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Excellent guys. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Excellent work.
Testimonial by Chris Z. from Fremont, CA
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Before and After Pictures from Fremont
Concrete Walkway Repair With Polylevel Lift in Fremont, CA

Concrete Walkway Repair With Polylevel Lift in Fremont, CA

Before After
Concrete Walkway Repair With Polylevel Lift in Fremont, CA Concrete Walkway Repair With Polylevel Lift in Fremont, CA

This customer, located in Fremont, came to us with concerns about cracks on his walkway entrance which had formed from what he perceived to be the sinking of a portion of the walkway. 


Our Concrete Repair Division Manager, Sam Phelps, came to evaluate the situation. To stop the walkway from sinking, we injected our PolyLevel Polyurethane Foam to fill a void that had formed beneath the concrete, which also helped bring the walkway back to level. To fix the crack, we injected our NexusPro Joint Sealant, which sealed it up. 

Pool Deck Repair With Polylevel Lift in Fremont, CA

Pool Deck Repair With Polylevel Lift in Fremont, CA

Before After
Pool Deck Repair With Polylevel Lift in Fremont, CA Pool Deck Repair With Polylevel Lift in Fremont, CA

Sinking Pool Deck Repair with PolyLevel Foam Injection. It stinks when your concrete sinks. PolyLevel Foam is a great way to bring sunken concrete such as this pool deck back to level. 

Concrete Repair: Polylevel Injection in Fremont, CA

Concrete Repair: Polylevel Injection in Fremont, CA

Before After
Concrete Repair: Polylevel Injection in Fremont, CA Concrete Repair: Polylevel Injection in Fremont, CA

Our customer's front entrance was settling which in result created tripping hazards. With the technology of our high-density polyurethane formula which lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete slabs, all of this customer's tripping hazards are fixed. 

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Foundation Repair and Concrete Lifting & Repair in Fremont, CA

Push pier installation on a [city_page:city_name} property.

Our team installing push piers on a Fremont property.

As one of the closest East Bay cities to Silicon Valley, home and business owners in Fremont need properties they can rely on. But when problems like foundation cracks or a wet basement emerge, it's difficult to feel safe. That's why Foundation Repair of CA specializes in foundation repair, concrete lifting, crawl space encapsulation, and other services to stabilize and secure your home.

Foundation problems can not only disrupt your life in the present, but they can also cause long-term damage that will devalue your home. We have many years of experience solving all kinds of foundation issues, including:

  • Sagging floors and floor cracks
  • Wall cracks
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Tilting chimneys

As a part of the Foundation Supportworks dealer network, we have access to proven, patented products for foundation repair that can solve all of these issues. We make use of foundation piers, wall braces, crawl space support jacks, and more to strengthen and straighten your home's walls and floors. No matter how big or small your foundation problem might seem, Foundation Repair of CA has the tools required for a permanent solution.

In addition to our foundation repair services, we also offer concrete lifting and repair using PolyLevel®. A strong, lightweight alternative to traditional mud jacking grouts, the PolyLevel® method consists of injecting a polyurethane foam into the ground beneath a sunken concrete slab. This foam expands underground, raising the concrete to its original, level position. PolyLevel® takes just fifteen minutes to work, at which time it's ready for regular use!

Foundation Repair of CA also offers NexusPro and SealantPro. SealantPro is designed to protect your concrete from damage, extending its lifespan by 3-5 times. It forms bonds with your concrete at the molecular level to protect your concrete from weather, stains, and damage for years to come. NexusPro the solution for cracked concrete. It will never dry out, crack, or bubble so it will protect your cracks and joints from the elements.

If you're concerned about your foundation or concrete slabs, contact Foundation Repair of CA today and get started with a free estimate!

Earthquake Retrofitting ensures your home's safety

Because you live in a state known for its earthquakes, it's important to take proper precautions to ensure your home is structurally sound. Foundation Repair of CA's earthquake retrofitting services can help strengthen your home at crucial junctures. We install metal connectors that will bolster your home's frame, making sure it stays intact during a seismic event.

If your home is experiencing any issue from foundation troubles or foundation wall cracks, Foundation Repair of CA has the skills and services you need for a job well done. As a local, family-owned contractor, we care about your safety and we won't stop until we achieve 100% satisfaction. We offer our foundation repair, crawl space repair, concrete leveling and other services in Fremont, CA and areas nearby – schedule a free estimate with us today!

Press Releases From Fremont
New 20 Foot Box Truck expands PolyLevel Offering and Capabilities.
New 20 Foot Box Truck expands PolyLevel Offering and Capabilities.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Fremont, CA
Push Pier Installation To Repair a Sinking Foundation in Fremont, CA

"It will never be cheaper to fix than it is at this present moment." 


We performed an inspection on Mr. P's home in Fremont in 2014. Our Structural Consultant spoke with Mr. P about the issues he had noticed while observing the foundation from within the crawl space. Mr. P thanked us for performing the inspection but he wasn't quite worried enough to make him decide to get the work done at that time.


Fast forward to 2022. Mr. P's foundation issues intensify, as is the usual case for problems like these; time will only make the problem worse. He calls us and tells us that he wishes that he got the work done sooner because his foundation looks way worse than it did in 2014. 


After a new inspection of the updated state of the foundation, our Structural Consultant, Tony Jones drew up a new plan and quote to repair Mr. P's foundation. Mr. P still took his time reviewing the new information, but he eventually signed the new contract. Our crew installed Push Piers to lift and stabilize Mr. P's foundation and now his home is in a much better condition. 

Passing Down Property To The Next Generation in Fremont, CA

Mr. L knew for many years that his home was in need of some repairs but he decided that he would wait to get them done since he was planning on living their for the rest of his life. He was aware that his foundation and his floors were slowly sinking, that his crawlspace would flood whenever it rained, and that his home needed to be better retrofitted against earthquakes since the home had been built before current Building Code standards were implemented. 


At this time, he realized that he was getting on in years and had decided that he was going to pass his home down to his son, but before he did that, he wanted to make sure that he set him up for comfort rather than making him have to deal with the repairs.


To help Mr. L prepare his home to be passed down, we repaired his foundation by installing 23 push piers to lift and stabilize it from further settlement. We then installed 17 SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts within the crawlspace to lift and stabilize the floor. We followed that by installing our SmartSump Sump Pump with drain pipe to divert storm water away from the home and out onto the exterior. We then retrofitted the interior foundation with brackets that gave the home a better chance at defending against the damage done by earthquakes. We then sealed the deal with our CleanSpace Liner, wrapping the crawlspace like a present for Mr. L's family and their future. 



Passing Down Property To The Next Generation in Fremont, CA - Photo 1
Structural Repair for Uneven Floors in Fremont, CA

Fed up with walking through his home and knowing that something was wrong with his floors, Mr. R had called for an inspection to be done. The last thing he wanted to do was explore his crawlspace so he figured it would be better for someone else to do it. It was determined that Mr. R's crawlspace contained 8 wooden posts that weren't providing the support that his floors needed. As you can see in the photos, the wooden posts were no longer centered on the concrete footings beneath them. Over time, most homes with a crawlspace will be met with this problem. We wish there was a way to control how the soil beneath your home shifts, but for now, the best way to deal with it is to adapt. Our SmartJack Adjustable Steel Post System is the best way to do just that.


Mr. R knew that if he didn't fix the problem now, it was only going to get worse. A foundation problem is never cheaper than it is in the present moment. We fixed his uneven floors by installing SmartJack Adjustable Steel Posts (each with a new cast-in-place concrete footing) near the weakened wooden posts. Each SmartJack was adjusted to lift and stabilize the floor. 

Structural Repair for Uneven Floors in Fremont, CA - Photo 1Structural Repair for Uneven Floors in Fremont, CA - Photo 2
Work Requests From Fremont, CA
Project Location: Fremont, CA
We have a consistent crack going from the corner of a room upstairs and around the ceiling towards our chandelier. Please let us know how much it might be to fix and what next steps would be.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
One side of the floor looks like sinking
Project Location: Fremont, CA
Raise uneven concrete driveway
Project Location: Fremont, CA
Sump pump in crawl space
Project Location: Fremont, CA
I just noticed the soil around the east side of my house is sinking, and I'm worrying it will effect the foundation. I would like have specialist take a look of it and give me some suggestions. Thank you.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
See standing water in Crawl space after heavy rain in the area. Have pumped it out, but want to install a Sump pump installed.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
My house has developed wall cracks and would like a consultation and possible repair.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
Request to get foundation evaluation and repair estimates.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
Cracks at the corners of windows, on walls and ceiling as well and shifting of doors and floor have appeared over the past year. My insurance company has determined the cracks are a result of house settlement.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
Cracked concrete driveway, sunken sideway
Project Location: Fremont, CA
We have been seeing quite a few expansive cracks on our walls and ceilings and would like to check if there are any foundation issues
Project Location: Fremont, CA
Residential house foundation sagging in 2 places with resulting drywall cracks and bathroom fixture issues.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
My driveway has settled right about center, so now water forms pools. At one point it was for the most part level. At the time when I had repairs to my house foundation in 2021, part of the proposed work included razing the garage floor by injecting a foam under floor. I assume that this can done with my driveway. I would like someone come look at the situation and provide a quote.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
A long crack on ceiling to the wall
Project Location: Fremont, CA
Noticed a gap on the corner between the ground and the concrete slab. There are also cracks on the wall on the same side.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
The steps (11 steps) in front of house appear to have sunk in with broken tiles. Want estimate for repair and want side railing installed side of steps. Will also like seismic retrofitting estimate.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
1. The foundation supporting our brick siding/wall needs support and possibly raising. 2. A pier in our crawlspace is slipping out of place.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
Need to fix rusty rebar issue in foundation
Project Location: Fremont, CA
New homeowners. Home is built in 1979 on a concrete slab. Noticed today when examining the front yard there are two, 12-inch horizontal cracks. Would like to get an expert to come see if I have a foundation problem, and if I do, what I should do to fix it and how much it may costs. At the same time, concrete walkway has uneven pavement due to tree roots. Open to learning if that can be fixed too and how much that may cost. Thanks.
Project Location: Fremont, CA
We would like to understand how much of a damage is present in the foundation of the house. 1) The crawl space is not clean 2) Request to inspect the strength of the existing foundation
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