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Learn more about Foundation Repair of CA'S recent work requests in Cupertino, CA
Vicinity of Lansdale Ave in Cupertino
Ranch home 50 years old. Approx. 2000sf. About a year ago, cracks developed in garage slab & in ceiling of family room located behind garage. Adjacent neighbor has had similar problem, but not as extensive. Cracks are getting worse.
Vicinity of Northsky Sq in Cupertino
I want to moisture proof my crawl space
Vicinity of Stelling in Cupertino
There are water leaks between the base of the basement wall and the footing. Basement wall is concrete block approximately 9' from concrete floor to top of block wall. Area is rectangular; 20' x 30'. I desire a rough order of magnitude dollar estimate to waterproof the basement interior walls, install an internal sump and sump pump; and take the drainage outdoors well away and downslope from the existing foundation. Need cost estimate and time estimate.
Vicinity of Upland in Cupertino
House needs leveling in one corner
Vicinity of Rollingdell Dr in Cupertino
Areas of the house have large cracks they look to be more than cosmetic there might be some settlement problems
Vicinity of Freedom Drive in Cupertino
There are moist areas in the crawlspace. We sometimes see standing water like a small water paddle. There are many springtail bugs on the floor above the crawlspace lately. Many springtail bugs are still coming even after an exterminator sprayed around the house and in the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Rodrigues Ave in Cupertino
Hi, we want to buy a home which was built in 1967, during the visiting of the home, we found a thin and around 60cm-80cm long crack on the living room ceiling, and a crack on the garage ceiling, a vertical thin and long crack outside the chimney wall, and two or more thin cracks outside other wall, should we worry about the foundation? How much for a foundation inspection? Thank you!
Vicinity of in Cupertino
Want to get a concrete floor about 600ft cleaned and leveled . Need a quote and when it can be done Ilaiy
Vicinity of Wildflower Way in Cupertino
Some cracks inside the house. Suspect that some piers may have sunk. Need an expert to inspect the structure.

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