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Foundation Repair of CA is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Redwood City. Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA's recent work requests in Redwood City and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Redwood City, CA
Vicinity of Helena Way in Redwood City
Need to level a concrete slab in my driveway.
Vicinity of Chatham Ct in Redwood City
We are doing a remodel/addition and would like a vapor barrier and replace sump pump.
Vicinity of in Redwood City
I have a concrete patio that is sinking and I'd like to fix it.
Vicinity of Jefferson Ave. in Redwood City
The cracks in my walls that prompted me to call you and have my foundation repaired have reappeared
Vicinity of Martinique Dr in Redwood City
One side of my house is settling/sinking. I am looking for a remediation.
Vicinity of Montwood Circle in Redwood City
Need to level sagging bedroom floor above crawl space.
Vicinity of Jefferson Ave in Redwood City
Sloping floor and uneven door frame
Vicinity of Johnson St in Redwood City
Vicinity of Ohio Ave in Redwood City
Our completely remodeled slab house, (excluding cabinets and flooring), still has uneven and severely cracked concrete slab. Can you help to get this flooring leveled good enough to install porcelain tile?
Vicinity of Upland Road in Redwood City
We are remodeling our house and the contractors noticed that the floor is slanted by more than 4" in our front room. Foundation inspection found that the foundation is sinking in one corner due to drainage issues (but is not cracked). We will need to install piers to prevent further settling and also lift the house to level.
Vicinity of Stanley St in Redwood City
Need to secure perimeter foundation. May need other retrofitting.
Vicinity of Ruby Street in Redwood City
Would like to receive a quote for repairing the garage foundation
Vicinity of Lakeview Way in Redwood City
My carport was built in 1948 and the asphalt floor along the side where all the weight goes is cracking (45' long). The cracks go deep into the ground like 10" deep and are getting worse over time. The plywood siding along this wall is buckling and is pushing the drain pipe out.....
Vicinity of Center St in Redwood City
Hello, I'm want to get a quote for foundation seams like sinked I hope to get someone to look at it tomorrow. Saturday Thank you.
Vicinity of Maddux Dr in Redwood City
Foundation settlement causing drywall cracks in home.
Vicinity of Glenloch Way in Redwood City
I have an older home in the Emerald Hills area of Redwood City that requires a foundation crack repair as well as a new foundation for different portion of the home.
Vicinity of Radio Road in Redwood City
Slightly sunken site walkway concrete pavement. Differential settlement between adjacent sections.
Vicinity of Inner Circle in Redwood City
12/12 small building rise, move forward 4ft, level, new foundation.
Vicinity of Scenic Drive in Redwood City
We have multiple doors sticking and cracks showing up in our interior and exterior walls.
Vicinity of Oxford Street in Redwood City
My home is 80 years old and the wood columns & potentially the cement bases supporting our floating foundation need to be replaced. Thanks
Vicinity of Avenue Del Ora in Redwood City
Foundation settling unevenly on clay soil.
Vicinity of Upland Rd in Redwood City
Hardwood floors in house are buckling. Issue seems to be in the crawl space. Would like to find and fix the issue.
Vicinity of Myrtle St. in Redwood City
I am looking to earthquake retrofit my home that was built in 1936.
Vicinity of Hoover Street in Redwood City
My house is pier and beam construction and has settled in a couple locations. Would you please contact me for a quote on repairs? Thank you!
Vicinity of Spring in Redwood City
Two separate areas of our warehouse floor gradually dip 2 inches to the center. It was purposely done by the last tenants. Our forklift drivers are getting stuck and wearing out the tire. Approximately 150 sq.ft (guessing) per area needing attention. We have 2 other drains in the floor that need to be covered as well. I hope to hear from you all soon. Thank you.
Vicinity of Buena Vista Ave in Redwood City
We have remodelled our house, and new foundation has been poured in certain areas to meet earthquake standards. However, we have now (4 years later) settling issues are causing some windows not to open anymore. It seems the old foundation is sinking more than the new one. I would like to know what the possibilities are. George
Vicinity of Jefferson Ave in Redwood City
Cracks on top of the front door. Can not lock door properly.
Vicinity of Belmont Ave in Redwood City
Web craw space
Vicinity of Circle Road in Redwood City
House is built on pier & beam. North-west corner of the home appears to be sinking.
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Redwood City
The existing structure is a 1920s vintage home (3br/1ba) with no concrete foundation, and we would like an estimate to add a concrete foundation.
Vicinity of Glenwood Ave in Redwood City
* Sloping Floors in many areas of home * Need to Repair shimmed floor framing and shimmed girder. * Need to Seismically retrofit un-braced cripple walls. * Repair improperly out of plumb wood posts. * Repair a few foundation cracks * Repair cracked concrete and corroded exposed steel reinforcement in foundation * Install a front footing drain along the South and East side of home. * Install a sump pump.
Vicinity of King Street in Redwood City
We have several cracks along doors and interior walls. We'd like to have someone review the crawlspace and determine what we might need to do or confirm it's just shifting of the house and is superficial.
Vicinity of Roosevelt in Redwood City
Hi- Purchasing this home built in 1923-it is currently only on piers. Need a contractor for a renovation loan program to raise home and build a foundation. Is this work you perform? It is a 900 sq ft home- 2bd/1 bath. Looks dry under the house. Any average cost for this type of work? Looking forward to hearing from you soon-
Vicinity of CLINTON ST in Redwood City
Old cantilevered foundation is rolling and cracked
Vicinity of Skiff Cir in Redwood City
The backyard and side yard have multiple tripping hazards, we want to see if we can repair it if possible or if not how much to replace.
Vicinity of Brairfield Av in Redwood City
I have a wet basement, and a french drain system that needs repair. The space under the house water flow is up to 16 gallon an hour. The drain system around the house is broken at this time.
Vicinity of ELM ST in Redwood City
One side of the house has sloping floors. Multiple issues found in the crawl space.
Vicinity of Bay Road in Redwood City
I'm planning to purchase a home and would like an estimate on how much to fix the foundation problem
Vicinity of Ruby in Redwood City
Ceiling cracks, sticky doors, sagging roof (cracked rafters and failed supports!)
Vicinity of Ethel Court in Redwood City
Interested in helical pile installation in Woodside, Cal.
Vicinity of King St in Redwood City
Minor foundation cracks Sagging pier at middle of house.
Vicinity of St Francis Street in Redwood City
Shore up/repair beam support where soil settling has occurred and causesd gap in support.
Vicinity of Douglas Ave in Redwood City
Front of the house is settling and leaving cracks the walls. Door jambs are off.
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Redwood City
Noticed cracks developing on the interior drywall and outside on the stucco. Concerned about the foundation of our 2 story house.
Vicinity of Fulton Street in Redwood City
Beam support.
Vicinity of Ebener St in Redwood City
Vicinity of Maryland Street in Redwood City
I am trying to remove contingencies on a house sale however there is a slab foundation that appears to have settled on one side of the house, this is visible via a crack.
Vicinity of Ebener Street in Redwood City
Uneven pathway about 2' X 50'
Vicinity of Jefferson, Ave in Redwood City
My interior footings are in poor shape. There is a noticeable sag in several parts of the house. The house is a single story building
Vicinity of Page Street in Redwood City
I have one room that is 2 inches lower and pulling down my small home, want jacks all under the home, quote on repair not a whole new foundation...clay soil here.
Vicinity of Norman St. in Redwood City
I have a house In Redwood City CA that is on a raised foundation. The foundation is cracked around the perimeter and the floor of the house is no longer level. In the winter the house shifts enough to prevent the front door from opening. The house needs to have the foundation repaired and the floor re-leveled.
Vicinity of Ruby Street in Redwood City
I'm in contract to purchase a home with a structural concern. I need to make the necessary repair prior to move in. Could you send someone out to take a look and recommend the course of correction and cost?

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