Work Requests in Pleasant Hill

Foundation Repair of CA is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Pleasant Hill. Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA's recent work requests in Pleasant Hill and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Pleasant Hill, CA
Vicinity of Adria Dr in Pleasant Hill
We have a broken slab in our house in the Gregory Gardens development in Pleasant Hill. We're interested in receiving a free estimate on the cost to fix the cracks and level it out. Thank you.
Vicinity of Blue Gum Ct. in Pleasant Hill
We have a very limited crawl space under the house and want to investigate options of deepening those paths that lead to pipes, etc in case of repair. We also have a damp smell, but only noticed this since all the rain this season. The house was built in 1967 but we have been in it for 5 years. This is not an emergency but would like to get an estimate and discuss options.
Vicinity of CAMELBACK RD in Pleasant Hill
HAVE AN INSPECTION REPORT. Sections of the crawl space have been undermined. One or more piers and post of the crawl space are marginally connected and/or shimmed.
Vicinity of Bridgewater Way in Pleasant Hill
I would like to have my house inspected for possible foundation weakness or failure and to do seismic retrofit work.
Vicinity of Shirley Dr in Pleasant Hill
I have some door sticking and latches not lining up; a few areas of small separation of floor from baseboards. These all showed up in the last couple of days with the heavy rains and so I would like an estimate of what my repairs would need to be at this point. Thanks! David
Vicinity of Doray Dr in Pleasant Hill
Settling cracks and possible foundation shifting
Vicinity of Burns Ct in Pleasant Hill
Foundation tilted or shifted
Vicinity of Greendell Place in Pleasant Hill
Cracks in the walls and ceilings. Pool deck cracked.
Vicinity of Betty Lane in Pleasant Hill
My house is about 60 years old and was built on a cement slab foundation. The slab is cracked and the floor near the chimney has settled noticeably in the five years since the height of the chimney was increased during a remodel project. The back side of the house is settling (or heaving above tree roots), and a French door that opens to the back yard is out of plumb. I probably will not be able to open or close this door within a couple of months at the rate the house is shifting. Can the settlement problems be corrected? I suspect that poor drainage around the house may be contributing the problems. I look forward to discussing this with you in detail.
Vicinity of Vivian Drive in Pleasant Hill
I have a slab on grade, no re-bar. The weight of the outside walls appears to be weighing the perimeter of the slab down and causing large cracks, especially in the middle of the slab.
Vicinity of Stevenson Dr in Pleasant Hill
Foundation bolting and cripple wall bracing, as needed. House is 1389 Sq. ft., with concrete perimeter.
Vicinity of Wildwood Court in Pleasant Hill
Our home is 36 years old and we don't have floor joists. We have 1 1/8 plywood over girders spaced approximately 4' Our floor is bouncy.
Vicinity of Ruth Dr in Pleasant Hill
We recently purchased this house and we were planning on doing our own floating wood floors. However, it turns out the original owner did an addition but failed to utilize J-bolts or something to tie the new concrete slab to the existing. Now the floor has a noticeable height and gap difference. We would like to address this issue before installation of new wood floors, but not sure if we can do this within our budget. Thank you in advance
Vicinity of Elaine DV in Pleasant Hill
Settling slab around entire house, numerous cracking walls.

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