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Before and After Pictures from Modesto
Uneven Floor Repair: SmartJack Installation in Modesto, CA

Uneven Floor Repair: SmartJack Installation in Modesto, CA

Before After
Uneven Floor Repair: SmartJack Installation in Modesto, CA Uneven Floor Repair: SmartJack Installation in Modesto, CA

Our SmartJack system is designed to straighten and strengthen sagging floors over crawl space foundations. If you're having these issues similar to our customer located in Modesto, Call Us Today!

Foundation Repair: Push Pier System located in Modesto, CA

Foundation Repair: Push Pier System located in Modesto, CA

Before After
Foundation Repair: Push Pier System located in Modesto, CA Foundation Repair: Push Pier System located in Modesto, CA

Our customer came to us with concerns regarding settling issues with his foundation. Through research they found us and set an appointment with our appointment center.


Our Structural Consultant, Chris Hardy, came to evaluate their situation. This customer's home had settling and cracking issues in the foundation and interior walls with settlement over -2 inches including some lateral movement in the structure. Solving this customer's issue included stabilizing and lifting the foundation by installing our push pier system from the bottom of the foundation and vertically into the Earth until it reached bedrock. With a stronger strata of soil for the home to rest on, the homeowner can rest assured that these recent foundation issues will cease to be a problem.  

Floor Stabilization with SmartJacks in Modesto, CA

Floor Stabilization with SmartJacks in Modesto, CA

Before After
Floor Stabilization with SmartJacks in Modesto, CA Floor Stabilization with SmartJacks in Modesto, CA

Some of the original wooden posts that were installed within the crawl space of this home lost their ability to stabilize the floor. Our solution was to replace the existing posts with our SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts. 

Professional Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair Company in Modesto, CA

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Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation in Modesto, CA

A finished crawl space encapsulation job in Modesto, CA.

An encapsulated crawl space in Modesto using the CleanSpace vapor barrier.

Because the city of Modesto does not have a full storm sewer system, streets are known to flood during periods of rain. Local homes can experience similar effects if crawl spaces aren't equipped to handle the rain. That's why Foundation Repair of CA specializes in crawl spaces using industry-leading products and techniques. We are a local, family-owned company with many years of experience helping your neighbors solve the same problems you are probably facing!

We specialize in crawl space repair and encapsulation. Crawl spaces often go neglected by homeowners, and it's not hard to see why - they usually aren't very pleasant. But Foundation Repair of CA, using proven products like our crawl space vapor barrier, dehumidifier, sump pump, and drainage matting, can transform even the wettest crawl space into a dry, contained space. And a dry crawl space promotes whole home health, as mold and cold weather can't get indoors!

Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting and Leveling Modesto, CA

Along with our crawl space repair services, Foundation Repair of CA is well-known for our high-quality foundation repair services. If foundation settlement, foundation heave, street creep, or any other foundation problem has caused damage to your home, Foundation Repair of CA's fully trained  technicians can provide the necessary solutions. In addition to foundation repair, we also offer concrete lifting and leveling services in Modesto, CA using PolyLevel®, NexusPro, and SealantPro. When we visit your home, we can let you know if we see any issues with your property's concrete slabs.

But how can you tell if there's a problem in the first place? There are several common signs of foundation and concrete slab problems. Cracks in floors or uneven floors can be related to foundation or concrete slab settlement. Wall cracks, sticking windows and doors, bowing walls, and tilting chimney are other typical foundation problems. While these issues might not seem too dangerous at first, if left unchecked, they might lead to serious problems later on. Our products, including foundation piers, wall braces, crawl space support jacks, and PolyLevel®, can stop foundation settlement, wall collapse, and other issues, stabilizing your entire home.

Earthquake Retrofitting in Modesto, CA

California homes have a unique challenge to contend with: earthquakes. If your home was not properly constructed to defend against earthquakes, it might suffer severe damage during seismic activity, such as completely coming apart from its foundation. Foundation Repair of CA reinforces local homes using strong metal connectors that are installed at particular points in your home's frame. With this protection system in place, you can rest assured that your home is ready to face the next earthquake.

Basement waterproofing and foundation repair are extremely effective when performed correctly. Foundation Repair of CA's experienced crews know the best practices for their specialties, and they care about the welfare of each family they work with. We won't stop until you are completely satisfied – and safe from harm! Schedule a free estimate in Modesto or a city nearby!

Job Stories From Modesto, CA
Foundation Replacement in Modesto, CA - Fixing The Problem Before It Gets Worse

Mr. G had contacted us because he knew that his home, built in 1921, was due for some repairs. The main problem he had was with his foundation. A portion of it was crumbling, making the living area above it sink, which had caused some unsettle for his family. Our structural consultant, Jesse, crawled beneath Mr. G's home and determined that the failing portion of the foundation in question would not be able to be repaired, it would need to be replaced (100+ years is a very long time for a concrete foundation to last). 


Our crew removed and replaced the 10 ft. section of the failing foundation and replaced it with brand new concrete with J-bolts and #4 rebar within to strengthen it. The new concrete foundation was epoxy-doweled into the adjacent existing foundation. Like the Ship of Theseus, all homes will eventually need to have parts of it replaced. When the time comes, we're the ones who can help you fix it fast and fix it right. 

SmartJack System Installation To Fix Sloping Floor in Modesto, CA

Mrs. T was referred to us by her nephew, who used to work for us about a decade ago. His aunt had called him because her floors were sloping and separating from the walls; she knew that he used to work at a company that took care of that kind of problem. When Jesse, our Structural Consultant, arrived at Mrs. T's home, he took measurements of the floor to see how far the floor had sunk. The worst areas of the floor had sunk down about 1 and a half inches. He then made his way into the crawlspace to see what was causing the issue. 


Upon inspection, Jesse discovered that the floor was insufficiently supported by a plethora of makeshift footings. Whoever had previously tried to fix the floor had used random concrete blocks and stacked-up pieces of wood. Some of those footings had even lost their connection to the floor system, making them as useless to the home as the black widow that was lurking in the corner of the crawlspace.


To fix the sloping floors, we installed 19 new SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts, 15 of which supported five 10 ft. long steel square beams. About 75% of the existing floor system had needed support, which our SmartJack system was able to help with. We were able to lift and stabilize Mrs. T's floor, giving her a better feeling when she walked through her home. 


SmartJack System Installation To Fix Sloping Floor in Modesto, CA - Photo 1SmartJack System Installation To Fix Sloping Floor in Modesto, CA - Photo 2SmartJack System Installation To Fix Sloping Floor in Modesto, CA - Photo 3SmartJack System Installation To Fix Sloping Floor in Modesto, CA - Photo 4SmartJack System Installation To Fix Sloping Floor in Modesto, CA - Photo 5
Retaining Wall/Patio Lift in Modesto, CA

Mr. W's home is a sight to see. In his backyard, he has a huge concrete patio that is special because 1) it is on the hillside of a creek, which provides a beautiful, picturesque view of rows and rows of orchards, and 2) at the very end of the patio, there is a setting that seems to have been built for wedding ceremonies. But Mr. W was having an issue: the patio/retaining wall was showing signs of settlement; it was sloping towards the hillside that lead to the creek. Our solution to his problem was to install 18 push piers beneath the retaining wall to lift and stabilize it from further settlement. After the retaining wall was lifted, we installed PolyLevel polyurethane beneath the patio to fill the voids beneath that had been formed when the shifting soil had undermined it. Now Mr. W won't have to say "Watch your step" when "Here Comes The Bride" is playing. 

Retaining Wall/Patio Lift in Modesto, CA - Photo 1Retaining Wall/Patio Lift in Modesto, CA - Photo 2Retaining Wall/Patio Lift in Modesto, CA - Photo 3
Falling in Fresno

Tripping and falling over is never anyone's ideal afternoon, especially if you're tripping over your own house! That's why Foundation Repair of CA is here to help!

We use Poly Leveling foam to lift, level and stabilize any sinking concrete. This foam is environmentally safe, strong enough to lift a house, and is durable enough to last for decades!

Once the concrete slab is lifted to remove the tripping hazard, Nexus Pro crack sealant is installed to prevent any future water damage, and now there's no more risk of any more bad trips!

Falling in Fresno - Photo 1
Work Requests From Modesto, CA
Project Location: Modesto, CA
I have a sinking floor in my living room. I suspect the foundation is failing. Poured slab. No cracks on walls or windows yet. Would like a quote. Thanks.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
I have water in my crawl space and want to have a solution to prevent any damage. Sump pump, encapsulation or any other recommended solution.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
I have water under my home in my crawl space under my kitchen, and its damaging boards under my sink.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
Unleveled room
Project Location: Modesto, CA
A corner of the front of the home looks like it is sinking, causing part of it to hold water when it rains. walls look misaligned and slanted
Project Location: Modesto, CA
56 year old house, having more cracks. floor cracks started in garage, now have kitchen countertop granite separating. also, brick chimney on same north side of house has cracked vertically. there are narrow horizontal cracks along the base of front of house
Project Location: Modesto, CA
I noticed a few cracks on the stucco and on the drywall as well as the front door is getting hard to open
Project Location: Modesto, CA
Crawlspace needs to be conditioned, sealed and ventilated
Project Location: Modesto, CA
I have some interior wall cracksinside my home that I'd like to be reviewed.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
Foundation repair work is needed at one of our rental property. Please either call or email me to schedule an appointment for the estimate. Thank you.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
I need somebody to look at the slab foundation of my mom's house. There is a redwood tree nearby and the exposed roots have cracked a sidewalk which is up against the foundation.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
Backyard patio has severe cracks only a 10'by 15' job.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
The dirt in crawl space was removed in a large amount that cause the foundation damage. We got an estimate back in 2019 but have not done the repair yet. We would like to have another evaluation and estimate.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
My driveway is uneven
Project Location: Modesto, CA
Drive way uneven due to tree roots. Tree is now removed
Project Location: Modesto, CA
We are noticing that our floor is starting to sink towards the middle of the home. Our home is on a raised foundation and we would like to get an estimate of repairing and properly leveling the home.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
Project Location: Modesto, CA
My kitchen has an add on breakfast nook that has an approximate 2" slope from where it attached , and I can see paint at the ceiling and kitchen cabinets on the opposite wall cracking. As well as there are vertical cracks in the outside stucco on each side of the add on in roughly the same spot where the add on (breakfast nook) is attached to the original structure. The add on has a cinderblock foundation.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
We would like an estimate on some potential work following a home inspection.
Project Location: Modesto, CA
Sagging/cracking walls, uneven floors, and misaligned doors. We are looking to remodel the home and need to be sure the foundation is solid. A basic home inspection said shims are worn.
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