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Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in San Ramon, CA
Vicinity of Shadow Mountain Dr in San Ramon
Hello, The sidewalk in front of my house is not level in a few spots and has a few cracks, hoping you can come access and let me know if it's possible to fix without ripping out the entire sidewalk. Thank you
Vicinity of Palmira Ct in San Ramon
Earthquake proofing bolting frame to foundation
Vicinity of Bollinger Canyon Way in San Ramon
Need to level a few spots of cart paths.
Vicinity of Ginger Ct in San Ramon
Water leaked into the floor (have concrete slab foundation) and soaked the carpet in one area near the external wall, leading to mold growth under the carpet. We suspect cracked foundation might be a potential source of the problem
Vicinity of Davona Dr. in San Ramon
Have problem with foundation settlement and tilted floor/cracks on the walls.
Vicinity of Carousel Place in San Ramon
Uneven floors over the crawl space
Vicinity of Paddington Way in San Ramon
There are cracks on drywalls that are getting bigger in size. There are also stuck doors. Need to determine the cause and get them repaired.
Vicinity of Lomond Circle in San Ramon
My front door is lobsided. I was told by a door contractor that this is caused by a slipped foundation
Vicinity of Palmira Place in San Ramon
Have one wall on the western side of the property that has had poor drainage for a number of years before we purchased the house. The upstairs floor isn't level and the wall has tilted inward slightly. Want to get it checked out before we continue working on the backyard.
Vicinity of Winslow Place in San Ramon
Two years in house. Problems have begun to arise involving: uneven door frames, cracks in walls forming, uneven floor (noticeable high/low spots), gaps forming between floor and baseboards (~ 3/4" nearest uneven door frames). It appears as if part of the house has either raised or the other lowered. Quick fixes for doors are no longer do-able (i.e. lowering door latch plate ~ inch, tightening hinges to frame, adding shims. Door will now hit at bottom of actual frame, yet still not latch closed, approx inch gap at top corner allowing light through). Raised foundation, built 1971.
Vicinity of Gregg Pl in San Ramon
Doors sticking, some cracks in walls.
Vicinity of Tahiti Dr in San Ramon
My redwood tree roots Raised driveway 2 inches next to sidewalk so would like to level it out
Vicinity of Wisteria St, in San Ramon
Settlement in foundation, property is not a slab foundation it is crawl space.
Vicinity of Java Drive in San Ramon
Repeat cracks on walls, sloping floors. Feel like we need a little reinforcement under the house
Vicinity of Fieldview Terrace in San Ramon
Doors sticking
Vicinity of Marblehead Drive in San Ramon
Cracks in walls, sloping floor in one area
Vicinity of Morgan Drive in San Ramon
Expanding crack in slab foundation.
Vicinity of Winthrop Ave in San Ramon
Need estimate for ground settling and cracked slab repair.
Vicinity of Bridgeport Ave in San Ramon
There are cracks on our walls both outside and inside home. The house seemed to be sloping down toward one side (garage side). We would like to get this checked and get a quote. Thank you.
Vicinity of Wildhorse Dr in San Ramon
Severe water ground seepage, need drainage to protect from serious damage, unidentufued source
Vicinity of Wisteria St in San Ramon
We have some water/moisture in our crawl space. And we are looking into encapsulating and perhaps installing a sump pump. There is about 26-30 inches of clearance.
Vicinity of Davona Dr in San Ramon
Would like to have someone inspect our crawl space/foundaton for possible settling. Also interested in information on a vapor barrier.
Vicinity of Portsmouth Ct in San Ramon
Assess work done by previous foundation repair.
Vicinity of Broadmoor Dr in San Ramon
Minor settlement and visible uneven levelling n some areas
Vicinity of Milo Place in San Ramon
The row of piles supporting the central bearer beam in our crawlspace may have sunk as that area of the floor now slopes slightly and there is some minor cracking around the heads of two internal doors. Also, small gaps have opened up in a couple of places under the perimeter foundation wall - they're about 6-8" long and about 1/2" wide. I've not noticed any cracks in the foundation wall.
Vicinity of Hondo Place in San Ramon
Property listed for sale (I am agent/owner) and when you enter the flooring looks uneven. Wanted to have an expert chime in on the actual condition of the floor/foundation. Thank you
Vicinity of Filbert Ct. in San Ramon
From the inspection report: "Many of the support posts were partially buried, rusted and/or damaged. The porsts should all be unburied and the deteriorated posts should be cleaned, primed and repainted to halt further deterioration, and the damaged posts should be replaced by a licensed contractor, in accordance with standard trade practice or in compliance with specifications provided by an architect or engineer."
Vicinity of Newport Avenue in San Ramon
Interior wall cracks - possible foundation problem.
Vicinity of Oakham Drive in San Ramon
Visible cracks on fireplace wall
Vicinity of Calais Drive in San Ramon
While installing our new floor, i notice the 'Uneven Floors'. This probably isn't a major job or repair need, however, i do want to see if there are thing that need to be done to ensure we have a stable and even all the flooring for our doors and others items.

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