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Foundation Repair of CA is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Fremont. Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA's recent work requests in Fremont and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Fremont, CA
Vicinity of Everglades Park Dr. in Fremont
I have a cracked foundation
Vicinity of Locke Ave in Fremont
My crawlspace is wet and has water after rainy days.
Vicinity of PRADERIA Circle in Fremont
I like to have my uneven driveway fix. But could I have a free estimate first?
Vicinity of McDuff Avenue in Fremont
After inspection we have been advised to install a barrier in the crawlspace, a sump pump, and other repair issues. This is due to water damage under the house.
Vicinity of Hillview Drive in Fremont
Sub Floor sloping between 1/2 inch to 3/4 from the center of house to outer wall. The chimney has been removed .
Vicinity of Purpleleaf St in Fremont
Foundation check Concrete lift
Vicinity of Mowry Eve in Fremont
Need help to inspect the house throughly include crawlspace and structure before closing. Then provide estimate of fixing. Prefer today in the morning.
Vicinity of Lerwick Street in Fremont
I have home inspection report, it looks like some crawl space improvement needs to be done, I would like to get quote ASAP before lift home inspection contingency. Would you kindly call you and set free estimate? I can also send the home inspection report for you to review first. Many thanks Tracy
Vicinity of Pontiac Way in Fremont
Cracks on interior walls getting worse over the years, interior door not able to close anymore... wondering if there are problems with foundation that need to be addressed. In rainy seasons, one side of yard had problem with flooding that might have contributed to problem? Also curious about potential need for earthquake retrofitting/bracing.
Vicinity of Cochise Ct in Fremont
Cracks on the ceilings, walls, fireplace, difficulty in opening and closing windows and doors.
Vicinity of Lippert Ave in Fremont
Hi, We observe jammed doors, uneven floor, cracks around windows and doors on stucco in our house. It may be related to the soil and moisture in crawl space. Please investigate and give us an estimate on how to fix the problem. Thanks, Haihong
Vicinity of Nicolet Avenue in Fremont
Foundation Cracks
Vicinity of Dolerita Ave. in Fremont
Street curve of the sidewalk
Vicinity of Arcadian Street in Fremont
I have a floor sag in the center of house around the load bearing walls. Dry-wall cracks are visible and the floor level is slanted towards the center. Unfortunately, it's the area where our Kitchen is, and the refrigerator is also installed. Like you to advise me with the solution and an estimate.
Vicinity of Stocker Ct in Fremont
I have a patio room with a slab. Some form of rodents have dug under it and removed a large amount of supporting material. The slab has cracked and sunken a bit.
Vicinity of Centeno Road in Fremont
My home has a horizontal crack on the foundation in the crawlspace at the rear. Looking for risk assessment and quote for repair.
Vicinity of Quintana Way in Fremont
I'm in the process of buying this house and the initial inspection determined horizontal cracks in the front foundation wall. Would like to know how much an evaluation would cost and what typical treatment costs range. Email is best way to contact me. Thanks.
Vicinity of Sueno Way in Fremont
Windows and doors won't open properly
Vicinity of H Street in Fremont
We are contract to purchase a 816 sqft home in the Niles area of Fremont. We would like to get an estimate for the work that needs to be done. From the inspection report, it will need a new foundation. We would like an estimate as soon as possible ( we are in a 5 day contingency period) Thank you!
Vicinity of Westinghouse Dr in Fremont
Concrete sidewalk need level
Vicinity of Oak Street in Fremont
I am in process of purchasing a home and need inspection and estimates of the undermined section of crawl space.
Vicinity of Lemarc Street in Fremont
Sidewalk moved up by 2inches by root. Need to level it.
Vicinity of Riverbank Terrace in Fremont
No Concerns, need to evaluate if retrofit is needed
Vicinity of Alcazar Ct in Fremont
I would like to get a quote on crawl space insulation and earthquake retrofitting. My house was built in 1965, single-story, single-family house, with crawl space and 1630 sq ft.
Vicinity of Chann Ct in Fremont
Evaluate cracks in the wall, unleveled floor and doors not closing properly.
Vicinity of Guadalupe Terrace in Fremont
Need to change level of concrete so water drains away from my garage, as well as fix uneven sidewalk.
Vicinity of Morley Place in Fremont
90%+ relative humidity in subfloor a couple weeks after recent rains
Vicinity of Gibraltar Dr in Fremont
Retrofitting the foundation for the earthquake.
Vicinity of Claremont Park Ct in Fremont
We want to inspect our house (single family - one story- built in1960) to see If need any plan to make it earthquake proof or do Earthquake Retrofitting for the house.
Vicinity of Alta Ct in Fremont
Need left side of the house lifted. Thanks, Jeff Oliphant
Vicinity of Merlot Drive in Fremont
Crawl space under the house wet. I believe water from the backyard after a rain is going under the house.
Vicinity of in Fremont
Old house old foundation
Vicinity of Crestwood Street in Fremont
Need to do some foundation work at my home.
Vicinity of Espada Ct. in Fremont
Earthquake protection
Vicinity of Donahue Ter in Fremont
Horizontal crack near the base of foundation (above ground). Big long pieces of surface concrete has been fallen off, and I could see the significantly rusted rebar (just one long horizontal one). Please call today. Thanks!
Vicinity of Windmill Drive in Fremont
I live on a hill and when we have substantial rain I seem to get water coming into my house.The water is underneath in my basement.No worries you can walk around under my house.My heater and water heater are located in the same area. We want to be ready and not have to keep scooping water from underneath my house.Please let me know when you are available to come to Fremont? Thank you
Vicinity of Onondaga Pl in Fremont
Cracks around window frame in the living room
Vicinity of Via San Luis Rey in Fremont
Need to retrofit my foundation to make it stronger. We have a crawl soace
Vicinity of Carol Ave. in Fremont
Broke and a piece of the road rose
Vicinity of Casa Marcia Place in Fremont
A recent termite inspection noted a "girder has been damaged by fungus and subterranean termites at the substructure". The damage is on the bottom of the girder where it sits upon the foundation.
Vicinity of Navajo Way in Fremont
We see cracks in our garage area.
Vicinity of Ashford Way in Fremont
Have sloping floor in two bedrooms and also a crack in drywall. Want to check the cause and fix it
Vicinity of Fordham Ct in Fremont
We've found the rats in the crawl place under the floor. Can you please check whether there is a crack in the foundation so that the rats can get in from the sewer? Thank you.
Vicinity of Michael Av in Fremont
Floor of house is tilted . Foundation needs to be leveled .
Vicinity of Whitecap Way in Fremont
My rental property wa built in 1962. I want is is stronger to against for earth quake. How much cost.
Vicinity of Medicine Bow Ct in Fremont
Old house. a few poles did not have good support. Can see the wall cracking.
Vicinity of Gifford Street in Fremont
I would like to get an estimate for earthquake retrofit and crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Camellia Dr in Fremont
Our house is on a slope, so the crawl space is muddy
Vicinity of Capistrano Drive in Fremont
Need a quote for foundation settling repair.
Vicinity of Kansas Way in Fremont
I found water under the crawl space of my house after rain. And wonder if their is an issue..
Vicinity of Second St in Fremont
Need overall house foundation inspection. Repair existing cracks and implement overall earthquake retrofit as needed. House has perimeter foundation with crawl space. Original house built in the late 1940's? Addition built 1990 has beefy foundation, no issues there. Old foundation is concrete but has cracks, probably no rebar. Please give me a call to discuss more detail. Thanks, Dave
Vicinity of Cottonwood Street in Fremont
I have a foundation issue. part of the house separating from the other. Crack approx 1/4 inch or more. visible slop.
Vicinity of in Fremont
7' crack in foundation inside house along load bearing (outside facing) wall. Foundation is uneven and crack is separated about 1" at maximum spread.
Vicinity of Maya Street in Fremont
I see many cracks around my house. The crawl space may have moisture. I'd like to know if the foundation of my house needs repair and what needs to be done.
Vicinity of Mcduff Ave in Fremont
Replace foundation jacks
Vicinity of Gable Drive in Fremont
Quote for foundation upgrade to meet current code.
Vicinity of Nebo Dr. in Fremont
New home has crawlspace; some posts aren't sitting squarely on their pilings. Need sense of how serious this is, and quote to fix. Thanks!
Vicinity of Andante St in Fremont
I have an area where the soil under my foundation has eroded away due to a water leak. It doesn't appear that there is any settling but there is a gap under the foundation
Vicinity of Jerome Ave in Fremont
The floor along an inside wall of living room is saggy, need cost estimate to repair.
Vicinity of Windmill Ct in Fremont
Settling or sinking
Vicinity of Sodaville Drive in Fremont
Need to fix some of the wood column support in craw space,
Vicinity of Lucinda Court in Fremont
Damp crawl space. one contractor did not find the root cause. need 2nd opinion.
Vicinity of Chaparra Dr in Fremont
Our house has a crawl space. When it rains, it smells in the house. Also, the door in the master bedroom always tilts to be open widely if not completely closed. It is dirty soil in the crawl space. Overall, tt needs an inspection firstly,then may need to install SmartJack,crawl space encapsulation system and/or vapor barrier system. My hearing is below average. So, please do me a favor by contacting me via email.
Vicinity of Yucatan Dr in Fremont
Doors not closing properly, sheetrock pop on one wall, floor cracking noises
Vicinity of Via Sombrio in Fremont
Crawlspace waterproofing. Inspect foundation around crawl space and repair any cracks.
Vicinity of Stonebridge Dr in Fremont
Horizontal cracks on the front part of the home foundation.
Vicinity of Eucalyptus Tr in Fremont
Some vertical cracks on the foundation wall in the backyard. Observing a couple of raised tiles in the kitchen directly behind the crack.
Vicinity of Night Shade Ln in Fremont
Need to get earthquake retrofit estimate
Vicinity of Starlite Way in Fremont
We have cracks on our drywall by the front door and by the front window of our home. No visual crack outside the house but I am not sure. Home was built in 1964.
Vicinity of Ellsworth St in Fremont
The corner of my house below the fireplace is sinking. There's a crack in the interior wall. Please provide estimate.
Vicinity of Purpleleaf St in Fremont
Foundation inspection of property.
Vicinity of Westinghouse Drive in Fremont
We have a few cracks on the exterior wall of our office. We would like to apply epoxy injection on the major one, and seal a few of the minor ones. Please provide an estimate for us, or we can schedule an appointment to go over the scope on site.
Vicinity of Spokane Place in Fremont
Cracks in sheetrock and front door sticks. Suspect settling piers on 30 yr. old house on heavy clay soil (lot is flat). Need plan to correct foundation issues and minimize movement.
Vicinity of Las Palmas in Fremont
The foundations between crawl space and garage has horizontal cracks along the entire length, about 18 feet.
Vicinity of Langhorn Dr in Fremont
The crawl space foundation wall in our house has a horizontal crack about two feet wide. The crack is visible from outside of house. In the crawl space, a rusted rebar exposes at roughly the same location and height. Not sure the crack goes all the way from outside to inside. Thank you for reading!

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