Work Requests in Oakland

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Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Oakland, CA
Vicinity of in Oakland
My front door sticks, there appears to be separation between my garage door and its walls, and my interior house walls are beginning to show cracks.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Buying the above mentioned property and after reviewing the disclosure reports, I am concerned about the foundation of the property. I am currently in escrow and the sale is contingent upon our inspection. We'd like an inspection and estimated cost of repair.
Vicinity of Diablo Drive in Oakland
We seeing cracks in our foundation (new house) and want a second opinion beside our developers perspective.
Vicinity of in Oakland
I have a property I want to make sure is in compliance with oakland municipal code 15.27.050 Please let me know how you can assist with making sure this is done
Vicinity of in Oakland
Sloping floors, moisture in crawl space, possible crack in foundation.
Vicinity of Staten Avenue in Oakland
Looking for quote for required earthquake retrofit for 15 unit soft story apartment building required by city of Oakland.
Vicinity of Redding St in Oakland
Have cracks in the floor of basement and around the house
Vicinity of Redding St in Oakland
Vicinity of in Oakland
Buying a home. Pier and beam, Requesting an honest pro to take a look. Saw a visible crack need an assessment and estimate on repair
Vicinity of in Oakland
Interested in leveling out an outside staircase that has settled and a portion of the home.
Vicinity of Outlook Ave in Oakland
We're interested in doing a foundation retrofit. Our foundation also has some minor vertical cracks and one fairly large vertical crack that we're interested in getting sealed.
Vicinity of Snake Rd in Oakland
Cracked garage cement slab floor. 1930's era home - on a downslope. The building site was cut into the hill for a slab floor that is the garage. Slab is cracked in several places, slopes down slightly, and separated from downslope wall. (the downslope wall was stabilized with new piers 25 yrs ago)
Vicinity of Hillgirt Circle in Oakland
Our house is on a hill, built in 1928, and we've been noticing some movement and cracking over the past several years, which we would like to address. There is additional movement in the surrounding retaining walls in our yard which we would like to take a look at.
Vicinity of Georgia St. in Oakland
I have an unfinished project that I would like to get finished. My garage needs to be retrofitted. Please schedule this work ASAP.
Vicinity of Laird Ave in Oakland
I can hear water under the house. There's also a smell, that I thought was a dead rodent until I read your symptom list.
Vicinity of in Oakland
I see something going on with my walls that indicate sagging or moving going on in my house; like seams opening in my wood trim and bigger cracks in cement in basement.
Vicinity of Sunkist Drive in Oakland
Large horizontal crack on outside of chimney. Wall cracking on the interior.
Vicinity of Morcom in Oakland
I have come to the awareness that this property does not have a reinforced foundation, so I'd like to find out more about reinforcement.
Vicinity of Bancroft Ave in Oakland
25 by 26 feet single story building converting to 2 story. Need new footings for 2 story. l
Vicinity of Marlow Drive in Oakland
There has been a fair amount of movement on our property since we moved in in March. Cracks are appearing inside the house, the front door is no longer closing well and the outside fence against the house doesn't close anymore. None of this interior cracking was noticeable until now. There are signs of water damage on part of the foundation but had been told it was mainly cosmetic and did not need to be repaired yet.
Vicinity of in Oakland
I have some settling happening in the front of the house causing some cracks in the wall and the front door to stick now when opening and closing I would like someone to take a look and see what they solve could be, thank you
Vicinity of Kingsland Ave in Oakland
I have a soft soil problem under the middle portion of my foundation, which, is appearing to get worse.
Vicinity of Santa Clara Ave in Oakland
Garage cement wall seems to be crumbling. Possible underground water pushing through the wall or floor. Basement room cement floor is cracked and separated by 3 to 4 inch gap
Vicinity of Earl St in Oakland
Need to repair foundation. It has cracks and need to reinforce the joist.
Vicinity of Havenscourt Blvd in Oakland
I am a Realtor and Have a house that will be in contract today. Would like to have an evaluation of the foundation.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Hello, during the last rains, we had some pooling water in the basement from cracks in the concrete along the east-facing side of the house. There are some pretty prominent cracks at the base of the exterior wall of the house, and about 6-7 entry points where water came in on the interior basement floor.
Vicinity of Monticello Ave in Oakland
I am approved to retrofit my home with the Earthquake Brace and Bolt program. I have engineered plans in hand and the permit has been issued by the City of Oakland. However, my contractor has bailed, so I need to find a new one to do the job. What is your availability and are you interested in providing a bid proposal? Thanks very much.
Vicinity of SHATTUCK AVE in Oakland
We have a large office space roughly 20'x20', that needs to be leveled. People are complaining of back pain because the floor is so uneven.
Vicinity of Custer in Oakland
Foundation concerns.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Need to make improvements to a foundation.
Vicinity of B Street in Oakland
I am considering the purchase of this property and I would like to determine if I can afford the work required.
Vicinity of Madeline in Oakland
Front porch and steps slope excessively toward street. We wish them to be made level (or with appropriate pitch). Tenant occupied. Access for estimate available anytime during the day. Work must be coordinated with tenant if estimate is approved.
Vicinity of Hopkins in Oakland
Foundation replacement and earthquake retrofit.
Vicinity of Rosal Ave in Oakland
House is sunked in at one side. Need foundation inspection to determine the issues and what kind of repairs needs.
Vicinity of Penniman Ct. in Oakland
Single family home built in 1925. Has a crawl space beneath the house. Dirt floor, cement foundation. Approximately 850 square feet.
Vicinity of Fairway Avenue in Oakland
I live in a one story house in oakland that was built in the mid 1950s and has foundation settling. i would like an estimate for levelling/repair. thanks!
Vicinity of in Oakland
Vicinity of Estates Dr in Oakland
Foundation footing and fence post soil erosion
Vicinity of in Oakland
I have cracks on the outside of the walls and cracks inside on the celing
Vicinity of Isabella St. in Oakland
Hello, I am contacting you because my landlord wants to have an inspection of my houses foundation. I have a disability, and usually work until 2:30ish, so I would not be able to be available until 3PM for an inspection. I was wondering if you do inspections between the hours of 3-5 PM? Thank you.
Vicinity of Harmon Ave in Oakland
Vicinity of Pleasant St in Oakland
Would like an estimate to stabilize a foundation rotation issue, and upgrade seismic protection
Vicinity of Kingsland Ave in Oakland
This old house need a parameter foundation repair/replacement. The foundation runs around the Ouse and down the middle. Areas are swift and brittle
Vicinity of California Street in Oakland
One of the cement pads on our walkway has sunk. We would like a quote to have it leveled.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Leaning foundation
Vicinity of Birdsall Avenue in Oakland
We recently purchased our home and have noticed separation between walls and the floor and also some cracks in the walls.
Vicinity of High St. in Oakland
Lifting my home for cooper re-piping and retaining wall. earthquake retrofit. and matching siding.
Vicinity of Malcolm Ave in Oakland
I would like to get a general foundation evaluation as I am noticing a number of cracks near doors and windows and one in the living room ceiling that have developed recently. I also have a sloping floor in the kitchen and I would like to see what can be done to correct it.
Vicinity of Gregory in Oakland
Complete foundation replacement. I have full architectural and structural plans. I have already applied for the permit and expect it in February.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Need a quote for complete foundation replacement
Vicinity of in Oakland
Vicinity of Oliver Ave in Oakland
This home is old, sufferring from termite damage and the natural movement of the ground. Not sure of the support below the home, but certainly in need of foundation repair
Vicinity of Georgia St. in Oakland
Second Opinion on Foundation Work Recommended.
Vicinity of Georgia Street in Oakland
I have engineer who gave report and said i need foundation repair left and right side of the house and back and front.
Vicinity of Warfield Av. in Oakland
My house needs to be secured to the foundation build in 1925 also just noticed cracking along the parameter wall
Vicinity of Partridge Ave in Oakland
We need foundation estimate and basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Wildwood Ave in Oakland
One corner of house is settling
Vicinity of Taylor Ave in Oakland
Foundation cracke; Piers are settling; Cracks in walls/sheet rock, Doors/windows stick. Would like someone to look and give an estimate to fix the crack in foundation and addition of piers to level out the problem.
Vicinity of Seminary Avenue in Oakland
What information regarding retroff I ng my home and price
Vicinity of Coral Road in Oakland
Possible house shifting, some doors leaning, cracks on stucco, cracking/shifting concrete.
Vicinity of Merritt Avenue in Oakland
Looking for foundation recommendation.
Vicinity of Saroni DR in Oakland
Our house is an upslope home 1550 Sq ft. The walls are starting to show more and more cracks, and we would like to get somebody here to check our foundation and provide recommendations on what is needed/next steps. Thanks!
Vicinity of Adams Street in Oakland
Looking for Foundation Repair on our home.
Vicinity of Moorpark St in Oakland
Need a quote for repair
Vicinity of Capwell Dr in Oakland
Seeping cracks in driveway
Vicinity of Majestic Ave in Oakland
105 year old house on original concrete foundation. The house leans slightly toward the downhill side. We're concerned about further settling and earthquake safety.
Vicinity of Lamp St in Oakland
Looking at purchasing a property that foundation problem that must be repaired.
Vicinity of in Oakland
The floor of the living room is sloping which makes me think the foundation needs to be repaired. It has gotten worse over the course of 3 years.
Vicinity of High St in Oakland
I would like to prevent an accident, by bringing back to level the concrete slab. There are different areas where has been a lot of eruption and I need it to be inspected.
Vicinity of McElroy in Oakland
I would like to get more information on earthquake retrofitting my single family home. I was advised that because my basement is over 4 feet high, an engineer is needed for plans. I am receiving a grant from the City of Oakland, Earthquake Brace & Bolt program and would hate to miss out on the opportunity to keep my family safe. I hope to hear from you soon to schedule an appointment.
Vicinity of Madera Ave in Oakland
Last winter our crawl space flooded which came into our basement. We installed a temporary sump pump just to make it through the winter. Looking for a permanent solution.
Vicinity of Sterling Dr in Oakland
Concrete foundation repairs and waterproofing on in-law unit.
Vicinity of Nevil St in Oakland
Vicinity of Ney Ave in Oakland
House foundation repairs
Vicinity of Kingsland Ave in Oakland
My home is located in the hills of Oakland. My front stairs has sunk 1 to 2 inches on the right side.
Vicinity of Bayo Vista Ave in Oakland
Area of my foundation has cracked and appears to be slightly sinking.
Vicinity of Hyde St. in Oakland
Seismic retrofit needed Front porch does not have foundation Retaining walls perpendicular to foundation need repair In general the foundation needs an inspection
Vicinity of Longcroft Drive in Oakland
Looking to purchase a hillside home in Oakland that we currently occupy as renters. In the Soft story, Sheer panels and other support work was done about 5 years ago. I'm told it may not be to the standard. need estimate on what more may need to be done (if any).
Vicinity of Brookdale Ave in Oakland
Water coming out from basement floor when raining
Vicinity of Ramona Ave in Oakland
Patio needs leveling foundation is sloping
Vicinity of in Oakland
100 year old foundation in need of replacement or leveling. Crawl space access issues as well.
Vicinity of Davis St in Oakland
Flooding in basement home foundation is really old about as old as the home
Vicinity of in Oakland
Heavy rain cause water in basement.
Vicinity of Rawson St. in Oakland
1920 cracking foundation
Vicinity of Stearns Ave in Oakland
Would like to get an estimate
Vicinity of in Oakland
Crawl space is always moist regardless of outside conditions or season. A white substance seems to be growing on the soil
Vicinity of in Oakland
Vicinity of in Oakland
Would like a quote for crawl space repair,i.e. uneven and sloping floors for investment property.
Vicinity of Sterling Drive in Oakland
Have an unfinish room that the retaining walls where improperly done. Looking for bid on getting the retaining walls replace. Room is roughly about 200 sqft
Vicinity of Whittle Avenue in Oakland
I have an 8' X 12' outbuilding that is on a really shaky foundation. I was planning to bore 3 holes on each side and put in concrete piers with steel i-beams running across and tying to the 4x4 beams underneath. However, I was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and will not be able to do this work in the immediate future.
Vicinity of Wyman Pl. in Oakland
Walls and floors cracking
Vicinity of in Oakland
Sagging floor. tight crawlspace.
Vicinity of Fairway in Oakland
Water leaking onto ground floor of my house.
Vicinity of Norton Ave in Oakland
Working on a home remodel and have sloping floors, cracks in doorways, ceilings and walls. I'd like the house to be looked at and see if there are other things that need to be fixed/looked at such as foundation/retaining walls etc. that can be fixed to help address these issues.
Vicinity of Harbor View Ave in Oakland
I would like an estimate to seismically secure house to foundation
Vicinity of High St in Oakland
Buying a house and a slab leak was disclosed but not the details.
Vicinity of Midvale Ave in Oakland
Cripple wall rotated on one side of house.
Vicinity of Nicol Avenue in Oakland
Earthquake retrofitting. Bolting studs to foundation and reinforcing cripple walls.
Vicinity of Morgan Ave in Oakland
I have a crack in the foundation of one of my houses. It is a tri-plex with three seperate houses on the property. The house in question has a crack and it looks like it is bowing a little. the crack is at the side of the house that is on the lowest part of a small slope.
Vicinity of in Oakland
I would like to get an estimate on repairs to the foundation of my house.
Vicinity of Aberfoil Ave. in Oakland
Cracked bedroom wall and ceiling separating from wall. Foundation hard to see.
Vicinity of El Camile Ave in Oakland
Vapor barrior
Vicinity of Brann St in Oakland
Would like to get my foundation bolted (I think that is what it is called). House is one story 964 square feet.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Cracks in foundation and pier supports are sitting on loose red bricks
Vicinity of Utah St in Oakland
Paid engineer to look at foundation. Rear addition is sinking about 2 to 3 inches. Want to raise it back up.
Vicinity of Hemlock Street in Oakland
House built 1955. Slab on grade. Slab cracked, house settling. Have soils report & structural engineer making final proposal. Looking for contractor to do work which includes replacing slab, multiple piers tied into foundation to stabilize house; lift and level house as much as possible.
Vicinity of Granada Avenue in Oakland
Sinking corners of home and cracks. Possible improper water drainage system.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Need to get bids on repairing or replacing foundation on a residential fourplex.
Vicinity of Modesto Ave in Oakland
House is shifting since foundation is settling...
Vicinity of Turnley Ave in Oakland
The doors are not opening and closing properly, the lock on the garage door has been reset 3 times so that the bolt would still fit in the hole. There are cracks in the walls and one window appears to be shifting out of place.
Vicinity of Spencer St in Oakland
Wet in basement , heavy rain flood
Vicinity of Clemens Rd. in Oakland
Our basement is leaking water through cracks in the foundation. The water pools in the far corner of the finished side of the basement when it rains as heavily has it has over the last few weeks. The unfinished side of the basement has water creeping up the walls and streaming across the floor. We also have puddles of water accumulating in the crawl space. We'd really like to have everything looked at and given some options of what to do next.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Flooded basement
Vicinity of Webster St in Oakland
House is old and sagging
Vicinity of Vista St. in Oakland
I would like to have sheer walls installed and bolted to our foundation. I could do some of it myself using the City of Oakland's common plan set, but it's an important project that I want done right.
Vicinity of Sterling Drive in Oakland
Purchased home a year ago and there seem to be lots of cracks showing from patched up work done by previous owner. The cracks are getting larger. Would like to have an expert come out and take a look.
Vicinity of Frisbie in Oakland
Looking for a quote for earthquake retrofit and drainage improvement (likely French drain).
Vicinity of in Oakland
My foundation is very week/old/bad, house shakes a lot when kids jump inside the house. Looking to repair my foundation and repair basement. Need estimate (written) ASAP!
Vicinity of Parker Ave in Oakland
The 2 front post have failed do to water errosion. I would like a estimate on repost, french drains and porch repair.
Vicinity of HEMLOCK ST in Oakland
Please email your reply if possible! We have a three-story 1938 house in the Oakland hills that is clearly settling. We were told when we moved in we needed to shore it up -- or even lift it. I'm available this Thursday if you have time to come take a look.
Vicinity of Boyd Ave in Oakland
Crawl space encapsulation.
Vicinity of Capistrano Drive in Oakland
Want the foundation up to code
Vicinity of Magellan Dr in Oakland
Our house is ~80yo and is on a hillside and is experience quite a bit of settling/sinking - we have cracking, soft floors, and sticky doors. We'd like to explore options to both stop the settling as well as perhaps level. We saw one of your trucks in our neighborhood so we hope you're familiar with the land and similar construction. Thanks
Vicinity of Shafter Ave in Oakland
We have moisture in our basement when it rains, seeping through the foundation.
Vicinity of Delmont Ave in Oakland
Uneven floors in the house, uneven concrete at entrance
Vicinity of Thornhill Drive in Oakland
I would like to get a quote for leveling a small existing addition on our house. We require drainage and a sump pump installation. We would also like a price for floor leveling of the house.
Vicinity of in Oakland
This home was tilted forward & leaning to the righ side. The foundation maybe lost the support around the front of the home. Could you take a look. Thanks.
Vicinity of Saroni Dr in Oakland
I believe our house is settling due to cracks and sloping floors. I need to talk with someone about potential solutions including push piers.
Vicinity of in Oakland
I need to get a quote for a foundation repair on our house.
Vicinity of Merriewood Dr. in Oakland
The front walkway has an angular slab of about 2 feet by 3 feet that has dropped on one side. I can text a picture of it for an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Oliver Avenue in Oakland
My front doors have begun to be very difficult to open and close within the last week. Also, my kitchen floor slopes toward the back of my home.
Vicinity of in Oakland
In the basement of our 4 story building we have a crack in the wall that is a consistent leak. No plumbing in the wall and no City owned plumbing on the other side of the wall. We have had EBMUD and an infa red inspection, both finding nothing. There conclusion was ground water.
Vicinity of Dover Street in Oakland
I need an estimate to fix/repair/replace my home's brick foundation.
Vicinity of in Oakland
Like to install a sump pump in my basement
Vicinity of in Oakland
Have leaking foundation at property. Need help quick!
Vicinity of in Oakland
Possible foundation settling leading to plaster cracks and door jamb wackiness. require inspection
Vicinity of in Oakland
Capped brick foundation. Half done. Would like to know what the cost would be for capping entire foundation and possibly raising the house 2.5 feet. Thanks

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