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Before and After Pictures from Oakland
Smart Jack Installation in Oakland, CA

Smart Jack Installation in Oakland, CA

Before After
Smart Jack Installation in Oakland, CA Smart Jack Installation in Oakland, CA

Our SmartJack system is designed to straighten, strengthen, and level sagging floors. If you are having issues similar to our customer located in Oakland, CA then Call Us Today!

Retaining the Retaining Wall in Oakland, CA!

Retaining the Retaining Wall in Oakland, CA!

Before After
Retaining the Retaining Wall in Oakland, CA! Retaining the Retaining Wall in Oakland, CA!

When a past customer of ours called with an issue with a retaining wall, we were more than happy to return to his home and discuss the possibilities. When we arrived, we found that the retaining wall was in far worse condition than we thought. The customer pulled back the ivy that had grown across the wall and found that the wall had begun to crumble. He did not want to replace the wall if there was a way to salvage what was already there. 


Enter Nik and SFA Engineering Group, Inc to the rescue! Both sides worked together to create a custom repair for the customer using geo locks and a bracing system to salvage the remaining retaining wall. Foreman Kimo and his crew worked diligently to follow the plans and secure the customer's biggest investment: his home. 


Have you noticed cracking or deterioration of your retaining wall? Give us a call! We would love to come out and design a custom solution based on your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sidewalk Polylevel Lift in Oakland, CA

Sidewalk Polylevel Lift in Oakland, CA

Before After
Sidewalk Polylevel Lift in Oakland, CA Sidewalk Polylevel Lift in Oakland, CA

This customers residence is located in Oakland, CA, our customer came to us with concerns about his properties sidewalks having trip hazards and sinking. Through quick research they found us and set an appointment with our appointment center.

Our strutcual consultant Sam Phelps, quickly came to evaluate their situation. This customers sidewalks had a couple tripping hazards and sinking issues over different areas on his property. By injecting our Poly which permanently lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete slabs with high-density polyurethane formula will solve his issues.

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Quality Foundation Repair, Earthquake Retrofitting, and Concrete Repair Services in Oakland, California

Foundation repair can be a major project for homeowners in Oakland, which is why you should trust the experienced professionals at Foundation Repair of CA for all your needs. We provide complete foundation repair, earthquake retrofitting, and concrete lifting and repair services to solve any problem your foundation is having. As the local member of the international Foundation Supportworks network, we have access to industry-leading foundation repair products and techniques that ensure a quality solution for your home.

Complete Foundation Repair System

Repairing foundation damage is essential to preserving your home's long-term stability and value. Even a small crack in a wall or floor can indicate a serious problem, which is why it's important to have your home evaluated by a foundation repair expert from Foundation Repair of CA. Here are some key warning signs of foundation damage:

  • Cracks in foundation walls or floors
  • Bowing and buckling foundation walls
  • Sticking windows and doors in the living area
  • Walls leaning inwards at the top
  • Sinking or uneven floors and slabs

With our complete line of patented foundation repair products, Foundation Repair of CA can give you a quality solution to all these problems and more, ensuring your home has a stable, durable foundation.

PolyLevel® Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Cracked or uneven walkways, patios, and slab floors are unsightly and pose tripping hazards in your home. If you have a concrete surface that is sunken or cracked, PolyLevel® from Foundation Repair of CA can restore it to its original condition. PolyLevel® is a polymer foam that is injected under the concrete slab to raise and stabilize it, providing a smooth, level surface. This environmentally friendly solution is more durable and less invasive than traditional concrete repair methods. PolyLevel® is a great option for anything from minor repairs to large-scale commercial projects.

NexusPro and SealantPro are also now being offered by Foundation Repair of CA. Engineered to last, NexusPro is the perfect solution for your cracked concrete. NexusPro is protected from UV rays, so it will never bubble, crack, or dry out, so it can provide years of protection to your concrete. SealantPro can triple the life of your concrete after just one application and provide permanent protection from oils, water, damage, and debris. To learn more and get a free estimate for any of our concrete repair services, contact us today!

Protect Your Home with Seismic Retrofitting

Earthquakes pose a risk to the stability of all structures in Oakland, which is why seismic retrofitting is an important upgrade to your home. Even if your foundation was well built and doesn't have damage, it can still have weak points that could lead to serious damage in the event of an earthquake. Earthquake retrofitting strengthens these problems and lessens the risk of damage from a natural disaster.

No matter what foundation repair or concrete leveling needs you have, Foundation Repair of CA has a quality solution. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help keep your Oakland home looking and functioning great. We offer free estimates on all our work!

Case Studies From Oakland
When a past customer of ours called with an issue with a retaining wall, we were more than happy to return to his home and discuss the possibilities...
Press Releases From Oakland
New 20 Foot Box Truck expands PolyLevel Offering and Capabilities.
New 20 Foot Box Truck expands PolyLevel Offering and Capabilities.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Oakland, CA
Sloping Floors in Oakland, CA

When Rosalinda J. retired, she knew it was finally time to take care of the sagging floors that she had put off for years. Before it could get worse, she searched the web and found Foundation Repair of CA. Once she spoke to our appointment center, an appointment was made with Victor to come and evaluate her home. After a thorough evaluation, Victor was able to come to the best solution possible using our state of the art push pier system. Foreman Andrew was able to lift the home to a more satisfactory level, giving the customer the peace of mind that is needed during this wonderful transition of life. 


Have you noticed settling in your home? Why not give us a call for a free estimate!

Sloping Floors in Oakland, CA - Photo 1Sloping Floors in Oakland, CA - Photo 2Sloping Floors in Oakland, CA - Photo 3Sloping Floors in Oakland, CA - Photo 4Sloping Floors in Oakland, CA - Photo 5Sloping Floors in Oakland, CA - Photo 6
Broken Walkway in Oakland, CA

Over the years, water has eroded the dirt underneath a walkway in this Oakland based apartment complex. The erosion lead to animals beginning to dig around the area as well until the hole became so large that the walkway literally cracked in two and was a serious safety concern. The property manager was able to get approval to go forward with fixing the walkway, and that is when she called Foundation Repair of CA.

One of our best consultants, Jim Palamedas came out to the site and saw the extent of the problem. It was going to take a lot to fix this walkway to be just right, but thankfully Jim has a lot of experience fixing just this sort of issues. Jim knew that the best solution to lift this slab back into place was to use the Poly Leveling system and include the Nexus Pro crack sealant to prevent any future problems.

The Poly Level Foreman, David "DJ" Serpa came out with the Polyurethane crew within two weeks. Upon arriving, DJ knew that this wasn't just going to be a normal job, but was going to be a large challenge. He began by injecting a base of foam underneath the slab to give it support, before attempting to lift. DJ then had his crew members use pry bars to use leverage and pry the cracked slab back up. After it was hoisted up, DJ would inject a small amount more. This was repeated several times until enough lift was achieved to be able to jack the slab up with a bottle jack. After repeating this method continuously, the cracked walkway was brought up to be perfectly level and the crack was then sealed with Nexus Pro to prevent any water damage.

Thanks to the skill, knowledge, and experience of Jim and DJ, the tenants of this apartment complex will never have to worry about the tripping hazards of that walkway again.

Broken Walkway in Oakland, CA - Photo 1
Work Requests From Oakland, CA
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Hi! We're looking to have our single-story home retrofitted. We had someone come out and put together thoughts on what we need. If I send that over, would you be able to give us a quote? Thanks! Daniel
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Concrete pad on which detached 8.5' x 18' garage rests is seriously cracked with downhill side beginning to slope down.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Retaining wall repair or replacement, foundation repair on small cottage
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Home sinking in front right. Floors slanted. Internal stairs slanted. Fireplace clean-out now below grade.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Inspection due to age. Space between floor and wall in room. Wall craxks
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Update/repair concrete around property including driveway, back patio, front walkway. Pour a new walkway on side of property.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
I have a large crack in my front steps that seems to be expanding in width. YIKES:)
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Home built in 1927 on downward slope - front faces east. At minimum, house needs seismic retrofit. The "crawl-space" on back of home (west side) is huge -- more like a "cavern-space" and there is possiblity of dually shoring up foundation there and adding another room. House seated on concrete foundation on perimiter and all of interior is supported by concrete pylons with vertical wood framing. All framing seems in quite good condition, with exception of some sheathing that apparently has wood rot (per pest inspection). Floors on all levels are still level. There is no bracing on structural framing joints. Looks like previous owner had some shear walls (plywood) installed on exterior walls, but think that's more b/c some old slot sheathing was removed due to rot.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Extensive cracking and settling in 75 year old house
Project Location: Oakland, CA
There's cracks in our driveway & doors are shifted.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
House of 829 sq ft, built 1940, has foundation cracks and house posts rising to create hump in floor. Interested in assessment to limit damage to house long term and install adjustable posts.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Home inspection noted a crack in foundation.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
I was told I had a crack in the foundation causing the house to possibly shift.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Need to diagnose water that is coming into lower floor area with rains. It is possibly coming in through an area with an existing french drain or from an area higher up. House has a mix of old and new foundation (2001)
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Need foundation repair. Back of the house is a bit uneven. There is a slight slope.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Hillside home experiencing some settlement/cracking in foundation. Original foundation has sistered retaining wall due to addition of partial basement, not done right and now settling/cracking badly. Additional concerns are improper drainage behind house (upslope) due to settled flatwork/lack of drain and failing garage walls (detached structure built into hillside).
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Settlement has led to very slight angle in foundation and break in inner support under floor.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Our detached garage and driveway is cracked and uneven.
Project Location: Oakland, CA
Foundation repair inspection and repair estimate
Project Location: Oakland, CA
My foundation wall is crumbling directly above and adjacent to an installed push pier. I am interested in a carbon armor solution or something similar to repair the wall.
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