Work Requests in Danville

Foundation Repair of CA is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Danville. Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA's recent work requests in Danville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Danville, CA
Vicinity of Remington Loop in Danville
Some of our piers are slipping a little and also need to be tied into the new addition we did a year ago.
Vicinity of Canyon Crest Drive in Danville
Cracks both horizontal and vertical inside of house, concern that tree roots are causing foundation problems
Vicinity of Mossy Oak Dr in Danville
House continues to move. Need to stabilize, anchor and level, Leveling jacks are in place.
Vicinity of Mossy Oak Dr in Danville
House continues to move. Need to stabilize, anchor and level, Leveling jacks are in place.
Vicinity of El Pintado Rd in Danville
3 projects. We have a long set of stairs in front of the house and there is a section of stairs and wall that has broke away sunk and tipped to the south. This happened because of 2 irrigation system leaks and bad drainage. 1-We need the stair raised and hopefully wall plumbed so we can finish stairs. 2-need drain holes added to the front retaining wall in general. 3-need hole in foundation on N side of NW corner. Please make appointment to see the project and provide quote
Vicinity of St George Road in Danville
Had the back of my house underpinned by bay area underpinning about 6 weeks ago but I have some interior foundation issues in certain areas of my main room that will need floor jacks
Vicinity of Sugar Maple Dr. in Danville
Getting a musty odor in the house from our crawl space.
Vicinity of La Mancha Ct in Danville
Concrete Sidewalk with aggragate surface, 3 foot by 8 1/2 foot has sunk about 1 inch .. need it raised to level and requesting a quote
Vicinity of Pulido Court in Danville
House built on slope. Cracks in wall. Door closing issues.
Vicinity of Saint Regis Drive in Danville
We have noticed exterior & interiors cracks in walls. Some sloping of floors in certain areas & doors not closing properly. We would like someone to come out to our home for a free estimate and inspection. Thank you!
Vicinity of Center Ct in Danville
Seeing some cracks on interior walls of homes and on exterior stucco. Concern is settling. Want to know if there is a foundation issue.
Vicinity of Belgian Dr. in Danville
Foundation settling?
Vicinity of Woodranch Cir in Danville
Deck next to pool coping has sunk about two inches. Looking for mud or foam jacking to repair
Vicinity of Pulido Court in Danville
Crack on Wall, sticky doors.
Vicinity of Campbell Place in Danville
We have a pool in our backyard and the decking in two locations has slipped approximately an inch. The pool itself has not moved. We live on a hillside and want to level these two spots out before cracking develops and they slip further. One section is approximately 4 ft. by 8ft. and one piece is approximately 4 ft. by 12 ft. but includes a few stairs. The first piece appears to be cement covered by rock tiles, while the second piece is simply colored cement.
Vicinity of Shadow Creek in Danville
One side of the house has fallen 4", causing humps in floors, cracks in walls, and doors that won't close.
Vicinity of Birchwood Ct in Danville
Need estimates for water removal, dry out, encapsulation, sump, dehumidifyer
Vicinity of Siena Place in Danville
Walkway from curb to front door. One place has sunk and now the concrete is cracked and separated.
Vicinity of Park Hill Road in Danville
Living room/Kitchen areas of single story house over crawl space. Seeing separation of walls from ceiling and large cracks in walls.
Vicinity of Sheri Lane in Danville
Possible foundation issues.
Vicinity of El Rio in Danville
Leaking under foundation into crawl space, and then into room next door. Can visibly see problems with foundation
Vicinity of Blue Spur Cir in Danville
We have cracking that goes parallel to our doorways as well as shooting diagonally from the corners of the doorway. We have other doors that are jamming (cannot be opened or closed smoothly). Our house is on a concrete slab. We would like to understand if any foundational issues are present.
Vicinity of Vista Dr in Danville
My floors are not level - and I have cracking through out my home. We had done some leveling with a recent floor remodel - but I am concerned that we are settling in various ways.
Vicinity of Elizabeth Ln in Danville
6 feet of a concrete slab needs to be raised 2" I can send pictures
Vicinity of Saint Helena Drive in Danville
Seismic retrofit and foundation repair
Vicinity of Royal Palm Place in Danville
Can I please get a estimate on repairing my 2 car garage concrete slabs. There are 2 areas that are sinking and I would need them brought level.
Vicinity of Wales Ct in Danville
Section of slab sinking on walkway
Vicinity of Durham Court in Danville
Two patio areas that have settled. The main issue is the patio by the house that settled and pitches towards the home which is causing water problems the other is more asthetic by the pool.
Vicinity of Nottingham Dr in Danville
Sinking driveway needs to be lifted.
Vicinity of La Fonda in Danville
Floor sagging need help asap
Vicinity of Navajo Place in Danville
We have a high amount of moisture in the crawl space under our home kitchen and living room.
Vicinity of Center Ct in Danville
My doors are hard to open and wall joints are cracked
Vicinity of Saint George Road in Danville
Need foundation leveled due to shifting earth. Prefer email contact
Vicinity of Rockport Ct in Danville
We need some piers under the sloping house
Vicinity of Rockcreek Dr in Danville
We have few concrete slabs on outside which we need to be leveled.
Vicinity of Christine Drive in Danville
We have several interior cracks due to the back end of the house creeping down hill.
Vicinity of Cypress Hills Ct in Danville
Correct or Reinforce of the foundation.
Vicinity of Saint Norbert Drive in Danville
Musty smell from under house after rain events. Would like an estimate to install vapor barrier in crawl space.
Vicinity of Richard Ln in Danville
Major earth movement and subsidence has caused foundation cracks, floors 8 inches out of level, wall and roof gaps and many interior cracks. Need estimate for repairs urgently.
Vicinity of Borica Dr in Danville
We would like to have someone come out and take a look at our foundation as we have a crack in the outside of the house and the stucco appears to be pulling from the house. Also on that side of the house, the concrete porch is cracking.
Vicinity of Pulido Court in Danville
Foundation settling in a home that is built on a slope. Minor crack on wall.
Vicinity of Conifer Terrace in Danville
Moisture in crawl space.
Vicinity of Lakeside Court in Danville
Need estimate on crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of Leeds Court East in Danville
House not level in certain areas. Possible crack in foundation.
Vicinity of St. George Road in Danville
Cracks in walls getting larger
Vicinity of JASMINE Way in Danville
My walkway has subsided 1" to 2" butting the driveway creating a "tripping" hazard.
Vicinity of El Capitan Dr in Danville
Estimate for underneath the house foundation
Vicinity of Vista Del Diablo in Danville
Slight foundation settling interested in options.
Vicinity of Creekview Place in Danville
Side walk slab is sinking and causing trip hazard.
Vicinity of Dubost Ct in Danville
Want to make sure my house is earth quake ready. I have n earth quake insurance. My house was built in the mid 70's.
Vicinity of Rockcreek Dr in Danville
There are cracks and kitchen floor looks to be sagging.
Vicinity of Stonington Ct in Danville
Cracks around fireplace and walls.
Vicinity of Ramona Rd. in Danville
We are concerned with sloping floors and moisture under the house
Vicinity of Gatetree Court in Danville
I have a deck that is moving on a 45 degree slope in the backyard. An alternative to deck repair is digging out a basement. Another alternative is building a retaining wall. The decision depends on relative costs. The house is 2400 sqft, the backside 95 feet with the deck 90 feet. Recommendations would be welcome as to what approach to take.
Vicinity of Harlan Drive in Danville
At time or purchase of home, inspector noted broken jacks in crawl space. doors in home do not shut well. some stick, some will swing open. want to understand the problem and find reasonable resolution.

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