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Concrete Repair Services & Products
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Before and After Pictures from Stockton
Patch Work

Patch Work

Before After
Patch Work Patch Work

Finishing up a project in Stockton, there was a crack that ran along the concrete slab. Our crew was able to patch the crack up. 

Smart Jack Installation in Stockton, CA

Smart Jack Installation in Stockton, CA

Before After
Smart Jack Installation in Stockton, CA Smart Jack Installation in Stockton, CA

This customer located in Stockton, CA noticed his floors seemed to be bowing and bouncing when he walked across them. Our structural consultant found the issues right away. With installing our Smart Jack System, will lift and stabilize existing beams and floor joists in your crawl space. Sagging beams and floor joist are often the result of improper spacing of existing pier columns or weakened floor systems due to mold and wood art.

Removing Tripping Hazards from Patio in Stockton, CA

Removing Tripping Hazards from Patio in Stockton, CA

Before After
Removing Tripping Hazards from Patio in Stockton, CA Removing Tripping Hazards from Patio in Stockton, CA

PolyLevel foam injected under concrete patio to level and remove tripping hazards.

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Dependable Foundation and Crawl Space Repairs in Stockton, CA

Foundation Repair of CA is committed to customer service and is proud to serve our area. We have a skilled team of technicians that are ready to help you find the best solution using quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. We want to work with you so that you can have the best results for your home!

Having troubles with cracked walls and floors or tilting chimneys? Then the professionals at Foundation Repair of CA are the ones for the job! We can come out and evaluate what needs to be done and provide you with a solution that will work best for you! Most problems with foundations stem from weakened, shifting soil that can no longer support the structure. We offer foundation piers and jack posts that are proven to correct cracked, sloped floors!

Warning signs of foundation problems in California: 

  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Settlement sinking
  • Wall cracks
  • Floor cracks
  • Sagging crawl space
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Tilting chimney

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Crawl space repair by Foundation Repair of CA

Crawl spaces can encounter some of the same problems as foundations, like slopped floors; but unlike foundations, crawl spaces can have weakened support beams that cause floors above it to sag. We can install crawl space jack posts to correct sagging beams, even if they have wood rot. Additionally, we offer vapor barriers and crawl space insulation to make your Stockton, CA crawl space clean, dry, and energy-efficient!

Symptoms of a crawl space problem

  • Drywall cracks in the interior
  • Uneven floors
  • Foul odors in the home
  • Heightened allergies or asthma symptoms

Crawl space repair solutions

  • Crawl space support jacks
  • Crawl space vapor barriers
  • Crawl space dehumidifiers
  • Crawl space sump pumps

Foundation Repair of CA provides trusted solutions for your crawl space issues. We offer free estimates for crawl space repair in Stockton, including vapor barriers, support jacks, and more. Schedule your free estimate today!

Concrete Lifting & Leveling Professionals

PolyLevel®® is sometimes mistakenly referred to as slab jacking. This concrete leveling product is a two-part foam engineered to expand immediately upon injection beneath a settled slab. Injection holes are much smaller than those required for mud jacking. In action, PolyLevel®® expands to many times its original volume, forcing the sunken concrete back to its original level. Within a matter of minutes, the expanded polymer hardens and reaches 90% or more of its final strength. This makes it possible for the restored surface to regain full functionality right away.

Concrete Repairs in Stockton

Foundation Repair of CA also offers concrete repair solutions, including NexusPro and SealantPro. SealantPro will extend the lifespan of your concrete by 3-5 times and by binding with your concrete on the molecular level, it can protect your concrete from oil, water, weather, and damage for years to come. NexusPro is the ideal solution for your cracked concrete. It is a durable material engineered to seal your joints and cracks from the elements and never crack, bubble, or dry out. Contact us today to learn more about our concrete repair solutions!

Concrete Lifting & Repair Services we offer in Stockton:

  • PolyLevel®® Concrete Lifting and Leveling for settled slabs.
  • NexusPro concrete crack repair
  • SealantPro concrete sealing
  • Slab jacking and mud jacking alternatives.
  • Pool repair and deck repair.
  • Concrete driveway leveling.
  • Concrete slab raising.

Sump pump installation in Stockton

Foundation Repair of CA installs sump pumps to prevent a broad range of interior water issues. Our sump pump systems are the most effective means of sending water away from a home, preventing flooding, water damage, and indoor air quality problems associated with moisture. We are members of the largest basement waterproofing network in the world, granting our homeowners access to leading basement and crawl space products.

Foundation Repair of CA Sump Pump Services

  • Sump pump systems
  • Sump pump installation
  • Backup pump systems
  • Service & repair

Earthquake Retrofitting and Repair in Stockton, CA

If you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, then don't take chances with the safety of your home. At Foundation Repair of CA, we offer excellent services in stabilizing homes and businesses. We will send out a team of expert technicians to look at your home and walk you through your options. Retrofitting is a wise investment because it reinforces your home so that it is less likely to become damaged or separated from its foundation during an earthquake. 

Already experienced damage from an earthquake in your area? We also offer damage repairs including concrete lifting and repair. Get the peace of mind you deserve and give us a call today!

Foundation Repair of CA has the tools and the expertise to get your job done right the first time! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and certified technicians are ready to help you find a solution that will work best for you. Call us today for a free estimate!

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Job Stories From Stockton, CA
Foundation Repair and Replacement in Stockton, CA

Mrs. M knew that there was something wrong with her foundation. Every time she walked into her basement, the huge cracks stared her straight in the face as if they were saying "Help Me!" She knew that this was a problem that was not going to fix itself, and was only going to get worse if she didn't do something about it. She did her research and found us through the internet.

Our Structural Consultant visited the home, inspected the situation, and recommended a few solutions to Mrs. M. 


Mrs. M decided to go with the solution where the parts of her foundation that were severely damaged were completely replaced with new concrete. For other areas that had signs of cracking but weren't severe enough to require replacement, we injected epoxy and then installed our Carbon Armor Patch, which is just like a stitch that seals and heals a wound. 

Foundation Repair and Replacement in Stockton, CA - Photo 1Foundation Repair and Replacement in Stockton, CA - Photo 2Foundation Repair and Replacement in Stockton, CA - Photo 3Foundation Repair and Replacement in Stockton, CA - Photo 4Foundation Repair and Replacement in Stockton, CA - Photo 5
Structural Floor Repair in Stockton, CA With A Baby On The Way

The homeowners had called us out because they wanted to make sure their home was prepared for their soon-to-be-born son. They noted that some of their doors were sticking and hard to open, as well as areas of the floor feelings uneven. Upon our initial inspection, we discovered that the area of concern was close to an inch lower than the rest of the home. Our solution was to install our SmartJack Adjustable Steel Post system to supplement the existing floor jacks. We were able to lift, level, and stabilize the floor. Now the family can start their new journey with doors that open and close properly and floors that walk properly. 

Foundation Settlement Repair in Stockton, CA

The homeowner had recently moved his mother in with him so she could live out her golden years with some help and the same amount of love and care she had given her son when he was growing up. The room that his mother was sleeping in was going to need to be fixed because his mother was having trouble moving around the room because of the uneven floors, she also wasn't able to shut her door properly. The home was only experiencing settlement beneath her room. One challenge we had was that part of the foundation beneath her room was adjacent to the back wall of the garage. As you can see in the photos, our crew had to cut through the concrete slab of the garage in order to install our push piers beneath that portion of the foundation. After we lifted the foundation and stabilized it, the holes we had cut in the concrete were backfilled and new concrete was poured. 

Foundation Settlement Repair in Stockton, CA - Photo 1Foundation Settlement Repair in Stockton, CA - Photo 2Foundation Settlement Repair in Stockton, CA - Photo 3Foundation Settlement Repair in Stockton, CA - Photo 4
Sinking Pool Slab in Stockton, CA

Martha has always loved to swim in her pool and as a mother, she has always cared for her kids, but, more importantly, she loves when her kids are smiling and having fun. That is why it became such a concern that a portion of her pool deck had begun to sink down and create a tripping hazard. Because summer was coming within the next two months, she became increasingly distraught at the thought of her children and their friends playing in the pool, only to trip, fall, and scrape their knee, or worse, break a bone.

Fortunately, Jim Palamedas was able to evaluate the issue and find the best solution for her. When Jim arrived at Martha's home, he took his time to properly document and assess the problem area, and used the opportunity to carefully explain how the solution will work.

When Foreman David "DJ" Syrup arrived at the house, he was both cautious and confident. Seeing that the slab was not cracking and had simply fallen straight down, he knew that this slab can come up beautifully, however, due to the amount that it has fallen, he knew that he needed to be conscientious about how fast he injects. And just like the turtle versus the hare, DJ was able to slowly and surely lift this slab perfectly to match the surrounding areas. Once the sunken section had lifted up, DJ then drilled holes into the surrounding area. After drilling the first hole, however, DJ discovered that there was a significant void under the concrete and that it was good that they were injecting to stabilize and protect from future sinking.

Martha appreciated the work done by Foundation Repair of CA. Jim was timely and thorough and DJ was an expertly careful craftsman, and thanks to the two of them, Martha and her children can play in the pool with no worries of scraped knees.

Sinking Pool Slab in Stockton, CA - Photo 1
Work Requests From Stockton, CA
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Leaning pier for repair
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Cracks around house, leaning chimney, bowing exterior walls, difficulty closing doors and uneven floors.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
One corner of the house has sunk I'm guessing about an inch and floors are not level
Project Location: Stockton, CA
I need a foundation repair quote. My house has cracks that I need checked and to see if needed repair.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Cracks in garage, kitchen floor
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Several cracks in walls and ceiling has caused me to think I have a problem with my foundation moving. Seem to have low spots in the corners of a couple of rooms. Wanted to repair the walls and the company I chose suggested I have the foundation looked at be for the walls were repaired.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Settlement in the driveway/walkway. Trip hazard near sidewalk where the driveway dips from settlement.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Cracks in drywall through out house have been expanding over the last several years. Doors stick more every year.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
A few piers have sunk and need to be raised
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Foundation settling
Project Location: Stockton, CA
House is on a slab. There has been some settling.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Hello, Our house seems to have some settling issues on one side. The if you're walk into that room you can feel the slope that it has & on the exterior of the room it seems to have a crack at the bottom.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
I need a quote on how much it would be to level my house.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Have stair line cracks with home. Interior and Exterior. Sticky doors and windows. Homes is for sure having foundation issues.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Slab foundation appears to have sunk over the years. Cracks in wall and outside walkways. Some doors don't close in summer months. Gap between shower/bath and wall tiles (both bathrooms)--too big of a gap to caulk. Also, gaps in side of house, resulting in small spaces where little critters can enter. Issue has resulted in support posts in two areas of the exterior to separate, leaving beams hanging in the air. 1800 square foot house.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
I need someone to come out and take a look at my foundation. I am on a raised foundation.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
I would like a quote to repair level concrete
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Sloped floor. Molding pulled away from ceiling cracked wall.
Project Location: Stockton, CA
Driveway has some sunken areas would like to level it out.
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