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Before and After Pictures from Concord
Leveling around a pool deck

Leveling around a pool deck

Before After
Leveling around a pool deck Leveling around a pool deck

Foundation Repair of CA addressed a customer's concerns around her pool deck.  We lifted & stabilized settling areas and sealed cracks & other areas with Nexus Pro.  

Push Pier System installed For a Foundation Repair Project in Concord, CA

Push Pier System installed For a Foundation Repair Project in Concord, CA

Before After
Push Pier System installed For a Foundation Repair Project in Concord, CA Push Pier System installed For a Foundation Repair Project in Concord, CA

A before and after of a Push Pier Installation we did in Concord. The homeowner had complained of some foundation problems. We were able to help solve his problems by lifting and leveling the areas of concern. 

Uneven Floor Solution in Concord, CA

Uneven Floor Solution in Concord, CA

Before After
Uneven Floor Solution in Concord, CA Uneven Floor Solution in Concord, CA

As members of the family tree get older, they get weaker. The same goes for wood members of your floor system. Our SmartJack Adjustable Posts act like boy scouts helping the elderly across the street. 

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Foundation & Concrete Repair in Concord

Foundation Repair of CA provides Concord homeowners with responsible and professional foundation repair, crawl space repair, and concrete leveling services. Concord has been recognized as the best place in California to raise a family, and that means making sure your home is safe. We're committed to helping preserve the city's heritage that radiates from historic Todos Santos Plaza, as well as helping local homeowners keep their homes in the best condition possible.  

Crawl Space Foundation Repair Services in Concord

There are many potential causes of foundation problems, but foundation issues are typically caused by the soil around your home. Certain types of soils are more porous than others, allowing for water absorption, soil expansion and shrinking, and foundation shifting or settlement. No matter what foundation problems you're experiencing, it's best to have your home inspected by a professional to determine if repairs are needed.

Here at Foundation Repair of CA, we install products designed and tested by structural engineers. As the trusted  Supportworks dealer in Concord, we have the expertise and products to fix any foundation or structural problem, including:

  • Bowing and leaning basement walls
  • Foundation settlement
  • Settling support columns in crawl spaces
  • Foundation cracks
  • Sinking decks and sunrooms

When you hire us for your foundation repair needs, we will recommend the right solution to stabilize your foundation. All of our foundation products include a 25-year written warranty against manufacturer defects.

PolyLevel® Concrete Leveling

Do you have damaged concrete around your home? Concrete settlement is common in the Concord area. Whether it's a driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway or stoop, a concrete slab that's heaving, settling or cracking can be a trip hazard and an eyesore. Foundation Repair of CA performs concrete repair by raising settled concrete back to its original position using a process called PolyLevel®. This concrete leveling method is a state-of-the-art alternative to mud jacking. Instead of using a mixture of concrete and mud, PolyLevel® uses high-density polyurethane that's injected under the slab through small holes. Within a matter of minutes, the expanded polymer hardens and reaches 90% or more of its final strength. You'll be able to walk or drive on the restored slab within just 15 minutes!

We also offer NexusPro and SealantPro in your area! NexusPro is the easy and economical solution to cracked concrete. It is specially engineered to stand up to harsh weather conditions and will never bubble, crack, or dry out. Its durability will provide protection and appeal to your concrete for years. SealantPro seals your concrete from the elements and will triple the lifespan of your concrete after only one application. It resists stains and damage and is the prudent way to ensure that your concrete always looks great. 

We offer a broad range of concrete repair solutions in Concord:

  • Concrete slab raising and leveling
  • Slab jacking and mud jacking alternatives
  • Pool repair and deck repair
  • Concrete driveway leveling
  • NexusPro cracked concrete repair
  • SealantPro concrete sealing

If you're interested in any of our foundation structural, or concrete leveling services in Concord, contact us today. We provide free, no-obligation estimates!

Job Stories From Concord, CA
Comprehensive Foundation Repair in Concord, CA

In Concord, CA, a homeowner faced significant foundation settlement issues, resulting in horizontal cracking in the foundation and problems with door and window operation. Foundation Repair of CA was called upon to assess the situation and provide a comprehensive solution. Our team implemented a multi-faceted approach to address both the immediate structural issues and the underlying causes of the foundation settlement.



The primary challenges included:

- Horizontal cracking in the foundation

- Misalignment of doors and windows

- Water seepage in the crawl space

- Ensuring long-term stability of the foundation and floor framing system


Solutions Provided

To address these challenges, Foundation Repair of CA offered and implemented the following solutions:


Regrading Soil in Crawl Space

We regraded the soil in the crawl space to direct water seepage towards the sump pump system, ensuring proper water management and preventing future water-related issues.


Installation of SmartSump Pump System

A SmartSump pump system was installed, which included:

- Liner

- Cast iron pump

- CleanPump Stand

- Airtight lid with an airtight floor drain

- WaterWatch alarm system This system ensures efficient water removal and alerts the homeowner in case of pump failure.


Corrugated Pipe Installation

We excavated and installed a 3" black corrugated pipe with a sleeve surrounded by ¾” rock within the crawl space. This setup captures water and directs it to the sump pump for discharge, effectively managing water intrusion.


CleanSpace Liner Installation

The crawl space was lined with a CleanSpace 20ml liner over the ground surface and up the foundation walls. This liner creates a moisture barrier, protecting the crawl space environment.


Pier Post Assembly Sealing

The bottom of the pier post assemblies’ concrete sections was wrapped with CleanSpace liner and tape, creating a sealed environment and preventing moisture intrusion.


Drainage Matting Installation

Drainage matting was installed under the CleanSpace liner on the soil surface in the crawl space. This matting allows water to flow around dimples and protects the liner from rips and tears.


Structural Support Enhancements

Supplemental steel beams were installed in the crawl space to support the floor framing system, enhancing the overall structural integrity of the home.


SmartJack Assemblies Installation

SmartJack assemblies were installed to provide additional support and stabilization to the floor joists in the crawl space.


Concrete Footing Installation

An 18" x 18" x 8" poured cast-in-place rebar-reinforced concrete footing was installed, providing a solid foundation for the SmartJack assemblies and enhancing load distribution.


Foundation Replacement

Sections of the existing interior foundation were removed and replaced. This process included:

- Shoring and demolition

- Concrete off-haul and excavation

- Forming and installation of #4 rebar

- Poured concrete, mudsill, and anchor bolting The new foundation sections matched the existing dimensions, ensuring seamless integration and restoring the foundation’s integrity.



The comprehensive solutions provided by Foundation Repair of CA addressed all the homeowner’s concerns:

- The foundation was stabilized, eliminating horizontal cracks.

- Door and window operation returned to normal.

- Water seepage was effectively managed, preventing future moisture issues.

- The crawl space environment was sealed and protected.

- The structural integrity of the home was significantly enhanced, providing peace of mind to the homeowner.



This project in Concord, CA, exemplifies Foundation Repair of CA’s commitment to providing thorough and effective foundation repair solutions. By addressing both the symptoms and the root causes of the foundation settlement, we ensured the long-term stability and safety of the home.

Comprehensive Foundation Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 1Comprehensive Foundation Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 2Comprehensive Foundation Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 3
In Need of A Foundation Repair Contractor in Concord?

"Our floors are sloped, and we have cracks on the walls and ceiling." 


This is what a homeowner in Concord said to begin our first conversation with them. These are classic signs of an unlevel foundation, and a problem known as differential settlement. Differential settlement is defined by the uneven or unequal settling or sinking of a home or building's foundation. One part of the foundation sits still and stable, while another part slowly sinks lower and lower. 


Upon his first inspection of the home, our Structural Consultant, Chris Hardy, discovered that the rear-right side of the home was the problem, with some of the elevation readings showing that parts of the foundation were lower than an inch from the rest. 


To lift and stabilize the foundation, our crew, over a period of 2 days, installed 10 steel Push Piers. Now the homeowner feels much better knowing that their foundation is no longer sinking. 

Newly Bought Home That Needed Foundation and Floor Repairs in Concord, CA

Mrs. L had bought her home under the circumstance that the foundation issues would need to be addressed. Knowing that it would never be cheaper than it was now to fix the problem, she called us to inspect her home and provide her a quote, which was free since she owned the home. 


The solution was:


1) to install 11 push piers beneath the foundation at the exterior of the home, which included 3 push piers installed beneath the foundation of the chimney to prevent it from falling away from the home. 


2) to install 8 SmartJacks beneath the floor, which replaced old wooden posts that had lost their effectiveness. 


With the installation of these items, Mrs. L can rest assured that the problems she knew she was getting into have been solved. 

Newly Bought Home That Needed Foundation and Floor Repairs in Concord, CA - Photo 1Newly Bought Home That Needed Foundation and Floor Repairs in Concord, CA - Photo 2Newly Bought Home That Needed Foundation and Floor Repairs in Concord, CA - Photo 3
Structural Floor Repair in Concord, CA

The homeowner had just moved to Concord from out of state. A home inspection report, as well as common sense and the human eye, showed that the wood posts that were supposed to support the floor were doing poorly; they were tilting causing the floor to sag. This was caused by the differential settlement occurring within the soil beneath the home. You can see in the second photo that previous attempts by the homeowner to fix the situation did not succeed--They had tried to shim the posts to make up for the height differential. 


Solution: We installed our SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts near the failing posts. The SmartJack is adjustable so we were able to lift up the wood beams where the floor had been sagging. Now the homeowner can walk through their home without having to worry about the "spot" again. 

Structural Floor Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 1Structural Floor Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 2
Commercial Warehouse Foundation Settlement Repair in Concord, CA

We were contacted by the owner of this large industrial building in Concord. The building was experiencing foundation settlement which was a huge issue for the property owner and the tenants whom ran their businesses there. The building is shared by an Autobody Repair Shop and a Gymnasium for kids with Olympic dreams. Many people were relying on our company to solve these foundation issues. 


Our solution was to install push piers on the exterior and interior of the building. The installation that occurred on the interior involved installing two piers that were dedicated to a steel column that was holding the roof in place. 


Because our work was going to lift the part of the foundation that had sunk, and the fact that the foundation was slab-on-grade, we needed to inject polyurethane beneath the area that was lifted to ensure that a void beneath the slab would not form. 

Commercial Warehouse Foundation Settlement Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 1Commercial Warehouse Foundation Settlement Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 2Commercial Warehouse Foundation Settlement Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 3Commercial Warehouse Foundation Settlement Repair in Concord, CA - Photo 4
Sinking Driveway in Concord, CA

Now that Heather and her husband are retired, and all their kids have moved out of the house, the couple has decided to move into a smaller house in a quieter neighborhood. To get ready to sell their home they have been investing in small renovations on the interior of the house, however, when they spoke to a realtor they were told that it would really help to also fix some of the issues in the exterior as well, one of which being their driveway which had sunk. They looked into their options and discovered how invasive and pricey the project was going to be to completely tear out the concrete and repour a new slab. Luckily for them, they found Foundation Repair of CA.

They were pleased by how friendly our office was when scheduling a consultant to come out and evaluate the area, and they were impressed by Jim Palamedes being as punctual and informative as he is. When Jim assessed the area he suggested the Poly Leveling system to raise the slab and Nexus Pro crack sealant to seal the joint between the driveway and the garage.

Within two weeks, foreman David "DJ" Serpa and his crew were able to come out to perform the work. Upon arriving, DJ inspected the area and discovered that one side had sunk more than the other side. This wasn't an issue for him though, because of his extensive experience in working with the polyurethane foam. DJ had the crew prep and clean the area while he injected the foam underneath the slab. DJ injected a little bit at a time across the driveway, to prevent any unnecessary cracking during the lift. He made sure to keep an eye on the garage slab to prevent the driveway from being over lifted, and after awhile DJ stopped when the slab was perfectly even and level. After this, the crew installed the Nexus Pro crack sealant to prevent any future water damage to the slab.

Heather was astonished to see the work done. In a matter of a few hours, her driveway was completely flush with her garage slab and the eyesore of a crack was completely sealed. Heather and her husband were able to get a better evaluation of her house and the future homeowner never has to worry about a sinking driveway.

Sinking Driveway in Concord, CA - Photo 1
Home settling 6+ inches

Before Mr. M. came to Foundation Repair of CA for help, he had tried to sell his home for over a year. The house was built in a nice neighborhood with a booming community, and it was a beautiful home that any family could have fallen in love with, but there was one glaring problem when you stepped foot inside. The foundation of Mr. M's home was the victim of settlement, with the worst parts of the home having sunk over 6 inches. None of the potential buyers wanted to take on a home that had such a widespread and deep foundation issue. 

Through a Yelp search, Mr. M. found Foundation Repair of California and based on the satisfaction he saw written by our customers in their reviews, he decided to give us a call. One of our amazing Structural Consultants came to his home and, based on a thorough analysis, recommended an FSI Push Pier System. Then our crew came to Mr. M's house, installed the Push Pier System, and lifted the house to equilibrium. Now, with a level home and our 50 year transferrable warranty, Mr. M is able to sell a home that is beautiful on the outside and the inside, and the future buyer of the home can rest assured that their home will never have to worry about soil movement effecting their home in the future. 

Home settling 6+ inches - Photo 1Home settling 6+ inches - Photo 2
Work Requests From Concord, CA
Project Location: Concord, CA
Some problems on foundation poles; some cracks on walls.
Project Location: Concord, CA
Part of sidewalk slab needs to be grind down to match the other side of the slab to even it out
Project Location: Concord, CA
Sticky doors, noticeable cracks
Project Location: Concord, CA
Cracked and sagging foundation.
Project Location: Concord, CA
I would like to do an inspection for my foundation
Project Location: Concord, CA
I want to get estimate for concrete sealing for my backyard
Project Location: Concord, CA
Foundation issues
Project Location: Concord, CA
I noticed some unevenness/sinking in our backyard and even a little bit inside the house. I am concerned about foundation damage and would like someone to come and check it out.
Project Location: Concord, CA
830 sf slab foundation settling at perimeter. Single family detached home built in 1949.
Project Location: Concord, CA
The right half of our house appears to be shifting/sinking and is no longer level (a marble placed on the floor will roll to the outer wall). It is pulling away from our front walk, causing cracks in walls, etc. I would like someone to inspect the property and determine why this is happening and propose a solution to fix the problem.
Project Location: Concord, CA
Need the raise portion of foundation
Project Location: Concord, CA
We have a large horizontal crack about 18" from the ground that runs along the crawl space portion of our foundation and rounds the corner. Looking to have someone come out and take a look to see what the issue is.
Project Location: Concord, CA
We want to check out foundation to figure out why our home has cracks.
Project Location: Concord, CA
Shifting in home. Cracking of foundation noticed. Doors are sticking. Foundation Concerns
Project Location: Concord, CA
Corners of garage floor are sinking and there is a gap between the floor and the bottom of the garage floor. I'd like to know if poly level can be used to fix the issue. I'm also experiencing issues with the interior floors sinking. I have a raised foundation and might need the piers repaired.
Project Location: Concord, CA
Our house has had some major shifting a lot this year. We have cracks in our ceilings and many doors are not aligning anymore. We recently had Roto Rooter replace the main drain line system and the front of awning brick work on the front of the house seems to be pulling. Thank you
Project Location: Concord, CA
Building an ADU
Project Location: Concord, CA
Need to level a concrete walkway in my backyard.
Project Location: Concord, CA
House seems to be shifting and have been noticing more wall cracks inside the house.
Project Location: Concord, CA
Cracks on outside walls
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