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Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in El Cerrito, CA
Vicinity of Tulare Ave. in El Cerrito
I bought this house recently. The chimney has sunk an inch or so and pulled the floor down around it. I think it is fine if it stays this way, and it's possible it has gone as far as it will. But I'm wondering, would pressure grouting be a feasible way to add some "insurance" for it to not sink further? The soil here is actually quite rocky and stable. It sank some apparently because 1) they add a brink caisson around the original chimney making it heavier, and 2) water from the roof drains right next to it (which I will fix). thanks
Vicinity of Arlington in El Cerrito
House we are buying has a brick foundation. Would like to know if we can replace and how much it would cost.
Vicinity of Village Dr in El Cerrito
Crawlspace settling/uneven floors/interior doors do not close.

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