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Vicinity of Paul Court in Martinez
1. 2 or 3 spot piers & posts in crawl space have rotated - need re-leveling; 2. Need seismic retrofit quote Have photos can forward. Request inspection on Monday afternoon - July 25 - next week.
Vicinity of Harbor View Drive in Martinez
Anticipating selling home in next six months. Want to determine what if anything needs to be done to assure buyers the foundation is solid. We have noticed cracks in walls which we have repaired. We live on a hill overlooking downtown Martinez. Home built in mid-60s. 1640 sq. feet.
Vicinity of Sage Dr in Martinez
Need to have foundation push piers installed on north end of house due to continual settling. I think most of it is off 1/2" to 2".
Vicinity of Ricks Ave. in Martinez
Sidewalk, Laundry room
Vicinity of Serrano St. in Martinez
Pier settling
Vicinity of Minaret Dr in Martinez
Noticed a crack on my garage floor
Vicinity of Rainier Dr in Martinez
Leveling foundation
Vicinity of Bush ST in Martinez
Cracked walls over door ways , front door sometimes hard yo open
Vicinity of Midway Ct. in Martinez
I would like an estimate on three crawl space tasks: insulate water pipes; repair drier vent; repair crawl space vent screens.
Vicinity of Westfield Ct in Martinez
Buying a new house and meed an estimate to repair a pier in foundation
Vicinity of Warren St in Martinez
Foundation crack and settling, winter moisture
Vicinity of Cabrilho in Martinez
Floor on one side of house is un-level.
Vicinity of Arreba in Martinez
Shifting ground has caused cracks in the house around doors and windows. Concrete is cracked.
Vicinity of Azalea Ave in Martinez
Floors out of level cripple walls out of plumb, cracking seen in foundation
Vicinity of Pleasant Hill Road East in Martinez
Home on a hill. Subsidence issue. Need the home brought back to level. Underpinning and shimming ?
Vicinity of Castro St. in Martinez
We would like to discuss the cost of bolting our house the foundation. We would also like to consider installing sheer wall in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Nicolette CT in Martinez
House built in 1959 on unstable soil. Perimeter foundation seems to have settled, doors are stuck, drywall is cracked. Kitchen floor not level etc
Vicinity of Cedar St in Martinez
I have a crack ion a cement slab.... Looks like slippage as well. Thanks, Joe
Vicinity of Minaret Dr in Martinez
Cracks on walls and ceiling, want to check crawl space for any issues (piers and so on)
Vicinity of St. Mary's Street in Martinez
Per an engineer report, we need epoxy injections for a 10 foot crack in our residential foundation.
Vicinity of Plaza Dr in Martinez
We have noticed water getting into the basement on rainy seasons. We also need an estimate to add foundation support. House has 1008sq ft of living space.
Vicinity of Sweetwater Dr in Martinez
Cracking in the dry wall, doors and windows aren't aligned.
Vicinity of Nicolette Ct in Martinez
Inspector has called 3 cement piers needing repair or replace under the substructure. 3 other piers have jacks that are severely rusted and are likely to break.
Vicinity of Martindale Drom in Martinez
Need to fix or replace post jacks in crawl space.

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