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Before and After Pictures from Livermore
Pool Deck Lift

Pool Deck Lift

Before After
Pool Deck Lift Pool Deck Lift

This customer is located right here in our own backyard of Livermore, CA. This customer had been having issues with his pool deck sinking. They reached out to us and scheduled an appointment for a free home inspection within the week.


Our Concrete Repair Division Manager, Sam Phelps, inspected the pool deck and recommended that we inject PolyLevel Foam beneath it to lift and bring it back to level. 

Concrete Repair and Lifting of a Patio in Livermore

Concrete Repair and Lifting of a Patio in Livermore

Before After
Concrete Repair and Lifting of a Patio in Livermore Concrete Repair and Lifting of a Patio in Livermore

This homeowner came to us with concerns regarding their sinking backyard patio. 


Our Concrete Repair Division Manager, Sam Phelps, came to evaluate their situation. The solution he drew up, which the homeowner agreed to do, was to inject our PolyLevel Foam beneath the patio in order to lift and level it. 

Earthquake Retrofit in Livermore, CA

Earthquake Retrofit in Livermore, CA

Before After
Earthquake Retrofit in Livermore, CA Earthquake Retrofit in Livermore, CA

As proud members of the California Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program, we know what is needed to keep a home safe in the ever shifting soil of California. Our customer received our information from the website and reached out to us to help him with his rental property so that his tenants and his investment would be safe. Our foreman, George, was able to give our customer a great product that will hopefully keep his home safe. 

Are you approved for the EBB program? Why not check your zip code at Once you're approved, give us a call for a free estimate so that we can give you the peace of mind you need. 

Foundation Repair Contractor Serving Livermore, CA

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Reviews From Livermore
Testimonials From Livermore
The fellows were very considerent
Testimonial by Anne R. from Livermore, CA
On time and very informative
Testimonial by Nick T. from Livermore, CA

Livermore, CA Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting and Repair

Helical pier preparation for a job site in Livermore.

Helical piers getting ready to be taken to a Livermore job site.

The city of Livermore has lots of benefits: beautiful weather year-round, many local vineyards, and a prime location in the East Bay area. However, as it's also very close to several seismic areas of activity, homeowners can experience foundation troubles. With many years of experience, Foundation Repair of CA is equipped to handle all of your foundation repair needs, keeping your home safe and sound.

Foundation problems can emerge in a number of ways. A catastrophic event like an earthquake can certainly cause issues, but other problems, like foundation settlement over time, can also be extremely serious if left untreated. In general, there are some pretty clear signs that your home might be suffering from a faulty foundation:

  • Sagging floors and floor cracks
  • Wall cracks
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Tilting chimneys

Foundation Repair of CA has solutions for all of these common foundation problems and more. We can use foundation piers, such as helical or push piers, to halt foundation settlement and put an end to interior and exterior cracks. Our wall braces and anchors can reinforce bowing walls, preventing their collapse. And we also have crawl space support jacks to help straighten out any sagging floors. As a part of the Foundation Supportworks dealer network, all of the products and solutions we use have been tried and tested on thousands of homes across the country!

Sinking concrete slabs can create many of the same issues as settled foundations, including cracks and uneven floors on slabs like patios or driveways. Not only do these issues detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of your property, but they can also act as tripping hazards, potentially injuring your family and friends. Foundation Repair of CA uses PolyLevel®, a polyurethane foam, to get underneath a sunken slab and lift it to its original position!

Use NexusPro to seal all of the cracks in your concrete! Our durable and flexible formula resists UV rays and harsh weather and will never crack, bubble or dry out.

We also offer SealantPro to seal and protect your concrete against liquids, oils, and weather to prevent cracking, damage, and staining. It will lengthen the life of your concrete by 3-5 times and is the smart way to protect the value of your home!

Contact us today to learn more!

Earthquake Retrofitting in Livermore

Seismic activity can be devastating to homes that aren't up to the challenge. Especially if you have an older home, you may want to have a specialist investigate your property to see if it can hold out against an earthquake. Foundation Repair of CA offers earthquake retrofitting services that use metal connectors to reinforce your home's structure, ensuring the stability of your home.

Ready to get started on earthquake retrofitting, foundation repair, basement waterproofing, or other home needs? Schedule a free estimate with Foundation Repair of CA today! Our local specialists are available to meet with you in Livermore and cities nearby.

Press Releases From Livermore
Foundation Repair of CA named a recipient of the 2017 Best of HomeAdvisor Award.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Livermore, CA
Interior Foundation Crack Repair in Livermore

Foundation cracks left unaddressed for long periods of time will continue to get worse; in some cases, the crack can get so bad that the entire foundation in that area will need to be replaced. 


Mrs. F in Livermore knew that her foundation had a crack in it and she wanted to make sure she took care of it before the worst case scenario happened. After searching for a foundation company on Yelp, she found us and picked up the phone and  scheduled a free inspection. Our Structural Consultant, Mike Anderson performed the inspection and observed the area of concern. By the end of the appointment, Mike had wrote a quote with a detailed drawing of the solution included. Mrs. F liked what she saw and decided to sign the quote. 


The cause of this crack was due to the expansion of the rebar inside of the foundation. The expansion more than likely happened because moisture had either been present when the foundation was constructed or had somehow found a way into the foundation over time. Moisture causes rebar to bloat and expand (a process known as Oxidization), forcing it's way out of the foundation like a splinter from skin.


Our crew, lead by Foreman Chris Castaneda and his Second-In-Command Saul Del Rio, removed the bloated rebar from the foundation, installed a new fiberglass stick of rebar in its place, patched the area with new concrete, and then sealed the area with epoxy and a Carbon Fiber Patch (Carbon Armor). 

Interior Foundation Crack Repair in Livermore - Photo 1
PolyLEVEL Injection To Fix Tripping-Hazardous Concrete In Livermore

Mr. B wanted to fix the walkway leading up to his front door. He was worried that the uneven concrete, being a tripping hazard, would have the potential to injure anyone who came to his home. 


He called us out to provide an estimate for repairing his walkway. Our salesman, Hays Lawson, went to inspect the situation and determined that the concrete of the walkway was salvageable; we could repair it with an injection of PolyLEVEL Foam rather than replacing the slab entirely. Mr. B saw the estimate and was sold. 


6 days after that appointment, our crew visited Mr. B and repaired the walkway within the same day. Now Mr. B has peace of mind knowing that visitors can step on the walkway without the fear of tripping over the concrete. 

PolyLEVEL Injection To Fix Tripping-Hazardous Concrete In Livermore - Photo 1PolyLEVEL Injection To Fix Tripping-Hazardous Concrete In Livermore - Photo 2
Crawl Space Drainage in Pacific Grove, CA

This home was experiencing crawl space flooding issues. Our solution was to install a SmartSump with drain pipe along the perimeter of the crawl space. Rainwater does no good beneath your house, we can help you keep it where it belongs. 

Crawl Space Drainage in Pacific Grove, CA - Photo 1Crawl Space Drainage in Pacific Grove, CA - Photo 2Crawl Space Drainage in Pacific Grove, CA - Photo 3
Earthquake Safety in Livermore, CA

With the ability to cause major damage and injury, earthquakes are no laughing matter in California. As part of the Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program (EBB), Foundation Repair of CA works diligently to ensure the safety of all of our customers. Our products can help minimize the damage that occurs from an earthquake. With the major earthquakes that hit in 2019, many have expressed worry that Northern California is next. This customer was approved for the EBB program and gave us a call. After his evaluation, he was comfortable with our specialist and chose us as his contractor. Once the job was complete, the customer had the peace of mind that our product would lessen his chances of damage if we were hit by the big one. 


Are you prepared in the case of an earthquake? Have you been approved for the EBB program? Why not call us today for a free estimate?

Earthquake Safety in Livermore, CA - Photo 1Earthquake Safety in Livermore, CA - Photo 2Earthquake Safety in Livermore, CA - Photo 3Earthquake Safety in Livermore, CA - Photo 4Earthquake Safety in Livermore, CA - Photo 5
Work Requests From Livermore, CA
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Cracking around the upper portion of driveway in front of garage
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Hairline, vertical cracks are appearing at the corners of the windows in my newly purchased townhome. I want to check if the cracks are cosmetic or truly structural issues.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Repair a 4 to 5 foot horizontal distress crack in foundation wall
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Drainage around the home and some foundation settling-cracks in the interior.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
I have a water leaking into my crawlspace. There is a cement patio which is improperly graded puddling water towards the house and also a plumbing access ditch which is adjacent to the the foundation which fills with water. I currently have a pump there but am looking for a long term solution.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
We have signs of heaving in the foundation of our home. We were hoping to get this quoted out so we can repair the problem before it becomes a larger issue!
Project Location: Livermore, CA
There is a hairline crack along footing that inspectors asked us to get checked out.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Front Walkway and driveway leveling
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Need concrete foundation inspection
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Break in cement panel on driveway causing part to be 3-4 inches lower.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
We purchased our home last year and would like to receive a quote for seismic retrofitting. Our home is a 1952 ranch with a crawl space foundation. I'm not aware of any previous seismic retrofitting done by the prior owners.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Concrete driveway has some cracks and needs sealing
Project Location: Livermore, CA
My backyard concrete slabs are crooked and breaking, needs some leveling and coating.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Possibly placing an offer on a home with horizontal cracks at multiple locations in the foundation. Curious to know the potential repair costs. Images available. Thanks, Aaron
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Cracks in the cement around the pool, driveway
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Partially sunken driveway with cracks in existing concrete
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Started preparing for new carpet upstairs and down. As I pulled back downstairs carpet adjacent to a sliding door (to back yard), I could see an area where a large piece of concrete has raised and cracked away from the slab. This raised (1/4") area probably accounts for the slider being more difficult to open. The house was built in 1995, on a slab. I can provide detail pictures. The area of concern is about 1'x4'. Thanks
Project Location: Livermore, CA
House is shifting. Cracks in walls and stucco.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
I have some uneven and cracked concrete I would like repaired not replaced. That is a front driveway and a pool deck.
Project Location: Livermore, CA
Sinking of one corner of the perimeter foundation in the house and cracks appearing in the walls

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