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Foundation Repair of CA is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Los Gatos. Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA's recent work requests in Los Gatos and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Los Gatos, CA
Vicinity of Newell CT in Los Gatos
I need to change the retainer wall on side-yard with neighbor's lot. Neighbor's lot is 3.5' higher than mine, he is not a caring neighbor (cheap & difficult person) and with the slope toward my lot, rain water pours to my side. I want a strong retainer wall, which has to be waterproof and go deep in ground so water does not easily pass under the wall toward my lot. Is that possible. Length of border with neighbor is about 60 feet. Thanks.
Vicinity of Vineyard Court in Los Gatos
I have a small remodel project and need a quote on installing 4 helical piers in garage area
Vicinity of Sunset Drive in Los Gatos
Approx 35 year old home Cracks above doorways Some sloping floors Some evidence of settling Garage floor sloping
Vicinity of Hidden Springs Lane in Los Gatos
Water leakage into the bottom floor or the house. Need to find the water source. House already has French drains all around it.
Vicinity of Willow Hill Ct in Los Gatos
Crawl space vent repair/installation
Vicinity of Elwood Drive in Los Gatos
I am a real estate agent representing buyers on the purchase of the property above. We would like a foundation inspection conducted as soon as possible. Please let me know your earliest availability and the cost. Thank you!
Vicinity of Via Teresa in Los Gatos
I have a severely cracked slab in my detached garage. I would like to level the foundation to add a sub floor. The eventual goal is to finish the garage as an office/guest room. Thanks!
Vicinity of Crescent Dr. in Los Gatos
Damp crawlspace
Vicinity of Mariposa Avenue in Los Gatos
Would like estimate for waterproofing our basement
Vicinity of Belvue Dr in Los Gatos
Sticky doors
Vicinity of Hilow in Los Gatos
Crack in perimeter foundation under sliding door.
Vicinity of Summerwood Dr in Los Gatos
Slant in the floorring on second floor of the two story home.
Vicinity of Belgatos Road in Los Gatos
Request a quote for foundation repair.
Vicinity of College Ave in Los Gatos
House built in 1960. Perimeter foundation has settled on one side of house. Need push pins along a 30' section.
Vicinity of Calle Estoria in Los Gatos
Water come in the crawl space. We have a sump pump installed but want to see if there is a way to avoid water from coming into the crawl space.
Vicinity of Union Ave in Los Gatos
Quote for basement waterproofing, waterproof flooring, and crawl space moisture control.
Vicinity of Prospect Ave. in Los Gatos
Foundation Inspection Required
Vicinity of Belwood Gateway in Los Gatos
Several doors are sticking. The Front Door in particular is of concern as for at least 15 years there has not been a problem. There also seem to be several areas where the floors are spongy. The problems may be associated with the drought. We have french drains surrounding the entire periphery of the house to direct water away from the foundation and under the house.
Vicinity of Golf Links Drive in Los Gatos
Room addition requires helical piers before foundation and retaining walls can be added in half-basement area. We are interested in what parts of that you can bid.
Vicinity of Old Ranch Road in Los Gatos
Earthquake retofit
Vicinity of Villa in Los Gatos
We are seeking to purchase this property but the foundation is very questionable. We send a quote in order to pursue this further.
Vicinity of Wheeler in Los Gatos
I am a listing agent. We have a 99+ year home that property inspector said needs a new foundation. We need a bid to see how much that will cost.
Vicinity of Hidden Drive in Los Gatos
Adobe-style residence on slab has a corner of the living room that has settled 4-6 inches. Need estimate to level it.

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