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Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Milpitas, CA
Vicinity of Saratoga Dr in Milpitas
Earthquake Retrofitting
Vicinity of Butano Dr in Milpitas
We may have a minor crack in the foundation pier. We need estimates to get that fixed. We also have some uneven concrete that needs to be leveled out.
Vicinity of Mesa Verde Drive in Milpitas
House has lots of cracks. Lots of movement after it rains. Floors are bowed. Crawl space is very shallow. Suspect foundation has sank.
Vicinity of Pashote Ct in Milpitas
I have a foundation crack vertical have to fix that. Its just a 8 to 10 inch vertical with 1/4 thickness gap.
Vicinity of Mt. Diablo Ave in Milpitas
Rim joist rot repair Exterior/interior moisture control Crawlspace sealing & encapsulation
Vicinity of Big Bend Drive in Milpitas
Notice cupping of hardwood floor. Interested in vapor barrier as well. Could you please come over to take a look and give us an estimate?
Vicinity of Russell Lane in Milpitas
House has settled about 3 inches, need to quote for remedy
Vicinity of Coelho St in Milpitas
Foundation inspection and repair prior to room addition.
Vicinity of Aguilar Ct. in Milpitas
Vicinity of Tice Dr in Milpitas
I am interested in earthquake retrofit for a single-story, attached garage, single-family house built in 1971. Can you help?
Vicinity of Martil Way in Milpitas
Home inspection says there is repair work in crawl space and wanted to check if there is any issue with the foundation. Also one of the foundation bolts is missing. Wanted to check if this is a big deal.
Vicinity of Chestnut Ave in Milpitas
We have horizontal cracks throughout many portions of the perimeter of the house. We are not sure if there are foundation cracks or cracks in the stucco above the foundation. We need an estimate because we are selling our house and it came up on our property inspection. Thank you.
Vicinity of Glasgow Ct. in Milpitas
Standing water in crawl space during winters, despite French drain installed across backyard and along one side of house. Unsure of source -- irrigation, pond runoff, plumbing leaks, or simply winter rains. Soil is assessed to be highly expansive (clay properties).
Vicinity of E Carlo St in Milpitas
The outdoor lunch area at our preschool has some heaving slabs and we would like to even the edges it for safety reasons.
Vicinity of Amur Court in Milpitas
Water in crawl space
Vicinity of Bryce Ct in Milpitas
The foundation is settling so the floors are no longer level. The walls are cracking everywhere: shearing, cracking, and newly added wall shows 1/4" gap at the ceiling within only a few years. The sliding door frame is not square anymore. Bay windows have been slowly cracking over the years. The walkways and drive way concrete slabs are shifting around and cracking. The exterior wall has cracks showing in the stucco in several places. The foundation is concrete footing with piers throughout the craw space. The craw space is about 2 feet clearance. The house is single story, about 1200sqft.
Vicinity of Carnegie in Milpitas
6 inch movement under slab floor
Vicinity of Carnegie in Milpitas
6 inch movement under slab floor
Vicinity of Greenrock Rd in Milpitas
Please estimate my foundation cracking
Vicinity of W Capitol Ave in Milpitas
Building inspector told me I should have an inspector look at a foudation area
Vicinity of Silvera Street in Milpitas
Wall cracks.
Vicinity of Hanson Ct in Milpitas
Please contact me. I have a large crack in our foundation. the building is 9500 sq ft.
Vicinity of S. Temple Dr. in Milpitas
Uneven floor and need to fix the foundation
Vicinity of Carlsbad Ct. in Milpitas
Our house (built in 1977) has some crack in the foundation, drywall, and around doors and windows; Doors don't close properly and floors are not even. We would like to evaluate our house for potential foundation problem(s) and get a quote for any repairs that might be needed. Thank you.

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