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Before and After Pictures from Pleasanton
Lifting Pool Deck

Lifting Pool Deck

Before After
Lifting Pool Deck Lifting Pool Deck

Slab around pool area had sunken in various locations. Some areas several inches. Our crew injected our PolyLevel Foam to lift areas to minimize tripping hazards. 

Concrete Walkway PolyLevel Lift in Pleasanton, CA

Concrete Walkway PolyLevel Lift in Pleasanton, CA

Before After
Concrete Walkway PolyLevel Lift in Pleasanton, CA Concrete Walkway PolyLevel Lift in Pleasanton, CA

This customer, located in Pleasanton, came to us with concerns about his concrete walkways sinking, which was causing trip hazards. 


Our Concrete Repair Division Manager, Sam Phelps, came to evaluate their situation. By injecting our PolyLevel Foam to lift and stabilize the walkways, we were able to help this customer solve their problems and avoid any future stubbed toes and scraped knees. 

Concrete Walkway Repair With PolyLevel Lift in Pleasanton, CA

Concrete Walkway Repair With PolyLevel Lift in Pleasanton, CA

Before After
Concrete Walkway Repair With PolyLevel Lift in Pleasanton, CA Concrete Walkway Repair With PolyLevel Lift in Pleasanton, CA

PolyLevel Foam Injection beneath a concrete walkway slab in order to bring it to level and remove tripping hazards in Pleasanton. 

Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair Company in Pleasanton, CA

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Expert Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing Services in Pleasanton, California

Have you experienced damage to your foundation, water in your basement, or a moldy crawl space? Foundation Repair of CA specializes in solving all of these problems and more for Pleasanton homeowners. Our experienced professionals can carefully evaluate your home and determine what solutions are right for you. We use patented, industry-leading products to ensure a high quality, long lasting solution every time.

Protect your home with Foundation Repair and Earthquake Retrofitting

Foundation damage can have a major impact on a home's safety, stability, and value. Wall and floor cracks, bowing walls, and uneven floors are all signs of foundation damage that will only get worse over time. Our patented foundation repair products provide complete solutions to all these problems and more, ensuring you have a stable foundation.

Another crucial service for any Pleasanton home is earthquake retrofitting. Many homes, especially older ones, are not properly equipped to withstand earthquakes without suffering potentially severe damage. Our seismic retrofitting experts will stabilize and strengthen your foundation to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Concrete Lifting and Repair with PolyLevel®

No one wants damaged, cracking, or sunken concrete in their home, whether it's a driveway or patio. Foundation Repair of CA repairs these problems with PolyLevel®, an innovative concrete leveling system that involves injecting a special foam under the concrete to lift and level the surface. This material is exceptionally strong and durable, and it installs much faster than other methods.

Foundation Repair of CA also offers NexusPro to fix your concrete cracks and SealantPro to seal your concrete.

If your home in Pleasanton needs any foundation repair, basement waterproofing, or concrete repair services, call the local experts at Foundation Repair of CA today. We offer free estimates on all our work!

Case Studies From Pleasanton
Before finding us, the owner of this home was convinced that he needed to replace his front door. He couldn't figure out why the door kept sticking...
The Pleasanton California Unified School District commissioned the repair of concrete slabs in the front entrance, courtyard and pathways leading to...
Press Releases From Pleasanton
This year, Foundation Repair of CA received 2 awards at the Team Basement Systems International Convention.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Pleasanton, CA
Discovering The Cause of Uneven Floors in Pleasanton, CA

Mr. N had lived in his home for many years and had noticed that the floor seemed to be sinking more and more over time. He had no intention of going into his crawlspace so he decided to call a company that had no qualms about it. 


Our Structural Consultant, Brett Cesarin, visited Mr. N and his home and discovered that the home had shifted in such a way that caused some of the wooden support posts to break away. Without proper support, the floor was free to sink. When Mr. N saw the photos that Brett took, he was floored (pun intended). 


Mr. N decided to use us to install the solution to his uneven floor. The solution included 6 SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts that were installed to replace the support posts that were no longer attached to the floor system. The SmartJack Adjustable Steel Post is the smart way to support a floor system as it is capable of adjusting to the shifting soils below. 

Discovering The Cause of Uneven Floors in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 1
Crawlspace Repair in Pleasanton (SmartJack Installation)

Mr. K told us that he is a "Born Procrastinator." He knew that his crawlspace was in need of repair for a very long time but constantly kept putting it off. "I did really well in school despite putting off assignments until they were very close to being due; a deadline was the greatest motivation for me, and now that I wanted to sell my home quickly, what better deadline was there?" he told us with a smile on his face. 


The problem with Mr. K's home was that his crawlspace was sinking, causing his floor to sink with it. The floor boards were an inch or more below the walls. The expansive soils beneath the home caused the wooden posts that were supporting the floor to lower. With the shiftiness of the Earth, wooden posts aren't well equipped to adapt because the size of the post never changes. Once it sinks and detaches from the floor the way Mr. K's wooden posts did, you could replace it with another wooden post that has the right height, but you would just be putting a bandage on the situation. Once the soil shifts again, you'd be in the same situation (a vicious circle). 


Mr. K chose us to provide a smarter solution. In total, we installed 15 SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts, which will adapt to the shifty soils with adjustments. 10 of those SmartJacks replaced existing wooden posts that were unsalvageable and the rest were installed near existing posts to support them. Now Mr. K can turn in his assignment before the deadline and get his home sold so he and his wife can continue their lives somewhere new. 

Crawlspace Repair in Pleasanton (SmartJack Installation) - Photo 1Crawlspace Repair in Pleasanton (SmartJack Installation) - Photo 2
Uneven Floor No More

You know your floor is in bad shape when there are certain areas that you avoid stepping on because of the noise it makes. Mr. A is a light sleeper. While he had to work early in the morning, before the sun rises, his children were night owls. Mr. A told us about how he bought his children touch screen monitors because the sound of them typing on their keyboards at night was enough to make him an insomniac. He called us out to inspect his home because there was a specific floorboard that made a loud creaking noise every time his children walked in the hallway to get a midnight snack. Now, I know you're telling yourself that Mr. A should have just bought his children a mini-fridge for their room so they wouldn't have to walk to the kitchen every night when they got the munchies. Mr. A thought about doing that himself, but he knew that the mini-fridge would just be a temporary solution for an issue that he knew should get addressed sooner than later. 


We did a zip level reading of the floor and found that the specific area of concern was sagging close to an inch lower than the rest of the home. The wood posts in that area that were "supporting" it were not adequately attached to the footing nor to the girder, likely due to improper installation and also the shifting of the soils beneath the footing. Our solution was to install our SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts near the struggling posts to lift, level, and stabilize the floor. Now Mr. A can sleep better, and his kids can sneak some sour patch kids more subtle. 

Uneven Floor No More - Photo 1Uneven Floor No More - Photo 2Uneven Floor No More - Photo 3Uneven Floor No More - Photo 4
Foundation and Chimney Settlement Repair in Pleasanton, CA

The right side of the home was experiencing settlement. With a chimney attached to it, allowing the foundation to settle any further was risking the chimney falling in the future. To fix the problem, our crew installed our Push Pier system beneath the foundation of the home and the chimney. We were able to lift and stabilize the home from further settlement. 

Foundation and Chimney Settlement Repair in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 1Foundation and Chimney Settlement Repair in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 2Foundation and Chimney Settlement Repair in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 3
Mitigation of Foundation Settlement in Pleasanton, CA

This project was a long-time coming. The homeowner is himself a realtor. He's contracted us to do several projects on homes that he has either helped buy or sell for years. We actually came to his own place of residence in Pleasanton about 6 years ago to inspect some areas of concern he had told us about. Cracks on the walls and the exterior slab were indicative of foundation settlement, but the homeowner wanted to hold off on doing any repairs as long as he could. Well...the time came when he could longer put off the repairs. 6 years allowed the foundation settlement to only get worse. 


With the installation of our Push Pier system to stabilize the foundation. He can rest assured that his home is in better shape than before. 

Mitigation of Foundation Settlement in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 1Mitigation of Foundation Settlement in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 2Mitigation of Foundation Settlement in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 3Mitigation of Foundation Settlement in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 4Mitigation of Foundation Settlement in Pleasanton, CA - Photo 5
Uneven Flooring Issue - Pleasanton, CA

Mr. F recently purchased a house in Pleasanton, CA. He already planned on bringing the house down to its studs to fix the many other issues with the home and wanted to fix the settlement issue at the same time. After all the work, Mr. F's goal was to have a home that was fixed correctly from the start.  He recounted how other homes in their area attempted to cover the effects of foundation settlement by simply patching and painting the house, equating the scenario to “putting lipstick on a pig.” However, he was looking for a permanent solution. To help solve Mr. F’s uneven flooring problem, our Structural Consultant came out to inspect the issue and suggested our piering system as a solution. Mr. F was highly involved throughout the entire job process, on site for the actual lifting and working closely with our foremen to ensure the flooring was level. Mr. F was very pleased with the work and our customer service. Foundation Repair of CA is happy to have found another Northern California homeowner a permanent solution to their foundation repair needs.

Uneven Flooring Issue -  Pleasanton, CA - Photo 1
Work Requests From Pleasanton, CA
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Hi We are considering doing Earthquake Foundation Reinforce & Retrofit to our 1970 built 2-story single family house. We also have an area of floor around load baring wall that is sagging and would like to lift it to level. Would like to know if your company can come to provide us with estimates for the project. Thank you.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Hi. We have one spot in the house, above a low point in the crawl space, that seems to have sunk down about 1/2 an inch over the years. As a result, the dry wall and an interior door frame are cracking above that low spot. We would like to see if you can jack up that location. There is a foundation post right under that location, so maybe it can be shimmed to stay, upon jacking up the area around it.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
The ground under the concrete sound wall in my backyard eroded due to the recent rains. It caused overflow water from outside the wall to seep under the wall and flood my backyard.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Some poles in the foundation lean might make some parts of floor in rooms higher and low. We look for an afftreatment. Crawlspaces humid might need subpump. The isolation wrap of AC pipe replace. in crawlspaces. Stick some cables and wire onto the bottom of the house from the ground in the crawlspaces. Can we make an appointment on today's evening 6pm?
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
I can see cracks inside the home and can't open &close some doors.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
My home has many cracks in the ceiling and walls, tiles in fireplace and in bathroom are pulling apart, floors are uneven. I need an inspection and estimate for foundation repair.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Seismic retrofit estimate
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
I would like an estimate to have my tri-level home foundation and wall bolted to help protect it during an earthquake. Thanks
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Garage floor has large gaps around the perimeter. One corner of the floor has a void underneath. I can hear and feel the hollow space underneath if I tap the floor. I would like that corner supported before it breaks and drops.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Want to get the foundation checked as I noticed big cracks on one side of the house
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Hi There We have a 10x5 slab on concrete in front of our house we want raised up a few inches. I'm interested in a quote Thank you!
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Cracks on walls and ceilings and corners and door getting stuck .
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Sloping floor, cracks in foundation cinder blocks
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Would like to have our foundation inspected. Have sever cracking and our neighborhood is known to be sinking
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
We need work done at a newly purchased investment property in Livermore CA. Concrete plates in the backyard have settled unevenly and become misaligned. Fewer than five problem plates in one corner of the yard. Need to fix the trip hazard created by the misalignment.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
30 year old concrete driveway with cracks. Want to get it repaired before winter rains.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
Home build in 1968 before change in building codes. Also, home build on alluvial plane so concerned about ability to withstand an earthquake.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
1. Garage flooring consists of 4 8x12 concrete slabs. At this point, 2 of the slabs have become noticeably slanted, with one end raised up and the other end appearing to drop. The problem in one of the slabs has accelerated this summer to the point of being a tripping hazard. The other slab has raised up enough to cause binding of the garage side door. Is it possible to re level these slabs? 2. Interior flooring is uneven. Need to determine if it needs to be corrected. It is a pier and beam foundation.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
I want to get my foundations status verified.
Project Location: Pleasanton, CA
I have used your service before, I am exploring for seismic retrofitting.

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