Work Requests in Livermore

Foundation Repair of CA is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Livermore. Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA's recent work requests in Livermore and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Livermore, CA
Vicinity of Andrea Circle in Livermore
House on foundation need to repair floor damage before kitchen remodel
Vicinity of Bella Vista Place in Livermore
We have a pool deck area that has settled and would like to see if you can lift it to level against the surrounding flagstone edging.
Vicinity of Aries Court in Livermore
I have some potential horizonal cracks on the side of my slab, not sure if this is degradation of conrete, spalling, or potentially cracks due to moisture/expansion of rebar. I'd like your opinion, and recommendation for a repair.
Vicinity of Rickenbacker Circle in Livermore
We have a heavy traveled warehouse floor that is in need of repair.
Vicinity of RIVERS BEND CIR in Livermore
Our front walk way up to our front porch has dropped about 1-2 inches.
Vicinity of Brookdale Lane in Livermore
Walkway from sidewalk to front door has sunken.
Vicinity of in Livermore
Need to bolt house frame to foundation
Vicinity of Via Seville in Livermore
Our floor has a hump that looks like the support under it is higher than the rest of the room. It looks significant enough that it would limit options for resurfacing the floor to only flexible materials like carpet (it's original 1959 wood floor now).
Vicinity of Industrial Way Suite B in Livermore
Concrete dock repair to warehouse
Vicinity of Wagoner Dr. in Livermore
Front of the house is sinking.
Vicinity of Loch Lomand Way in Livermore
I have side access at my house and either the concrete is sinking or the foundation is lifting
Vicinity of De Leon Way in Livermore
I have some areas of my home that aren't level. Over 1" drop in some places. I would like to get the floors leveled.
Vicinity of Heather Lane in Livermore
Unable to lock top bolt lock on front door and now bedroom on the same side of the house will not open & close correctly. Never had this issue before. Would like someone to come out and give a free inspection to see if in fact it's the house foundation or not. Thank you
Vicinity of Idlewild Drive in Livermore
The brick chimney has pulled away from the house and is causing about an inch gap between the interior wall and ceiling.
Vicinity of Voyager St in Livermore
We have warehouse about 20k sqft of wall many have crack and also water come in.
Vicinity of Chippewa Way in Livermore
Several of our doors are jammed and starting to see some cracking in the walls.
Vicinity of Jami Ct in Livermore
Hairline cracks in walls and larger cracks in the ceiling that follow a stair type pattern.
Vicinity of Holladay Ct in Livermore
I can feel cracks in my floor through the carpet. I'm planning on redoing my floors through the whole house and want to make sure that if there are any issues with the floor or foundation I address those first. The home is single story direct to slab foundation.
Vicinity of Vintage Lane in Livermore
Tired of under the cement slab PVC drain getting clogged. Want to have installed a grated drain system.
Vicinity of Vienna Str in Livermore
Two doorways into the kitchen area show cracks when wallboard is pulling away from the door frames. On the eastern side it is quite pronounced, and across the room on the west, it has begun. The eastern entry has had a minor crack on a curve from ceiling down a few inches, but in the last six months it has grown considerably. i have my own idea of a possible cause (there is a add-on porch outside both those walls.... perhaps the porch is sinking ...)
Vicinity of S. Vasco Rd. in Livermore
Need warehouse patch and grinding on concrete surface for forklift and inventory safety.
Vicinity of Crane Ridge Road in Livermore
Standing water in crawl space during winter months; moisture in crawl space during summer months
Vicinity of Evelyn Way in Livermore
We have a client buying a home in Livermore and want to get a quote to get the sidewalk repaired. Thanks.
Vicinity of Adams Ave in Livermore
Garage floor slab cracked and lifted 3/4". Also have vertical cracks in foundation viewed from crawl space.
Vicinity of Norma Way in Livermore
There are various cracks in the drywall along with gaps in doors. I repaired a couple of drywall cracks and recently the tape showed signs of buckling.
Vicinity of Warsaw Ave in Livermore
Need vapor barrier installed. Having new furnace installed.
Vicinity of North O St. in Livermore
Foundation wood repair and earthquake retrofit.
Vicinity of Knottingham Circle in Livermore
Looking into crawlspace encapsulation
Vicinity of Balboa Way in Livermore
Rise in sidewalk in front of house.
Vicinity of South L Street in Livermore
Single story home in livermore, ca. foundation is crumbling along 2 walls. i would like a quote to remove and replace the concrete foundation -or- (if possible) repair the existing foundation. thank you,
Vicinity of Central Ave in Livermore
Side yard slab seems to have settled around drain in the middle causing one side to rise approx. 3". Can e-mail photos if desired.
Vicinity of North P Street in Livermore
Wood foundation with crawl space. Hardwood floor squeaks and uneven in a couple areas of the house. Interior cracks visible on interior walls. Would like to receive a quote on crawl space repair and leveling of foundation. Thanks
Vicinity of Bluebird Ave. in Livermore
I am seeing some cracks in my interior walls and I know some of the pier blocks in the crawlspace under the house are no longer supporting the house.
Vicinity of Doolan Rd in Livermore
One story ranch house has excessive differential settlement. Want to see if it can be leveled.
Vicinity of Delaware Way in Livermore
Sagging/uneven floor. Concerned about proper storm drainage and water pooling under the house causing these issues.
Vicinity of Yorkshire Drive in Livermore
House is settling cracks and doors don't close
Vicinity of Burgess St in Livermore
Have cracks in the walls. Would like someone to come out this week (Week of July 22) to do a complimentary inspection and provide an estimate. I own the house.

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