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Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in San Francisco, CA
Vicinity of Allison Street in San Francisco
Water seepage part of the basement (neighbor side/ backyard during heavy rain)
Vicinity of in San Francisco
I want to do a Seismic Upgrade on my home
Vicinity of Willits Street in San Francisco
Need to determine the current state of the foundation and understand what repairs are needed (if any) to bring it up to code. Separately, I'd like to understand what the additional costs and timing considerations are for reinforcing the foundation to handle a second story. The house is currently a single story for the most part. I'm also interested in potentially digging down into the soil below the house where there is already a considerable crawl space, and see if I can't build that space out for a "basement" with additional square footage.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
My foundation has been sinking and it is now disconnected from my house. Interested in learning about options for shoring it up and strengthening it.
Vicinity of Carnelian Way in San Francisco
11' x 7' concrete patio has settled to one side creating a drainage and leveling problem. I estimate that the lowest point may need to be raised 0.75 - 1". Is this something that you can do? Thanks
Vicinity of Hearst Ave in San Francisco
I have a post foundation that was damaged by a contractor. I believe it needs repair.
Vicinity of Madrid Street in San Francisco
We'd like undertake some seismic rehabilitation. A couple of contractors visited the site and recommended replacing the entire foundation, which took me by surprise. I'd like to get an expert opinion before I proceed. Thank you!
Vicinity of Grove Street in San Francisco
Noticed a lot of water pooling in our basement and concerned there might be structural damage to the foundation. Interested in getting a quote to figure out what is wrong and how much it will cost.
Vicinity of Florida Street in San Francisco
Deterioration at foundation due to faulty grade.
Vicinity of Howard Street in San Francisco
Backyard has uneven/sunken concrete that needs to be leveled to prevent water pooling. We also have worn concrete that needs attention.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
The property's front door frequently shifts to misalignment and jams. I am told that it may be caused by a foundation problem. I need to get an evaluation of the foundation and an estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Sussex Street in San Francisco
Brace and bolt installation
Vicinity of Seward St in San Francisco
Hi, we're interested in having some repair work done to our foundation, and potentially addressing some sloping from settlement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Carr St in San Francisco
House built in 1923. Crawl space sagging. Joists appear to be damaged or dry rot in some areas
Vicinity of Newman Street in San Francisco
Hello, I am helping my client find a contractor who can do rat slab work. The house she is purchasing at 20 Newman Street has dirt and is very dusty. She would like the work to be done between October 3-6. Please let me know if you are interested in taking a look. Thanks. Deborah Nguyen
Vicinity of Lexington St in San Francisco
Looking at a foundation repair project for an Edwardian building from 1909. We'd also want to add some living space.
Vicinity of Ledyard Street in San Francisco
I have a tree from Friends of the Urban Forest and the roots are cracking the sidewalk around it. Urban Forest says they'll get to my street when they get there but I also have my car scraping the sidewalk when I pull out or into my driveway and I would like to get that fixed. An estimate would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Vicinity of Wawona St in San Francisco
Vertical crack in foundation that seems to be slowly expanding.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Uneven and cracked concrete in 7' x 11' basement floor. Would like to fill and level it, estimate 1-3 inches fill required.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Hi, We are getting mold remediation done and we need to have our foundation inspected because it is suspected that the foundation has not been properly sealed with a moisture barrier. I have attached the mold inspection report for your information. Please let me know when you can come by and take a look so we can get an estimate. Thank you. Tina
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Hi, We are remodeling a condo in San Francisco & we need the floor to be leveled from it's highest point. Would you be interested in helping us?
Vicinity of in San Francisco
I have a cement slab parking area behind my apartment building. One of the slabs has started to tilt. It is adjacent to the property line and a significant change in elevation. The retaining wall on the adjacent property appears to be shifting. I am concerned that it may fail. I need to know exactly what is happening and what needs to be done to correct the problem.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Sidewalk sunk and have hole
Vicinity of South Van Ness in San Francisco
We are moving into a new office with concrete floors and they are very much uneven. We work with a lot of large racks and equipment on shelving so we need the floors to be level.
Vicinity of Broad St in San Francisco
We purchased our San Francisco home in 2017 and have qualified for the California Earthquake Brace Bolt grant. We would like to schedule a consultation & estimate for our property.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
SF mandate soft story retrofit
Vicinity of Valley Street in San Francisco
We're starting a remodel on the second story of 4 floor building and need some structural analysis done to understand feasibility and cost elements of at least one configuration we're going to get bids on. We may also be pursuing an addition to the house on the top story, so can throw that consultation in too. It was suggested to engage a structural engineer first based on existing blueprints and a walkthrough of our idea before getting new architectural plans started. By mid week, I can have electronic copies of the blueprints available if easier to do that way. Ideally, we could schedule something in the evening during the week or weekend AM. Look forward to hearing from you!
Vicinity of in San Francisco
We have wall cracks, creaky floors, and windows/doors sticking ... suspect settlement and/or foundation issues.
Vicinity of Woodside Avenue in San Francisco
Foundation replacement in San Francisco. Do you do free estimate for homeowner?
Vicinity of Sacramento Street in San Francisco
Foundation ...sinking concrete etc.
Vicinity of Gates Street in San Francisco
When it rains I have a leak in the corner wall of my garage
Vicinity of Pierce Street in San Francisco
We need to comply with the SF Soft Story law.
Vicinity of Randolph Street in San Francisco
We have a leak in the Foundation. I'm trying to get an estimate on how much it would cost to repair it.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Foundation shifting not sure what is going on. It's become obvious and a concern
Vicinity of NAGLEE AVE in San Francisco
Earthquake protection foundation
Vicinity of Minerva St in San Francisco
Yesterday, the automatic garage door opener cable snapped and I am having service on it today. This morning I discovered the garage floor is no longer level and has sunk on one side.
Vicinity of Garfield St in San Francisco
Hi I am interested in a quote for a seismic retrofit (bolting and bracing) for my single family home in the Ingleside neighborhood of SF. Can we set up a time?
Vicinity of Montgomery in San Francisco
We got a notice from the city and need to make the needed sidewalk repairs.
Vicinity of Mill Street in San Francisco
Back end of house lower than front; uneven floor joists, few cracks ceiling and wall
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Seepage at base of concrete foundation in garage
Vicinity of Miramar Ave in San Francisco
Waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Flora Street in San Francisco
Vicinity of in San Francisco
We have a two unit building that we would like to get a permitted seismic retrofit for our home. We are looking for a basic retrofit.
Vicinity of Teresita Blvd in San Francisco
The back of our house sits on a 45-degree slope. There is a slow creep down affecting the foundation. We are advised to have piles down to the bedrock to hold the house up.
Vicinity of Sutro Heights in San Francisco
We need to earthquake retrofit our house.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Concerned about possible foundation movement or settling. Some cracks in the walls and some uneven floors in the house. In the garage, the concrete floor has cracks and appears to be settling.
Vicinity of Sacramento in San Francisco
Ground floor cement floor uneven...crack in brick wall.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Cost to retrofit my 8 unit apartment building at 4131California St.S.F. Ca.94118 between3rd and 4th Ave.
Vicinity of Lunado Ct in San Francisco
I need 6 helical piers installed for a foundation. 1 1/2 sqaure pipe w/ 8" to 10" plates @ 10' below grade @ 36kips This is what the plans call for. I need a estimate please and thank you
Vicinity of Cumberland St in San Francisco
Basement retaining wall Engineered and permitted job seepage drain below level of sewer 8' Need to drain out seepage to city sewer
Vicinity of Palou Ave in San Francisco
Our foundation has settled somewhat to the southeast. It's a poured concrete perimeter foundation. No serious cracks in it, just floors somewhat out of plumb. I'd like to get an estimate as to what it would take to re-level the foundation.
Vicinity of Filbert St in San Francisco
Water leaking from the basement Wall. the old channeling that was built with the house a long time ago are not diverting the water properly anymore.
Vicinity of Hayes Street in San Francisco
I would like to know the cost of retrofitting a 1920's building.
Vicinity of Cresta Vista Drive in San Francisco
Concrete wall in home office, below grade structure at bottom of a residence on a steep hill. Water leaking through cut in concrete wall when it rains, dripping into an unsealed "trough/drain" which leaks and runs down wall.
Vicinity of Ewing Ter in San Francisco
I have three beams in the downstairs garage that are not pinned to the concrete. Would like an estimate of process and cost for fixing this. Thanks!
Vicinity of Franklin Street in San Francisco
Existing building basement has water infiltration. Exterior of building footing is free open area and existing soil.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Earthquake salfty bolt foundation.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
I think I have some settlement issues with one corner of my house. I'd like to discuss with a rep on scheduling an inspection to review. Thanks.
Vicinity of Dunsmuir Street in San Francisco
We have a 1938 home. We have moisture in crawl space underneath our external stairwell.
Vicinity of Capp Street in San Francisco
We would like an estimate to encapsulate a 1,300 sq ft crawl space including a sump pump under our unit in San Francisco. Ideally looking for someone to come take a look Friday and give us a quote soon, with a start of the job asap. Thanks Duc
Vicinity of in San Francisco
I have a leak basement. I have some pixs I can send.
Vicinity of Kansas St in San Francisco
Water in basement/garage when it rains
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Interested in foundation drainage solutions (e.g. french drain installation).
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Vicinity of Congo Sgreet in San Francisco
We are looking to EQ retrofit our soft-story single family house. Thank you.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
I am inquiring about an estimate to earthquake retrofit a two unit residential building.
Vicinity of Patton St in San Francisco
Replace brick foundation
Vicinity of Williar Ave in San Francisco
We've recently taken possession of a 1916 A-frame house in San Francisco. Some inspections have revealed the house needs some foundation and seismic work.
Vicinity of Joost Avenue in San Francisco
My crawl space has open places and critters called rats are getting in. Need to know how much it would cost to clean out area and encapsulate.
Vicinity of Curtis St. in San Francisco
Foundation cracks
Vicinity of Anderson Street in San Francisco
Our floor-wall joint is leaking water and we are unsure why. We would like a quote.
Vicinity of Vencente in San Francisco
I have a floor that has heaved about an inch in some places. I want to put a laminate floor on top of it. The floor is too far out of level and flatness to do this. I need the concrete flattened.
Vicinity of Geary St in San Francisco
Level concrete to prepare for ceramic tile
Vicinity of Otsego in San Francisco
Concrete sidewalk panels near the homes entry stairway have settled causing the stairs to settle. Can polylevel raise the sidewalk and the stairs?
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Need help on legacy foundation and structural concerns...neighbors working on their foundation and have concerns re ours.
Vicinity of Irving Street in San Francisco
I need two restaurants floor releveled.
Vicinity of Lyell St. in San Francisco
Vicinity of Costa St in San Francisco
My house is on hill and its tilting. I also have a long retain wall that need to be replace
Vicinity of Monterey Blvd in San Francisco
Raising 3 story house approx 3", Foundation replacement, new footing, drain & WP system.
Vicinity of Pacific Ave in San Francisco
We have a job involving helical piers and would like you to price them.
Vicinity of Coleridge in San Francisco
Two story 1900's home n a hill with original brick foundation. mortar is failing and settling is occurring. need to see if repairs can be made to stabilize the foundation without having to replace the foundation.
Vicinity of Bright in San Francisco
Slumping floors and/or foundation settling in a 1905 cottage
Vicinity of Jones St in San Francisco
Soft story retrofit
Vicinity of Foerster St in San Francisco
I believe the foundation of the northern flank of my house needs to be capped. Are there other options? Can you provide an estimate?
Vicinity of in San Francisco
We have just bought a house and it needs some repairs to its foundations (as well as a few other things). Are you available for work? Would you be able to give me a quote? I can send you the home inspection report if that helps. Thanks
Vicinity of Montgomery in San Francisco
4 story house, each story is about 25 by 30 feet (2800 sq. ft. total). The floors on all 4 stories have settled on the down hill side between 4 and 11 inches. Doors stick when trying to open or close and a concrete porch attached to the bottom floor has a significant crack. The house abuts houses on either side with no "light" between but not attached to either house. Foundation needs to be stabilized to prevent further settlement.
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Settling in a house I'm buying. Central richmond area. Need quote on repairing, stabilizing.
Vicinity of Turk St in San Francisco
3 story Victorian with a crumbling foundation due to water damage. Had home inspection done and recommendation was to reinforce with rebar and replace the water damaged area with new concrete.
Vicinity of Lomita Ave in San Francisco
My house is tilting and needs to be lifted with jacks and retrofitted
Vicinity of in San Francisco
Old 4' concrete retaining wall shared with neighbors. Neighbors tree root ball caused wall to lean. Tree removed, but wall still leans. Can wall be salvaged and stabilized to support a new wood fence?
Vicinity of Ortega Street in San Francisco
There is a long, tilted crack on the retaining wall (about 3' tall) in my backyard shared with a neighbor. I'm interested in finding out if you can use the Helical Pier to secure it. Roughly what the cost would be? Thanks!
Vicinity of Urbano Drive in San Francisco
I have a broken foundation beam under my house. Please come out and give me an estimate for repair. Thanks

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