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Before and After Pictures from San Ramon
Smart Jack Installation in San Ramon, CA

Smart Jack Installation in San Ramon, CA

Before After
Smart Jack Installation in San Ramon, CA Smart Jack Installation in San Ramon, CA

This customers residence is located in San Ramon, CA our customer came to us with concerns regarding uneven floors. Through quick research they found us and set an appointment with our appointment center.

Our strutcual consultant Jonathan, quickly came to evaluate their situation. This customers home had settling issues in their crawl space, by installing cast in place smart jacks will help level and support flooring and beams.

PolyLevel driveway Lift in San Ramon, CA

PolyLevel driveway Lift in San Ramon, CA

Before After
PolyLevel driveway Lift in San Ramon, CA PolyLevel driveway Lift in San Ramon, CA

This customers residence is located in San Ramon, CA, our customer came to us with concerns about his driveway sinking and being uneven. Through quick research they found us and set an appointment with our appointment center.

Our strutcual consultant Sam Phelps, quickly came to evaluate their situation. This customers driveway had a couple tripping hazards and sinking issues over different areas if his concrete slab. By injecting our Poly which permanently lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete slabs with high-density polyurethane formula will solve his driveway issues.

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Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair in San Ramon

Foundation problems destroy your San Ramon home’s value and can be dangerous. Our in-house team of structural and geo-technical engineers are here to help. We design and install the right solution and usually have the project finished in less than a week. You will have peace of mind as we provide a 25-year written warranty against defects on our foundation products.

Structural & Foundation Repair Services we offer in San Ramon:

  • Residential and commercial foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • Foundation settlement repair.
  • Foundation underpinning.
  • Crawl space structural repair & support posts.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Pool repair and deck repair.
  • Tilting chimneys.
  • Sticking windows & doors.
  • Foundation, floor & wall cracks.
  • Slab pier systems.
  • Helical deck piers.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

PolyLevel®® Concrete Lifting & Leveling

PolyLevel®® is sometimes mistakenly referred to as slab jacking. This concrete leveling product is a two-part foam engineered to expand immediately upon injection beneath a settled slab. Injection holes are much smaller than those required for mud jacking. In action, PolyLevel®® expands to many times its original volume, forcing the sunken concrete back to its original level. Within a matter of minutes, the expanded polymer hardens and reaches 90% or more of its final strength. This makes it possible for the restored surface to regain full functionality right away.

Concrete Lifting & Repair Services we offer in San Ramon:

  • PolyLevel®® Concrete Lifting and Leveling for settled slabs.
  • NexusPro cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro concrete sealing
  • Slab jacking and mud jacking alternatives.
  • Pool repair and deck repair.
  • Concrete driveway leveling.
  • Concrete slab raising.

NexusPro is now being offered by the experts at Foundation Repair of CA. NexusPro our extremely long-lasting and sturdy solution for cracked concrete. After curing for just 60 minutes, the flexible and durable formula will keep your concrete beautiful and safe. We also offer SealantPro, which permanently protects concrete from water, gasoline, oil, and other liquids after just one application.

Contact us today to learn more!

Seismic & Earthquake Retrofitting, Reinforcement & Repair in San Ramon

Do you live in an area that's prone to earthquakes? Don't take chances with your property. At Foundation Repair of CA, we specialize in stabilizing homes and businesses throughout Northern California. Earthquake retrofitting, or seismic retrofitting, is the reinforcing of a house or building so that it is less likely to be damaged or separated from its foundation during an earthquake. With earthquake retrofitting in place, you're less likely to face significant damage when a natural disaster occurs.

If an earthquake event has already caused foundation issues we specialize in primary foundation damage repair of all types. Our expertise also includes concrete lifting and repair of slabs, driveways, pool decks, and patios.

Job Stories From San Ramon, CA
Settling Driveway in San Ramon, CA

Alex has always been a "Car Guy" and now that his kids are all moved out, he is ready to finally get a nice car. However, his wife would like their driveway to be fixed before they spend the money on a fancy new car. Therefore, he found it prudent to fix their driveway before making the investment for a new car, and that is why they called Foundation Repair of CA.

Within two weeks, foreman David "DJ" Serpa and his crew were able to come out to perform the work. Upon arriving, DJ inspected the area and discovered that one side had sunk more than the other side. This wasn't an issue for him though, because of his extensive experience in working with the polyurethane foam. DJ had the crew prep and clean the area while he injected the foam underneath the slab. DJ injected a little bit at a time across the driveway, to prevent any unnecessary cracking during the lift. He made sure to keep an eye on the garage slab to prevent the driveway from being over lifted, and after awhile DJ stopped when the slab was perfectly even and level. After this, the crew installed the Nexus Pro crack sealant to prevent any future water damage to the slab.

After that was completed, DJ and his crew then opened all the cracks and proceeded to install the Nexus Pro crack sealant to not only smooth out the divots made by the cracks but also make the driveway look nicer as a whole. Now that all of the slabs are leveled out and the cracks sealed up, the problem with the driveway is fixed and the slab is protected from any future damage.

Being that their driveway is now repaired, Alex can now begin to look for a new car that both he and his wife will enjoy.

Settling Driveway in San Ramon, CA - Photo 1
From Nightmare to Dream Come True

When Mr and Mrs L got married, they envisioned their dream of settling down together. They saw their happy future of a white picket fence with their children and dogs. This dream came true shortly after their wedding when they officially bought a house together. All of their hard work was finally paying off as their dream is becoming a reality. Unfortunately, soon after they moved into their home, their dream became a nightmare. They realized that the foundation for over half of their house was sinking, and with it went the walls and the floors. It was a dangerous situation that needed to be repaired and fast. Luckily the superstar salesperson, Lisa Lewis, was able to go out and asses the problem areas. Lisa found that not only did they need smart jacks for their crawlspace, but was able to find that the house needed a pier system and to be void filled with the polyurethane foam to be completely stabilized afterwards.

Once Mr and Mrs L decided to go forward with the work proposed by Lisa, Foundation Repair of California sent out Kimo, Antonio, and Jameson to complete the work. With Kimo's guidance, Antonio and Jameson were able to complete all of the preparation work for to be completed before their next problem was discovered. Due to the foundation not lifting properly, the superintendent Jorge Rizo was sent out to the site to inspect the issue. Jorge went into the crawlspace to discover another foundation wall that was anchoring down the rest of the foundation that was trying to be lifted. Jorge recommended to add another pier on this wall and after this was completed, the entire foundation was able to be lifted and leveled completely. Although this issue was resolved, yet another problem arose for the team to face.

It was revealed that the slab that was used for the living room was not properly attached to the foundation wall that separated the slab with the crawlspace. Due to this, when Kimo's team lifted the house all of the foundation was lifted and leveled, however the slab in the living room was now sagging, causing an eyesore of a gap inbetween the floor and the wall. Thankfully, when Sam Phelps and the polyurethane leveling crew came to fill the void, they were able to lift the slab to match the foundation wall, before continuing to fill the rest of the void between the ground and their foundation. Mr and Mrs L were thankful that not only was their floors stabilized and even with the walls, but that the polyurethane was nonintrusive due to the one-quarter inche sized holes that were used to pump the foam into.

In conclusion, Mr and Mrs L were happy and excited to begin their life together but were devasted when they found that their dream home had nightmare problems. This wasn't a problem at all for the team at Foundation Repair of California, though. Lisa was able to find the cause of the issues, the leadership from Jorge to work through obstacles, Kimo and his team were able to complete all of the piering system to lift the foundation, and Sam and his crew were able to lift the slab and stabilize the home. Thanks to every team member, Mr and Mrs L's nightmare is over and they can finally go back to living their dream.

Work Requests From San Ramon, CA
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Side concrete slabs are sinking and unsafe for the kids. Would like to raise it.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
House foundation appears to be moving since front door won't open/close easily
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
There were some cracks on garage floor I would like them evaluated and fixed. Also want to see what need to be done with uneven driveway. May be this is a small work for your foundation repair company to tackle, since you are local wanted to check with you if you will be interested in looking into and fixing this. Thank you.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Few cracks in some walls, settlement, uneven floors.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
My brick facade on front of my house is separating from the wall as well as my fireplace in my living room.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Slab has sunk about an inch in the corner of our living room
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Uneven driveway due to settlement
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
I purchased a house and noticed cracks in the walls and ceilings along with cracks on the front of the house lower foundation. I would like a estimate on repairs needed.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
It is getting difficult to close new patio door that was installed 4 years ago. It could be due to building settlement. We replaced the patio door 4 years ago due to the same reason.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Sinking floor spanning across multiple rooms. Had been there for years. The piers have failed. Would need experts to evaluate if the problem is with foundation too and take necessary actions.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Piers are loose from the ground and the floor are uneven and having cracking noise from the attic
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
We are seeing lots of cracks inside the home, plus outside the home. It is all on the left side of the house when facing the house.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
We've observed a bit of house settling/shifting recently with our doors starting to stick. We'd like to get an inspection to see what is going on with the house and if there are any recommended actions
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Need vapor barrier to protect engineered wood floor of approximately 1300 sqft.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
We are on a slab and have noticed recurring and new cracks throughout our house on our walls.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Do you do "slab" foundation leveling? IF so, what is your earliest availablity to go see/check out our job site in San Ramon? And, what does your job pipeline look like in terms of "start-finish" date? (We HAVE already excavated/exposed the foundation, so we only need to lift the three (3) settled house "corners", brace and then we can have our contactor come back-in and pour the engineered running spread-footing spec'd by his engineer). Just need the "lifting/leveling" done by you/your team... Please advise ASAP. Thanks!
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
8' x 8' concrete hot tub pad. One side has dropped 2". I would like to level it.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
House is settling at the North end.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
Qualified for CEA Brace and Bolt Program. Single story 1750/sqft home.
Project Location: San Ramon, CA
There is an external crack on foundation which is 1/8 inch x 8 feet which is to be inspected. I am real estate broker and my client wants clarification of whether this crack is acceptable or not.

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