Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Pleasanton, CA
Vicinity of Navalle Ct in Pleasanton
Split level house; one corner seems lower
Vicinity of Gibson Ct. in Pleasanton
Noticed cracking at foundation
Vicinity of Arbor Ct. in Pleasanton
Floor jack were installed under our house many years ago but now the floor is sinking on one side of the house. Not sure if Jacks just need to be adjusted or what.
Vicinity of Skylark Way in Pleasanton
Crack in home
Vicinity of Hopkins Ct. in Pleasanton
I have a 3' wide deck that is settling and pulling away from the pool I want to raise.
Vicinity of Crater Lake Court in Pleasanton
We need to level our floors. We live in pleasant to where the grounds are know for moving due to the clay soil.
Vicinity of Sutter Gate Avenue in Pleasanton
Hi, A portion of my pool deck needs lifting.
Vicinity of Inglewood Dr in Pleasanton
Floor sinking back bedrooms and other areas
Vicinity of Beech Court in Pleasanton
Foundation settling around our house. Doors stick, wallboard cracks, floors tilt.
Vicinity of W Las Positas Bovd in Pleasanton
I would like to get a quote for a seismic retrofit (brace & bolt) of my 2 story, 1975 built house.
Vicinity of Woodthrush Ct in Pleasanton
Vicinity of Ashley Court in Pleasanton
We feel our foundation has some crack which is causing inside and outside wall cracks.
Vicinity of Junipero Street in Pleasanton
Poor drainage under the house, standing water in winter, floors feel damp, evidence of dry rot.
Vicinity of Runnymede Ct. in Pleasanton
Foundation and drainage system examination/repair.
Vicinity of Belleza Dr in Pleasanton
My townhome has sloping floor and cracks in the wall. I need to have my unit examined for settlement and foundation concerns.
Vicinity of Mt. McKinley Ct. in Pleasanton
One corner of house is settling.
Vicinity of Allbrook Cir in Pleasanton
3 issues : I have few posts in the crawlspace out of plumb(slanted ). There are few cracks around the windows. The front porch pillar is slanted.
Vicinity of Blackbird Way in Pleasanton
We have a back room where the floor is sloping and we need to get someone to take a look at our foundation in that corner. BTW we have crawlspace access to the area that is sloping.
Vicinity of Happy Valley Rd in Pleasanton
Water is leaking into the crawl space on the East side of the home. I am not able to locate how, so need some help to figure it out and water proof it. I have pumped out the water and sand-bagged where I believe it is coming in at, which is helping some, but not entirely, still getting some water coming in. The dampness around the foundation is affecting the front door frame which is also on that side of the house.
Vicinity of Carver Ct in Pleasanton
There are cracks in several rooms of my home. I want to check if it is due to the foundation issue and a quote for the repair if it is required.
Vicinity of Malbec Ct. in Pleasanton
The door and window openings aren't square. Small crack in the sheetrock. House is settling. Also adding a large fish tank so framing underneath will need to be bulked up.
Vicinity of Hillsboro Ct in Pleasanton
Crawl space water problem
Vicinity of Holland Dr. in Pleasanton
The slab(s) in my garage have sunk and are not level. This problem is getting worse and is now causing an issue with my garage door closure. I am interested to get an estimate on leveling the garage, with the potential to have some areas in the back year addressed as well (again due to sinking slabs).
Vicinity of Menlo Court in Pleasanton
Sagging floors in home over crawl space. Uneven concrete in garage. Please email during the day or call after 4pm.
Vicinity of Denker Dr in Pleasanton
Hi there, Just noticed few cracks near the doors and also a Crack between wall and ceiling. We just bought this house last year and inspection done that time came clean. So was wondering whether our house needs some leveling or not. Let me know how we can proceed further. I noticed your crew working in one of the house in our street so thought of contacting you guy s. Cheers, Sushant
Vicinity of Alma Ct in Pleasanton
Our home needs some under pinning. Looking for a second opinion and quote
Vicinity of Bersano Ct in Pleasanton
Would lke get a price to have my under house crawl space encapsulated
Vicinity of in Pleasanton
We have settlement in 2 office in our suite.
Vicinity of Belleza Drive in Pleasanton
Foundation appears to be floating above the dirt. Cracks appearing inside the house. Common problem in this area.
Vicinity of McHenry Gate Way in Pleasanton
I'd like to make an appointment with your professionals to look at the settlement problem of our house and to receive a free cost estimate of the repair solutions. Please call me.
Vicinity of Harpers Ferry Ct. in Pleasanton
Interested in foundation inspection due to drought conditions -- change in soil level.
Vicinity of Dorman Rd in Pleasanton
Foundation is sinking on one side of house. It has sunk about 6 inches.
Vicinity of Vintner Way in Pleasanton
We would like our flooring stabilized and leveled. the flooring droops and bows at certain spots, where there are jacks or piers supporting.
Vicinity of D Street in Pleasanton
Have a garage floor that has sunk. Investigating polylevel solution.
Vicinity of Beecham Ct in Pleasanton
The foundation of my house has settled almost 4" in one corner. Other 3 corners are proper and the settlement is linear from the adjustment corners. The settled corner and adjustment sides needs to be lifted back to original position.
Vicinity of Suffolk Way in Pleasanton
I would like to receive and estimate to polyjack the concrete walkway around my home to slope away from the house. It currently slopes towards the house in some spots.
Vicinity of Ashwood DR in Pleasanton
Foundation uneven, some cracks on walls & doors hard to close, has crawl space
Vicinity of Dorman in Pleasanton
House movement, cracks, doors changing, bedroom sagging.
Vicinity of Rockingham in Pleasanton
Cripple wall retrofitting on half the house, the other half is on a slab
Vicinity of Churchill Drive in Pleasanton
Suspect we may have a foundation issue. Numerous cracks in walls and ceiling appearing.
Vicinity of Rayland Court in Pleasanton
Kitchen floor is sagging under the refrigerator, small cracks in the wall and door frame are starting to show. I believe there is an issue with the wood pier posts under the kitchen.
Vicinity of Bonita Ave in Pleasanton
Foundation has sunk in front of house. Need quote to level.
Vicinity of Prospect Court in Pleasanton
Our house is sinking. We would like an estimate to level it.

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