Work Requests in Santa Clara

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Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Santa Clara, CA
Vicinity of Vineyard Ct. in Santa Clara
I have a couple of small broken sections of driveway that have sunk a few inches.
Vicinity of Bucher Ave in Santa Clara
Crawlspace foundation has some cracks, I want to fix them.
Vicinity of Hayward Dr in Santa Clara
Foundation settling causing cracks in wall and misaligned doors
Vicinity of Haig St in Santa Clara
Need an estimate to level a concrete walkway (sunk 5 inches) leading into a fourplex. Located three feet from the front sidewalk. a
Vicinity of Chapel Dr. in Santa Clara
Cracked foundation 3 areas Cracked pillar
Vicinity of Marietta Court in Santa Clara
There are two cracks in the foundation: one horizontal and one vertical. I would like to get an estimate of cost for repairs. I have a home inspection report that I can provide with photos of the cracks if needed.
Vicinity of Claremont Ave in Santa Clara
We are looking for am inspection report of our foundation.
Vicinity of Fowler St. in Santa Clara
Gaps between ceiling and walls due to sinking foundation caused by adobe soil in the neighborhood
Vicinity of Victoria Ave in Santa Clara
Foundation Crumbling, Chipping & Flaking
Vicinity of Maxwell Street in Santa Clara
Need an estimate for the foundation problem from the property inspection report.
Vicinity of Mauricia Ave in Santa Clara
Cracks on walls and on ceilings
Vicinity of Butte St. in Santa Clara
Need to get an estimate of home foundation repair
Vicinity of Agate Dr in Santa Clara
Would like an assessment on home/foundation for earthquake safety and quote to retrofit if needed.
Vicinity of Briarwood Dr in Santa Clara
There is one horizontal and one vertical cracks. Need further inspection by an expert like yourself and provide a quote for repair.
Vicinity of Miels Dr in Santa Clara
We've some cracks in some areas of the foundation, would like to have someone look at, and advise
Vicinity of GREENWOOD DR in Santa Clara
During termite inspection they reported a small crack in the foundation . We need and estimate and fix soon as the house is on sale now.
Vicinity of Randolph Ave in Santa Clara
We found cracks on bathroom walls and the door frame is not straight, would like to have it checked and fixed.
Vicinity of Laine Ave in Santa Clara
Doors continually become hard to lock/unlock even after adjusting only a few months go by before its difficult to lock/unlock again.
Vicinity of Saratoga Ave in Santa Clara
Would like an evalation of my foundation and quote for repair. I have cracks in my sheetrock in internal walls and some interior doors don't line up properly to close.
Vicinity of Taperave in Santa Clara
Uneven/moving foundation Interested in hack post
Vicinity of Madison St in Santa Clara
I would like to replace foundation for my house
Vicinity of Victoria Ave in Santa Clara
I had my house leveled several years ago. The house has a perimeter foundation with pier blocks under the floors. The house has settled again due to the drought, and I just had a large crack appear in the living room ceiling. I don't know how serious it is, because I am in China on business right now. Could someone come out and take a look at the situation and let us know what needs to be done and how urgent it is? You can call me if it is more convenient, but I am 15 hours ahead of you in California. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bowe Ave in Santa Clara
We have some cracks on the floor and uneven floor. We would like to check if it is a structural problem in our condo.
Vicinity of Jonathan St in Santa Clara
Retrofit soft structure
Vicinity of Blackfield Dr in Santa Clara
Just purchased a completely remodeled 1952 house in Santa Clara that has concrete slabs. There was a little bit an angle on the floor on the rooms of he east side of the house however a month since we moved in the problem is getting worse and we are now are also seeing it on the south part of the house. We wish to have the free estimate to know what our options are.
Vicinity of Payne Pl in Santa Clara
Sidewalk concrete slab 48x43" dropped/unleveled 1/2-1inch, requesting quote
Vicinity of Hilmar St in Santa Clara
1. Foundation is sinking causing the usual interior problems. 2. Patio slab is sinking causing breezeway, which is supported on slab, to shift
Vicinity of Dixon Dr in Santa Clara
Appearance of some unlevel areas on concrete slab, 1 story home. Some cracks in concrete.
Vicinity of Clark Ave in Santa Clara
Side wall of house is sinking.
Vicinity of Ryan Ave in Santa Clara
I received a report and need foundation specialist along with the inspection and quote to fix.
Vicinity of Fowler Avenue in Santa Clara
Failure in one foundation element 4 inch floor unleveling
Vicinity of Pomeroy Ave in Santa Clara
Cracks on the ceiling, crack on the external wall stucco, unsupported piers in the crawling space.
Vicinity of Laurie Ave in Santa Clara
Need mudjacking of garage floor and walkways outside.

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