam, we can lift and stabilize any sinking concrete slab to help bring it back to level and remove tripping hazards. 

Structural Floor Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Structural Floor Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

Before After
Structural Floor Repair in Walnut Creek, CA Structural Floor Repair in Walnut Creek, CA

If you want to fix your uneven floors but keep the existing posts intact, we can install our SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts near them to give them some extra help, like this home in Walnut Creek. 

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At this year's Supportworks Redefine Convention, we were awarded 4th Place for total Foundation Product sales. We are so proud... [Read more]
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Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair in Walnut Creek

Foundation problems destroy your Walnut Creek home’s value and can be dangerous. Our in-house team of structural and geo-technical engineers are here to help. We design and install the right solution and usually have the project finished in less than a week. You will have peace of mind as we provide a 25-year written warranty against defects on our foundation products.

Structural & Foundation Repair Services we offer in Walnut Creek:

  • Residential and commercial foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • Foundation settlement repair.
  • Foundation underpinning.
  • Crawl space structural repair & support posts.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Pool repair and deck repair.
  • Tilting chimneys.
  • Sticking windows & doors.
  • Foundation, floor & wall cracks.
  • Slab pier systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

PolyLevel® Concrete Lifting & Leveling

PolyLevel® is sometimes mistakenly referred to as slab jacking. This concrete leveling product is a two-part foam engineered to expand immediately upon injection beneath a settled slab. Injection holes are much smaller than those required for mud jacking. In action, PolyLevel® expands to many times its original volume, forcing the sunken concrete back to its original level. Within a matter of minutes, the expanded polymer hardens and reaches 90% or more of its final strength. This makes it possible for the restored surface to regain full functionality right away.

Concrete Lifting & Repair Services we offer in Walnut Creek:

  • PolyLevel® Concrete Lifting and Leveling for settled slabs.
  • NexusPro cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro concrete sealing
  • Slab jacking and mud jacking alternatives.
  • Pool repair and deck repair.
  • Concrete driveway leveling.
  • Concrete slab raising.

Foundation Repair of CA now also offers NexusPro and SealantPro. NexusPro is the breakthrough material that makes crack repair easier and more effective than ever before. It will never dry out or crack, and will keep your concrete looking new for years to come. 

Protect your concrete with SealantPro. SealantPro uses new technology to bind with your concrete on the molecular level so your concrete can resist stain and damage from water, oil, gasoline, and other liquids and debris. 

Contact us today to learn more!

Job Stories From Walnut Creek, CA
Fixing an Eyesore in Walnut Creek: SmartJack Installation To Stop The Wall From Cracking

Mr. P was sick of looking at the cracks in his walls. A self-proclaimed "clean freak," he felt dirty every time he looked at the cracks. He prided himself on keeping his home clean and the fact that he couldn't fix the cracks himself drove him a little bit crazy. "A clean and healthy home reflects a clean and healthy mind," he told me. He always kept every single inch of his home clean and he dared anyone to challenge him to point out a spot he missed (they couldn't), but when it came to the crack in the wall, they could challenge him all-day-every-day. 


So Mr. P decided to find a professional to figure out what was causing the cracks and to subsequently provide a solution. 

Our Structural Consultant turned Production Manager, Ben Brown inspected the crawlspace beneath the walls that were cracking. He discovered that the underfloor areas immediately beneath those walls could be supported better, as well as lifted back to the original position. 


To repair and protect Mr. P's home, we installed a total of 3 Concentric Push Piers to lift the interior foundation wall, 11 floor joists, and 2 SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts to bring this portion of the floor back to level, stopping the wall cracks in their tracks. Now with a few cosmetic fixes, Mr. P can walk around his home with a cleaner, healthier mind--the original position. 

Fixing an Eyesore in Walnut Creek: SmartJack Installation To Stop The Wall From Cracking - Photo 1Fixing an Eyesore in Walnut Creek: SmartJack Installation To Stop The Wall From Cracking - Photo 2
Moving Back Into Her Childhood Home, She Wanted To Repair The Uneven Floors: SmartJack Installation in Walnut Creek

Mrs. R's father had bought his home in Walnut Creek years ago with the intention of keeping it in the family by passing it down to his children when it was time to. At the age of 92, her father was in need of a little help with living. So the plan for Mrs. R was to move back to the home where she grew up to help her father live out his golden years. 


She knew that the floors had been an issue for years but her father was unable to get around to it for obvious health and ability reasons. She found our company through a Google search. She called and scheduled an appointment for a crawlspace inspection with our Structural Consultant, Mike Anderson. Mike discovered that the areas of concern were lower than the rest of the home by up to 5 inches, which was remarkable. 


To help Mrs. R and her father, our crew installed 10 push piers to the West side of the home to lift and level the foundation, followed by 9 SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts with new concrete footings to buddy-up with the existing wooden posts within the crawlspace in order to lift and level the floor. Now Mrs. R and her father can focus on the most important things in life. 

Giving His Children A Safe Property To Play On: PolyLEVEL Installation in Walnut Creek, CA

Every parent knows that when your baby begins to walk, it is both amazing and at least a little bit scary--it's amazing that they've become so mobile, but it's a little bit scary that they've BECOME SO MOBILE. Who knows where their little feet will take them. Parents show caution and preparedness when they baby-proof their drawers, doors, toilets, etc.; why not babyproof the exterior of the home? 


Mr. W called us because he wanted to make sure that his home's uneven concrete walkways weren't going to be a problem for his one-and-a-half-year-old child. The walkways were sinking in some areas, turning the concrete into a trip hazard. Mr. W knew that replacing the concrete was an option, but replacement wouldn't solve the underlying soil issues which would have caused the new concrete to meet the same fate as the old.


Our solution was to inject PolyLEVEL Polyurethane Foam beneath the uneven sections of the walkway. The reason that the concrete had sunk in the first place was because the soil beneath it had been washed out over years of rain exposure, leaving a void beneath it; without soil to hold up the concrete, it had nowhere else to go besides down. PolyLEVEL was the right solution because it acted as a replacement for the missing soil, which saved both Mr. W's concrete from demolition and his wallet. Now Mr. W can rest assured that his family can walk safely around his home. 

Giving His Children A Safe Property To Play On: PolyLEVEL Installation in Walnut Creek, CA - Photo 1Giving His Children A Safe Property To Play On: PolyLEVEL Installation in Walnut Creek, CA - Photo 2
Dropping Pool Deck in Walnut Creek, CA

The Smith family always loved going to the water. Whether it was the beach or a lake or even a community pool, almost every family outing involved swimming and sunbathing. That's why when the Smith couple was finally able to afford to move into a bigger house they made sure that it came with a pool. The problem was that the pool had a tripping hazard due to the slab having sunk into the ground. Concerned about their children and guests they contacted Foundation Repair of CA to look at the problem.

When Jim Palamides saw this, he knew exactly how to fix the problem. Having seen this issue many times before, Jim used his experience to suggest the Poly Leveling installation. This process works by drilling holes into the concrete, injecting a polyurethane fluid in through the hole, and the polyurethane will begin to foam underneath the slab and thus raise the slab to its original position. Jim, having the experience and foresight, also suggested that the crew inject all around the pool as well to fill any voids that have been created, and thus add extra support to stabilize and prevent future damages.

Two weeks later, Foreman David "DJ" Syrup arrived at the Underwood residence, he was both cautious and confident. Seeing that the slab was not cracking and had simply fallen straight down, he knew that this slab can come up beautifully, however, due to the amount that it has fallen, he knew that he needed to be conscientious about how fast he injects. And just like the turtle versus the hare, DJ was able to slowly and surely lift this slab perfectly to match the surrounding areas. Once the sunken section had lifted up, DJ then drilled holes into the surrounding area. After drilling the first hole, however, DJ discovered that there was a significant void under the concrete and that it was good that they were injecting to stabilize and protect from future sinking.

The Smiths appreciated the work done by Foundation Repair of CA. Jim was timely and thorough and DJ was an expertly careful craftsman, and thanks to the two of them, the Smith children can play in the pool with no worries of scraped knees.

Dropping Pool Deck in Walnut Creek, CA - Photo 1
Uneven Flooring Issue in Walnut Creek, CA

Mr. N of Walnut Creek, CA had a property that suffered from uneven flooring. He wanted the problem resolved prior to putting it on the market. After a thorough analysis done by one of our exceptional Strucural Consultants, the recommendation given to solve Mr. N's uneven flooring was to replace all of the wood posts that supported the floor inside the crawl space with Foundation Repair of CA's SmartJack technology. A SmartJack is an adjustable steel column that is placed above engineered fill that addresses the problem of weak foundation soil by transferring the weight of the home to competent strata. The SmartJack then lifts and stabilizes existing beams and floor joists to make your stroll across your home less like a hike and more like a walk in the park. With the flooring of his home back at level, and the market value of his home higher because of our SmartJack's permanent solution, Mr. N found peace of mind and was then ready to put his home up for sale in preparation for a brighter future. 

Work Requests From Walnut Creek, CA
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Hi, There is a crack on our front entry patio. It seems slightly getting obvious and we wonder if it's gonna affect the interior by any chance. Thank you.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Foundation settling. Doors not closing correctly, cracks forming in walls.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
My AC condenser pad needs to be leveled.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
I need polylevel under the front steps.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
I may have floor leveling/foundation issues. I have a couple of locations where there are cracks in the wall, door not closing properly. Would like to get a evaluation and quote. Thanks, Carlos
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
I have a long, steep 1950s concrete driveway serving our home in the Oakland Hills. It is serviceable but has extensive cracking in some sections and has subsided in a parking area adjacent to the driveway. Too much of it is useful for me to want to replace the entire driveway. I am exploring alternatives.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Some concrete sections near my pool (14 years old) are sloping downward from pool and need to be lifted a few inches.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
My house has a crack in the Slab and one side settled between 2 and 4 inches. The flooring is removed and house is undergoing full remodel. Hoping to raise and secure the slab. Total area is approx 350 sf to be leveled with the rest of the house. The slab is 4 inches and the perimeter edge is 1' deep.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Uneven floors in house, garage concrete slab and pool area.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
We're noticing quite a bit of cracking on interior walls that wasn't present last year at this time. We would like someone to inspect for any potential foundation issue.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Crawl space foundation exposure and driveway sloping
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Cracks developing over the last 6 months now getting worse ceiling and walls of home 1 story home
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Our home includes slab foundation in one half, and crawl space in the other. The slab has settled significantly (~4in) and I would like someone to evaluate it and learn what the options are for leveling the house. The home was built in 1964, and we moved in in 2021 - I don't have measurements but I think the settling and sloping of the floors has gotten worse over the last year.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
My pool deck is parting from the pool title.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
An addition added on a few decades ago is sagging.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Leaning foundation piers and sloping of housing floor. Documentation of moisture in crawl space.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Need approx. 250 sq. ft. concrete patio pressure cleaned & sealed.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Concrete patio installed two years ago and is cracking. Concerned about settling and stopping the cracks from forming. If possible, cosmetic repair.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
We have a portion of our foundation that needs to be looked at per our inspection upon buying the house. We also wanted to check the foundation for any type of water damage.
Project Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Uneven concrete around the pool deck
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