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Before and After Pictures from Clovis
Falling in Fresno, CA

Falling in Fresno, CA

Before After
Falling in Fresno, CA Falling in Fresno, CA

Mr. Stewart loves his pool and he loves his kids, but, more importantly, he loves when his kids are smiling and having fun. That is why it became such a concern that a portion of his pool deck had broken off the main slab and had begun to sink down and create a tripping hazard. Because summer was coming within the next two months, he became increasingly distraught at the thought of his children and their friends playing in the pool, only to trip, fall, and scrape their knee--or worse, break a bone.


Thankfully for Mr. Stewart, Jim Palamides was able to evaluate the issue and find the best solution for him. When Jim arrived at Stewart's home, he took his time to properly document and assess the problem area, and used the opportunity to carefully explain to Mr. Stewart of how the solution will work.


When David "DJ" Serpa arrived to the home two weeks later, he agreed with Jim's assessment that the PolyLevel system would be the perfect solution. DJ expertly injected the polyurethane foam underneath the slab and watched as the slab rose up to match the surrounding areas, and thus eliminate the tripping hazard.


Mr. Stewart appreciated the work done by Foundation Repair of CA. Jim was timely and thorough and DJ was a careful craftsman, and thanks to the two of them, Stewart's children can play in the pool with no worries of scraped knees.

Sunken Pool in Clovis, CA

Sunken Pool in Clovis, CA

Before After
Sunken Pool in Clovis, CA Sunken Pool in Clovis, CA

This homeowner was all geared up and ready for the summer, when he realized that a slab in his pool deck was sinking, causing not only a bad tripping hazard, but also an ugly crack in the middle of the slab. Knowing that this was unsafe for his kids, and unseemly for his preference, he called Foundation Repair and our Concrete Repair Specialist Jim Palamides came out to evaluate the problem. Jim was able to find the perfect solution to solve this issue, and thanks to a PolyLevel Foam injection, and Nexus Pro sealant, his entire pool deck is completely level and there are no more hideous cracks. Now, this homeowner can go back to what's important: Swimming and having fun in the summer sun!

Sunken Pool in Clovis

Sunken Pool in Clovis

Before After
Sunken Pool in Clovis Sunken Pool in Clovis

This homeowner was all geared up and ready for the summer, when he realized that a slab in his pool deck was sinking, causing not only a bad tripping hazard, but also an ugly crack in the middle of the slab. Knowing that this is unsafe for his kids, and unseemly for his preference, the homeowner called Foundation Repair and Jim Palamides came out to evaluate the problem. Jim was able to expertly find the perfect solution to solve this issue, and thanks to Poly Level injection, and Nexus Pro sealant,, his entire pool deck is completely level and there are no more hideous cracks. Now, this homeowner can go back to what's important: Swimming and having fun in the summer sun!

Company Awards
4th Place In Total Foundation Product Sales for 2022
At this year's Supportworks Redefine Convention, we were awarded 4th Place for total Foundation Product sales. We are so proud... [Read more]
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Clovis, CA's Expert Foundation Repair Company

Foundation damage is a major problem for any homeowner, but Foundation Repair of CA is here to provide you with the right solutions. As the local affiliate of the international Foundation Supportworks network, we have access to the best foundation repair products in the industry. Our patented & awarded products are backed by written, transferable warranties. These foundation repair products combined with our skilled technicians will get you the results you deserve!

Common Problems we Can Fix:

  • Cracks in foundation walls or floors
  • Bowing or buckling foundation walls
  • Sticking windows and doors in the living space
  • Walls that are tilting inwards at the top
  • Uneven or sinking concrete slab floors
  • And more!

Call or click today to learn more about foundation repair cost and services!

Concrete Leveling Professionals

Is your patio or driveway cracked, uneven, or sunken? If so, you're in the right place! Foundation Repair of CA have years of experience specializing in concrete leveling services. Our trained concrete leveling experts use PolyLevel® polymer foam which is injected under the concrete slab and will expand and raise the damaged concrete to provide a smooth finished surface. PolyLevel® is stronger, more durable, and less invasive than other concrete leveling & repair methods such as slab jacking or mud jacking. The injection holes used for PolyLevel® are much smaller than those required for mud jacking. In action, PolyLevel® expands to many times its original volume, forcing the sunken concrete back to its original level. Within a matter of minutes, the expanded concrete leveling polymer hardens and reaches 90% or more of its final strength. Our concrete repair method makes it possible for the restored surface to regain full functionality right away!

Concrete Leveling & Lifting Services we Offer in Clovis:

  • PolyLevel® Concrete Lifting and Leveling for settled slabs.
  • Slab jacking and mud jacking alternatives.
  • Pool repair and deck repair.
  • Concrete driveway leveling.
  • Concrete slab leveling & raising.

Reliable Concrete Repair Solutions in Clovis, CA

At Foundation Repair of CA we pride ourselves on providing high-quality concrete repair services to our Clovis customers. Over the years we have forged a reputation for excellence and we still strive to strengthen that reputation to this very day. We understand that damaged, broken, uneven or cracked concrete can take away from the value of your home by weakening curb appeal and by creating dangers such as tripping hazards. That is why we provide expert concrete repair services backed by warranties from our professional technicians. We provide concrete driveway repair, concrete pool deck repair and concrete sealing services. To learn more about concrete repair cost or to schedule a FREE concrete repair estimate call or click today!

We Fix
  • Sunken, Uneven Walkways
  • Cracked Driveways
  • Uneven Concrete Patios
  • Damaged Concrete Pool Decks
  • Cracked Concrete
We Use
  • PolyLevel®
  • Concrete sealant
  • Concrete lifting and leveling systems
  • Two-part polyurethane foam mixture
  • High-density polyurethane injection

Dependable Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation Services

Have you dealt with water in your crawl space, mold growth, or foul odors in your home? We often come across neglected crawl spaces that look and smell awful. If you have a similar situation in your home and are in need of crawl space structural repairs or encapsulation services don’t hesitate to call us. We provide FREE crawl space repair estimates and we can show you exactly how we can transform your dirty crawl space into a clean and healthy space. We can completely encapsulate your crawl space with our patented CleanSpace® vapor barrier system. Our crawl space vapor barriers will eliminate moisture, prevent mold growth and make your home more energy efficient. We are here to solve your crawl space repair problems so you and your family can live more comfortably in your home. Call or click today to learn more about crawl space vapor barrier cost!

Our Crawl Space Repair Products Include:

  • Sump pumps
  • Drainage matting
  • Vapor barriers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Insulation
  • And more!

Seismic & Earthquake Retrofitting, Reinforcement & Repair in Clovis

Do you live in an area that's prone to earthquakes? Don't take chances with your property. At Foundation Repair of CA, we specialize in stabilizing homes and businesses throughout Northern California. Earthquake retrofitting, or seismic retrofitting, is the reinforcing of a house or building so that it is less likely to be damaged or separated from its foundation during an earthquake. With earthquake retrofitting in place, you're less likely to face significant damage when a natural disaster occurs.

If an earthquake event has already caused foundation issues, we specialize in primary foundation repair of all types. Call or click today to learn more about the foundation repair cost for your Clovis home!

Job Stories From Clovis, CA
Foundation Problems in Clovis

Mrs. P was worried about the cracks in her walls and ceiling. She didn't quite understand how the cracks started and why they kept getting worse. She saw our advertisement on Facebook and decided to give us a call. She scheduled an appointment with our Structural Consultant, Mike Almond, who visited her the following week. 


Mike did a thorough investigation of Mrs. P's home. He noted all of the foundation, wall, and ceiling cracks. These were the classic symptoms of a home that was experiencing Differential Settlement, a process that causes a portion of the foundation to sink while the rest of it stays still, allowing for those cracks that were causing Mrs. P a headache to form. Mike explained this to Mrs. P, which helped her understand the steps she needed to take to mitigate this issue. 



Foundation Problems in Clovis - Photo 1Foundation Problems in Clovis - Photo 2Foundation Problems in Clovis - Photo 3
Driveway and Foundation Wall Repair in Clovis, CA

This home was experiencing cracks everywhere, on the driveway, on the patio, on the foundation walls. Our crew came to the scene and began with sealing the cracks on the foundation walls with epoxy, which is kind of like the construction version of Neosporin or a liquid bandage. Then they focused on the concrete patio and driveways by sealing the cracks with NexusPro Sealant. 

Driveway and Foundation Wall Repair in Clovis, CA - Photo 1
Work Requests From Clovis, CA
Project Location: Clovis, CA
A section of driveway is caving in. We originally thought it was a water leak under the concrete. No leak was detected
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Water in crawl space from heavy rain may need foundation repairs
Project Location: Clovis, CA
I have a 8x6 part of my surrounding pool slab that has dropped 1" to 1-1/2" along the pool lip. I need it raised back up to meet the pool lip.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Pool deck sunk at seams.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Need too pump up a slab on my ally way and more
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Lifting sidwalk need to replace. Cracked driveway
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Need sidewalk leveling due to tree roots.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
We have a raised area where the spa sits. Concrete is sinking - dirt must not of been compacted properly
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Pool perimeter concrete sinking due to a sloped hill behind pool. The hill is being back filled this summer also.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Underground water has compromised the structural foundation of my house I recently purchased . We have not even moved in. I have a contractor currently working of renovations and he had to rip up the sinking kitchen floor to find the leak. At this Point we don't know the source of the leak. We have the city coming out soon. My contractor has redone the kitchen floor. But I need a second opinion about the structural foundation that he is attempting to fix.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Patio cracked and could use some stabilization before it gets to bad.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Small section of floor in living room appears to be sinking. Need evaluation and possible fix.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Want an estimate for filling possible erosion under our residential driveway.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
I have approx 1250 sf of outside concrete to be sealed and would like to know more about your product and cost. Thank you
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Concrete cleaning and repair
Project Location: Clovis, CA
I have some work
Project Location: Clovis, CA
We have a foul odor in our house that I believe is coming from my daughters room which is where the entrance to the crawl space is. I dont know if the door needs to be sealed better or if theres mold in the crawlspace. Id like to get a free estimate. Email or call me back thanks
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Cracked and uneven pool deck and need Chanel drain
Project Location: Clovis, CA
We just purchased this house, and have noticed a significant slope on the second story. There are lesser slopes on the ground level. I'd like to identify the issues and determine what steps need to be taken to manage them.
Project Location: Clovis, CA
Seal backyard patio area
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